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Kpop Texts Masterlist <—–. Jake wanted to know where and what your boyfriend do, so you took him to the company. Awww really you both would be so cute :D tagged » bts · bts scenarios · bts imagines · bangtan · bangtan boys · bangtan boys scenarios · bangtan boys imagines · bangtan sonyeondan · ship me with bts · ship me with bangtan “I’ve got something I need to say, it’s -When He Says Something Hurtful--When You Cheat On Him--When Your Self-Conscious--What They Get You For Christmas--When Your Jealous-BTS Scenarios-First Meeting- 2PM Scenario : You Got Jealous Because He’s With Another Girl, But He Actually Loves You [ 1 , 2 ] 2PM Scenario : You Ran Away From Home Sighing you step out of the bed, heading to the bathroom, to once again start the routine that you had gotten into after you left Chen. [Intro:] Emanny, yeah [Verse 1:] I hope he cheats on you with a Sin City stripper Treat her real good Even have a kid with her Eat your own dose of the medicine you gave me You look at the man you love and have loved for that past three years, were you really willing to let all this go? “Yes, but we have things we need to talk about” you say. It will have better qu Let Me Breathe ft Jimin anonymous- can I please have a Jimin angst where he’s been cheatingg and we get into an argument and I leave him, thank you x This was the fifth time this week where Jimin missed my calls and ignored my texts. You want to ask him million things, and the words sit on your tongue but when you open your mouth nothing comes out. scenario: Yoongi cheated on his girlfriend, who left him instead of telling him she was pregnant. “I hope she gave you her number,” you put the glass in the sink, “Maybe she’ll move in with you now. hi it’s admin dana formerly from bts-scenarios. You smile as you walk away from the mirror and slip your shoes on. As you can tell by the name. You started to worry, he never really came in on time but he still worried you. BTS - Jin - Where he cheated on you and tries to get you back (Angsty with bad ending) After you left him he sends you texts and snaps non stop, apologizing and trying to get you back over and over. As Jimin helped you out of the cart, you felt your stomach churn and your head spin. bts bts army bts icon bts meme bts smut bts video bts gif bts preferences bts scenarios bts reactions kpop jimin jin seokjin jhope hobi hoseok suga yoongi rm namjoon Genre: Angst Word Count: 3,7k >> Part. While you laid there you could hear Taehyung giggling with your daughter as he told her a story. The Morning After (G-Dragon) - Waking up with Jiyong the morning after is like a dream. If you do this and you go through with this wedding, you’re not only cheating yourself from being truthful, but your cheating yourself from the woman you really should be marrying. Right when you spotted something YoonGi walked out of the shop BTS members were standing next to and he saw you. You knew that if he was here there's no doubt that YoonGi would be here. “Whatever you want” he says pressing a kiss to your forehead, happy that you were willing to work things out with him. why are you like this- jungkook. So It’s the time of the month (well for me) and I just felt inspired to write something, so here you go! Namjoon Which Bts member are you in love with? There are many people out there who like Bts. When he looks in he sees you and your co-worker teaching the children a fun lesson. So he called his manager (after he ate the cake) to have at least just one day to spend time with you and luckily he agreed. If somebody puts you down or criticizes you, just keep on believing in yourself and turn it into something positive. The fact that Namjoon had to turn around and look at the screen to see what member the crowd was cheering for— like he must I have thought “there is no way they are screaming for me like that. You didn’t know what was going on, but you knew that it hurt―the endless oblivion that only came with loving Jungkook hurt. I started this blog to share my writings and although they may not be the best, I hope to improve. His mind immediately jumped to conclusions and he stormed out. "I know I promised that I would stay with you, but I don’t know if I can anymore,“ you cried out the last word. You wanted to hate Jimin but you couldn’t. The only way I can see someone accidentally cheating on their partner is in a fit of rage, or they’re in a drunk state. Just a Stroll in the Park? (Daesung) - A harmless stroll through the park ends up creating plans for the future. Ooh very nice very nice ;) BTS reaction to being caught in the shower with their gf. Anonymous asked: Can you do a really angsty/ fluffy jealous suga where he thinks you are cheating on him with another idol (from exo or got7) but you aren't you are just really good friends from training days p. “I did it this time… But that doesn’t mean she has the right to take our child from me. Part 3 (FINAL) Harry had been avoiding you for a week now and it has really been pissing you off. so, i just changed up the question and made it like this. thanks so much! If they cheated… Jungkook wouldn’t even be able to say it out loud. When he saw you hiding your face behind your hands - He understood Anonymous said: is it bad if i asked for a scenario with luhan cheating on you and since you're really kind and sweet so he thinks you'll forgive him but you don't so he's left a mess and after some Follow/Fav K-pop Scenarios. (You know, I almost didn’t do this scenario since I hate scenarios about cheating, but since you describe it in that way… I can do that :3) Jin’s heart sank as he realized the truth of the current situation; his girlfriend wasn’t actually cheating on him. Haha. bts: reaction for when they realize their partner cheated on them with your own partner, leaving you two alone. Until your boss finally spoke up. my request box is always open! the pics i post with my scenarios does not belong to me. oh my gosh nooooooo Dx that would be so heart breaking! You sat on the couch of your living room, staring at the inactive television in front of you. 5. hello! welcome to my blog~ 1 year ago (692 notes) # bts bts # bangtan # bts scenario # bts scenarios # bts angst # seokjin angst # yoongi angst # namjoon angst # hoseok angst # taehyung angst In a daze he’d reach out to you, but when you screamed at him and walked away, he’d let you go. He would be able to distinguish this particular cheating girl from the girls in general, able to give his trust again. Prompt: He’s cheating on you Request a text “Here” <—–. But when he got in, you asked him how his day had been and he said, “It was fine, I got talking with Malaya about a few things, she actually has a fiancé now, he’s out of town today though. bts bts imagine bts reaction bts imagines bts reactions bts scenarios bts scenario kpop kpop reaction bangtan admin KS gif reaction jin suga jhope rm jimin v jungkook anon from Anonymous how shocked from 1-10 you see the boys being if someone who looked younger than them was actually the same age or older than them, was at a fansign? bcs people BTS GIF Reaction to catching you reading risky content about another K-Pop group you like. BTS Reaction: they cheat on you Namjoon: He would feel so guilty. here’s my first ever fic written where reader has caught jungkook cheating. Maybe next time he'll think before he cheats. REQUEST: Bts reaction to u pranking them, telling them u are cheating on them (something like “while u were away, he was always there for me and shit like that ) and when they ask who it is u tell them that it is the teddy bear they gave u on your birthday BTS When You’re On Your Period. When he’a a bully and you bring out the best in him (You x BTS Suga) Be My Jagiya (You x SHINee Minho) When he falls in love with his best friend (You x GOT7 Mark) Jungkook cheats on you after an intense fight about him coming home late where he says some hurtful things to you and you leave the house. ’ Every time he says ‘I love you’ you acts like he has had never stopped loving you. I might have saved a little trouble for the next girl 'Cause the next time that he cheats Oh, you know it won't be on me! Man I hope he cheats on you with a male striper Montana ya boy I hope he cheats on you with DMX baby momma ah ha Submit Corrections. ” I don’t mind, at all! bts scenarios bts bts suga scenario bts suga bts angst bts suga angst bts scenario angst Blinded (Suga Angst) You were cuddling on the couch with your boyfriend, watching your favourite movie. You and Me and Him: Jungkook asks for a break in your relationship, and Yoongi, who has a crush on you, speaks up about it. As his lips brushed against yours, of course he continued the kiss and added his tongue to it. That made you angry. To help you out, here are seven ways to get revenge on a cheating boyfriend that will prove you play the game even better than he does and requires no crying of "My boyfriend cheated on me" or Preference- He makes fun of one of your insecurities and makes you cry (Requested) Before you could say anything else, he scoops you up and carried you down the BTS Your Ex Wants You Back scenarios 2pm scenarios bts scenarios cnblue scenarios vixx you and get you to someone who could help you get better. You called him demanding to see him as soon as possible and he gave you a promise that he’ll meet you in 2 or 3 days. You’d try to pull away at first, but he wouldn’t let you, kissing you until the tears would stop falling. Anon said: Bts reaction to them admitting to cheating on their S/O but you loving them so much that you stay with them You both were buckling up to ride the rollercoaster he had picked, and you quickly gripped his hand as tightly as you could. I felt uncomfortable writing a gif reaction where BTS cheats on you. He cheated on her, he was the bad boy but for the first time, he fell in love with a girl. I apologize for any mistakes. ” Jungkook would say as he’d sit you on the bed. He sighed, clenching his fists in anger before he picked up his jacket, heading to her house. I’m pretty sure he pays his caddie well, since no matter how far into the woods he hits the ball, it’s in the middle of the He was excited that he is finally seeing you after 2 long torturous weeks of busy schedules in Korea and in Japan. You wanted to do something fun for your birthday, being the first one with you as a couple you wanted to do something with him as well, or maybe that he helped you planning everything, but every time you tried to ask him for his help or talk about your birthday he changed the topic or leaved the room. I'm posting mini series or scenario in behalf of not uploading. He’d try convincing you that it was just a mistake and that it was never meant to happen but that didn’t matter, he cheated on you so you had one choice, to walk out on him. Requested by anon : “ bts scenario where you catch jungkook cheating on you with a lamp” A/N : This one was fun to write, I hope you like it. Blog, Photos. Revenge (Park Jimin) He hasn’t talked to you since yesterday, the day that you confessed your feelings for him. ” That night, he’ll sleep on the bed like a cute little koala, while you—are like a dirty puppy not allowed on the bed. Your heart pounded uncontrollable. . Finally. You knew he secretly loved it when you would call him oppa, so to hear you call him by his name shook him, but he couldn’t show weakness, not right now, “You think I’m cheating on you? With your own band member , no less?” On the last day of your contract to work with BTS, he proposed to you on being your boyfriend. BTS reaction to them cheating on you but you don’t want to leave them. ” Jimin: will still follow you even how many times you'll dump him or leave him whenever he's apologizing, even he'll take risk coz he knows that he cheated, he'll do anything just to get you back. ” “Just let me show you off Y/N,” he practically begged, “E/N always wanted me to take her out to these things. You both lived in your apartment but he was always gone, ether sleeping in his friend’s house or staying in the studio, you started to think maybe he was cheating on you. Till now, everything went the way you planned it. He treats you like trash (and other people around you too so you feel insecure and worthless) then he saves you from suicide in last minute and maybe there is a happy end [Luhan] RBA 104. Of course, the fans knew you, but they didn’t try to say much to you. He knew he had to fix what he had done wrong and making you happy was the only way he could come over his guilt. You didn’t know why the two of you were so distant, worse than it has ever been, and you couldn’t bring yourself to believe it was all because of his schedule. No Suga’s were harmed in the making of this. "Maybe you can have a relationship with that bimbo, you know, as long as you don't cheat on her. Preference #8, He cheats on you. × he thinks you cheated on him × Angst, a lil bit of fluff bts scenarios bts scenes bts namjoon bts yoongi bts namgi namjoon scenarios yoongi scenarios bts You try to act all modest when I buy you things, but I know you’re secretly gloating,” he said with a scoff. You were cheating on him, at least to him it made sense. Also, both admins don’t like the idea of glorifying cheating, this is why the reader breaks up with them/ confronts them. Heading downstairs, you kiss both your parents good morning, you grab a banana as breakfast before going to work. He carried you to your bedroom as he slept next to you. If he really loved you he would leave his girlfriend for you. Anonymous asked: Can I request a Jungkook (BTS) scenario of you finding out that Jungkook has a crush on you and him being shy about it? Like in class he would stare and sketch a picture of you and then one day he drops it by accident and you find it. If you do your in luck I made Scenario of If you ever datedBts what would happen. ” “He wouldn’t have texted you so much if you didn’t text back,” Jungkook said, his eyes dark and expression unreadable and for a second you were a little hesitant to go near him. Here you will find Monsta X, NCT, Pentagon, Seventeen, Exo, Bts, a little bit of Kard and Blackpink content. Jimin hadn’t talked to you in a long time because he had realized that he liked you more than just a friend, but he didn’t know how to tell you and he didn’t want to make any mistakes in the meantime. You brought him near the building. ” — and the face he made when he realized the screams were for him. He was your first love. Every hair in its place, every bit of make up perfect, and dress looking neat. As fast as he backed up, however, he’d be even faster to grab you and pull you to him, holding you in a tight embrace as you cried. He was still trapped in a cycle of thinking he needed someone to make him feel happy. As you two were talking BTS came in and Jin saw you two. If you want to make a smut request, please send Can I request a scenario with Jimin cheating on you with your best friend but he wants you back but you are already with Jungkook now? Thanks love your scenarios. A/N: I wasn’t sure if I was gonna have an angst ending or fluff, so I just went with semi-fluff. Everybody settled down on the breakfast table. Bts reaction to you catching them kissing someone else but they didn't want her at all but you're still very upset PLEASE You needed to work on yourself before you could ever try to give 100% to a relationship, and it especially wasn’t fair to Yoongi when all he had tried to do ever since you had come back into each other’s lives was to love you and make you happy. You went on with your normal schedule, coming home from classes at 6. And he makes it clear when he takes your heart and stamps on it in the street. Part 2. Anonymous asked. ~ YMH Masterlist Dance Your Heart Away: You’re the new choreographer for BTS’s upcoming album. When your best friend jimin blames you for his girlfriend breaking up with him. Initially, he wasn’t concerned that you were cheating on him but when he told the other members that you always snuck out late and came home tired, they assumed you were cheating right away. ” You put the pocky in your mouth and his. Prompt: Jungkook cheats on you after an intense fight about him coming home late where he says some hurtful things to you and you leave the house. Life goes on. 1 | Part. You took your chance to kick the boy from behind, but failed as his quick reflexes moved back, and kicked you making you fall to the ground, and he pulled the trigger on the gun, shooting you by the arm. Anon asked: can i have an angst scenario whereby taehyung cheats behind your back for a long time and you cant take it anymore so you burst up your feelings and break up with him? thank you admin ~ *bows* BTS: Caught Cheating on You Jin. Jungkook was devastated. Asked by Anonymous He would just look st the ground, feeling really betrayed and upset. Jimin Scenario: Protective Boyfriend *Request for a scenario similar to Junsu’s Butt touching scenario~ I hope you enjoy it!* ~ Admin S P. “Don’t want to talk about it to be honest…can we just talk about something different?” “We do not have to talk at all, we can just dance a bit. Anonymous asked: how do you think bts would break bad news to their girlfriend? like if they had to break up, he cheated, they're going away for a long time, etc. Raehyun held a bouquet of flowers on one hand as he quicken his pace to your apartment. I don’t think he’d be too happy that he managed to put someone he cared about in a painful situation but obviously the minute his child came kicking and screaming in to the world he’d tear up and wouldn’t be able to stop smiling as he held his child for the first time. 2 | Epilogue | Alternate Ending << But unfortunately, there was still one problem, her for the past month things went smoothly as Jungkook was always by your side and extremely eager to do things with you but he started to grow distant again and that’s when you knew he was cheating on you. You hung out with him as Sooyoung, you danced with him as Sooyoung, you ate and drunk with him as Sooyoung. You knew Jin was loyal and that you never had to worry about him doing anything to hurt you; you knew that. All of a sudden, you here a knock on your door. And you didn’t want to continue a relationship with someone that cheated. Jimin Imagine (2) jealousy angst with sweet ending You and Jimin have been dating for about a year. Jungkook had refused to go to the studio, and he spent the time in front of the tv. Getting there, you walked into the building and looked for his room. As he was about to push you away, he sees how Angelic you looked and just melted. When he realized what he was doing, he immediately stopped and pushed the girl off of him and ran out the door. It was already passing 23:00 and Jay was supposed to be home soon. He wanted to spend sometime with you, but he was tired to death, he barely saw in front of him. It made you even angrier. hi! can you do an EXO reaction to you walking in and finding that they’re cheating on you? thank you:) *This is going to be hard to do without making them kind of assholes so sorry. You looked around to see if there's something you could hide behind. If Only He Knew [ft. Leaving the apartment, you got into your car and made your way to his job. Jungkook forgot to clean three jets yesterday but as always You and Taehyung stay until late trying to get his work done. “They say that if you cheat at golf, you cheat at business. You didn't need to think twice before gladly agreeing, blushing like a mad maniac. Please do not plagairize, copy our work, or post it to an external site without our permission first. The next day, you were surprised to see a sleeping Yoongi beside you unlike having the other side empty when he was at work. We will only take requests for BTS, Got7 and Monsta X we don’t stan more groups than these so if you ask one group (besides the mentionated ones, we will ignore the other group) You greeted each member as they greeted you back, hugging and you couldn’t help but notice that Jimin hugged you tighter than he ever had and tighter than all the members. so if there's anything you'd like to request, please don't hesitate to ask me :) hehe. Previously, I’ve felt that my world was falling apart when a man cheated on me or left me. He’d tickle you to teach you a lesson, and afterwards you’d end up curled around the pillow with him spooning you from behind. One because your mom was worried about you and, second, he wanted to meet your boyfriend. He cheats as he nudges you in the side and makes you swerve your car on screen. They left scars in his soul and his mind. A little part of you thought, and hoped he would have, but he hasn’t. You looked over at Jungkook who was frowning but relaxed when he saw you. I write scenarios for Monsta X, BTS, Got7, Uniq, Exo, Up10tion, VIXX, Madtown, Ikon and Imfact. When he realizes that you guys only have one bed, he’ll point to the ground and say, “Guess you’re sleeping on the floor tonight, (Y/N). Every time you said that you ‘don’t care’ he acts like you ‘never cared. I've also found a new program to edit my videos and I'm working on it. He wouldn’t know whether it would be best to tell you or not, but the guilt would likely eat away at him until he sat you down and told you the truth. HOSEOK: When he got the text from you saying that you got dumped, he’d rush over to your place. Jungkook sees this and feels anger rising from his body. What he said, however, pissed you off, and you stomped across the room to stand right in front of him, glaring daggers back. When you told him that you were pregnant, Namjoon would feel even more devastated than he already did for cheating on you. It had now been two days since you had two had spoken. He hid his head in the crook of your neck. ” Got7 reaction when they hurt you. B/C they all really seem like decent guys and i didn’t want to portray them in a negative light. ” Hearing your name mentioned, you stopped taking photos of the scene and lowered your camera from your face. He relaxes himself and kisses your cheeks before slowly drifting off to sleep. Jealousy ft Jungkook. ” He shouts immaturely at you as you felt tears well up in your eyes. He scares you. “Okay, let’s start. s you are an idol as well. My requests are CLOSED, but my inbox is always open. Anonymous asked: cheating on suga with rapmon? :3. # bts scenario bts scenario bts scenarios bts imagine bts imagines bts x reader jin x reader yoongi x reader hoseok x reader namjoon x reader jimin x reader taehyung x reader jungkook x reader bts masterlist masterlist i just wanted to make a mobile master list my dudes i'll also start leaving the link to the list in every reaction i post and i'll edit my The next couple of days left you feeling empty. ” he said with a smile. One day, a fight somehow broke out between the two of you because of your jealousy. can’t do this'He whispered and then turned and left . A boy’s voice. He would be sweet and tender by taking your hand in his as he continued to rap for you, tilting his head to the side to look at you and flashing a shy smile. You had thoughts like this before because he’s an idol. Jimin] the ex-girlfriend, the one that threatened you that she scenario #bts imagines #bts one shot #kpop scenarios #kpop scenario #bts preference #16 he compares you to his ex in a bad way Harry: "I feel like [y/n] sometimes acts too immature. However, knowing he was still in a relationship, you got together with him. He would feel like he didn’t deserve to even be around you bts bangtan bts reactions kpop kpop reactions suga yoongi namjoon jungkook hoseok taehyung bts v rap monster j-hope jin seokjin jimin bts scenarios kpop scenarios Anonymous asked: Can I request a scenario? A Namjoon scenario where he cheats on his girlfriend and he tries to hide it but she finds out anyway. When he cheats and completely regrets it and wants you back . Something that’s been really pissing me off lately. Jimin nodded and grabbed your arm pulling you off. You got your body out of the cloud-like softness of your pillows, blankets, and sheets and threw on your usual fuzzy, light grey robe Taehyung had gifted you as one of his several Christmas presents he had given you last year. Hey, can i have a jungkook angst where he gets jealous of your guy best friend? thank youu . The fact that he cheated only meant that he meant a lot more to you than you meant to him. So, he finally decided to follow you to see where you always went. I hope you liked it! I honestly can’t see Namjoon ever cheating on his s/o, but I did enjoy writing this! And you, you say you don’t mean to be third party. (Niall) Your POV. After a talk with your best friend you decide to come back only to find a strange woman and your husband (Jungkook) in bed together. You wanted to be happy but you couldn’t, he hid the fact that he liked you because he didn’t want to ruin his reputation. PHOTO: If Your Boyfriend Cheats On You, Make Him Your Stepson By Dating His Father ─ Juliet Ibrahim Advises Ladies. You saw your boss walking around your desk multiple times. He tucked you in bed and saw traces a of heart break all over your house. He had many ex-girlfriends but none of them was special to him, except for her. Well, he wasn’t with another woman, he was with you but he didn’t know that. BTS scenario: When they cheat on you This was a sad request, it was difficult to write about such a difficult subject. Then again, cheating would certainly make them dickish at the least anyway, let’s get on with the show* Scenario: "Haha I'm going to beat you Jungkook. V: will be lost at first, then soon he'll realize what he's done. He was the one you loved but didn’t love you back. For this GIF Reaction you are a friend of the boys. You tried calling, going to his house, asking the boys what’s happening, but still nothing. AKA ponymale. When you gathered yourself together and got up, he noticed blood coming out of you nose. You were grateful because you felt you might collapse. Gif Reactions Written Reactions Scenarios Texting w/ bts snapchats Who wrote what Former admin's writings SHIPS from bigjuicy235 Hey, this isn't really a reaction but can you do one about BTS dating a short chubby girl, like if they actually would or not? He never shared his feelings and you weren’t sure on why he even cheated on you. In a while. -You can’t just say that to a guy Y/N- he licked his lips, looking at you in a way that made you want to lick yours as well, but you didn’t want to look like the guy in front of you could turn you on just with that gesture, even if it was true. V - Taehyung would be in a panicked state after the incident occurred, or whenever he found out about it. I couldn’t wipe the grin off my face. He could only imagine what it would be like to see you looking at him through tear soaked lashes, and Jimin would watch you as you scrunch up your nose at the ‘bad guys in the movies’ listening to you go off on a tangent about how it wasn’t that hard to treat others with kindness. For some assume they have a crush on you. requested by anonymous. Inspired by BTS Teasers/Short film A young man from Kim group suffered from many problems in his life. I'm sorry I haven't been active I've been sick! But here's part 3! I hope you guys enjoy! 🌸Stay up to date with me!🌸 🌸instagram: Jagibria🌸 When he looks in he sees you and your co-worker teaching the children a fun lesson. He picked you up, swinging you around before setting you down again, but still he kept a strong grip on you. “The practice room. You didn’t eat dinner yet-” You look up at him and he walks over to kiss you on the forehead. You look at yourself in the mirror as you make sure you look as nice as possible. I care if you don’t eat right, or if you don’t sleep enough, if you don’t rub your makeup off before you go to bed and if you don’t-” “Shut up!” He yelled, raising his voice even louder than before. Rapmonster “So was I just a tool for you to use, then?” The look in his eyes was simply pure confusion. Scenario: You’re dating Suga and you’re pregnant with his baby. Originally posted by suga-com. Big Bang Scenarios. Couldn’t care less (o4. I Iove you, now let’s get our princess out. He and your daughter were eating heart shaped pancakes happily, and you joined them at the table after finishing cleaning up the mess. He was going to surprise you at work, but instead he saw you midway from your work with a man obviously parting and saying goodbye. You decided to go to the concert just to see the boys and support them. When the baby is coming, you try calling him, but he won’t answer. The answers, reactions, and scenarios on this site belong to bangtan-wishes and each respective admin. The one whom you loved the most in the entire world saw you nowhere near as how you saw him and that pierced your heart over and over again each time you thought about it. He would give you space while he thinks what to say to you because finding you afterwards is a piece of cake. Did he actually expect you to befriend the girl he was cheating on you with? When the girl offered you a compliment on your style, you scoffed before saying thanks. Today I’m surprising Niall on tour. 4. You’re wiping the tears from your eyes and breathing heavily when his lips rest on your forehead in a gentle manner. His lips leave a burning mark on your forehead, telling your heart to race at indescribable speed. He is Mr. He takes his phone with him every time he goes to the bathroom. That wasn’t my original plan though; Liam is the one who convinced me. When he wakes up, he apologizes for being grumpy and tells you about how cute you were all cuddled into him. He immediately meets you and draws you in for a hug. Your co-worker keeps laughing and puts his hand on your shoulder. If I told Stiles, he would’ve told Scott. jiyong for dreamerlife18 ; when he first tells you he loves you click here hello everyone! i reblog and write scenarios for Big Bang. Let Me Love You - Jimin Hello~ A lovely anon requested this scenario about the song Let Me Love you by Neyo and Jimin. Synopsis: He doesn’t see a future with you. He knew what he did and he knew the consequences, but he still chose to do it. Fans commented, "You're the only one suspicious about BTS' win at 'BBMA'. He’d ignored you the whole day in an effort to keep it a secret. Earning stares from the boys and the workers in the store you couldn’t stop laughing. But jin, he is a smart and loving guy, he would hate seeing you cry so he would do everything to make you happy. 3. If he actually cared about how you felt, he would have found a way to contact you, but he hasn’t. He gave you a jealous look and pushed you off the bed, causing you to fall on the hard floor, right on your face. S. You stared thinking that he stoped loving you or that he was cheating on you. It’s only a month later when he regrets it and wants to apologise but, what’s he supposed to do when you have found someone who looks at you like you’re the moon and the stars and you look at this other person like they’re the sun and sky. He knew deep down he was just trying to justify such a terrible action, but he pushed down the rational thoughts. 2PM Scenario : You Ran Away From Home Because He Made You Angry But You Returned Home Eventually [ 1 , 2 ] 2PM Scenario : First Kiss [ 1 , 2 ] 2PM Scenario : When You’re Dating One Of Them But Another Falls In Love With You [ 1 , 2 ] Hello there! I post memes, write imagines, scenarios and reactions about my fav kpop groups. There wasn’t much detail in the request, so I’ll be making it a more sad and angry, but with a happy ending. Ouch. V: V: *when he jumps out at you while you were working* *laughs* I got you. ” Anonymous said: can you write a long angst jungkook scenario where he hasnt been paying much attention to you and when you surprise him at dance practice he breaks up with you in front of the members Info Not really active anymore, but may post some random things/scenarios from time to time. Originally posted by baebsaes V : To be honest, V would still act like his weird and alien self, even in your presence. but when you’re feeling better and When he found out about your break up he was angry with that bastard for cheating on you but he realized that you can finally fall in love with someone that gives you his all. Specify if you want male or female reader, if you don’t follow this rule, we would make the request with the reader we would want. When in reality u caught her cheating on him and confront her about it. You forced your mind to not believe him even though, deep down, you knew he was there and there was only a door separating you from him, from the guy that once had had your heart in the palms of his hands. Imagining the look on their face was amazing. You have to call one of the other members, and once he gets word of it, he comes running home to you. ) Synopsis: He didn’t get it. Can you do a scenario where Jackson and you get in a really serious fight at the dorms and accidentally pushes you because he is very mad and you hit yourself and faint. A/N: Hey, my baby stars! So, usually I would have posted a EXO reaction, but the BTS feels are strong lately, so I posted another reaction of them and added EXO in! After he saw you he ran to you and before you walked away he was hugging you tight. BTS reactions to seeing/hearing about your ex. You think back on the times when Jungkook didn’t answer your calls, when he canceled your dates last minute, the times when he said he was “busy”. BTS Reaction to Flirting With You Then Finding Out You’re Dating a EXO Member. He needed to use other women to boost his self-esteem. He was taking me to the airport, after all, he was the closest thing I had in the pack. Jungkook : Jungkook is so innocent, naive and unexperienced that if the girl swore to him she was sorry and wouldn’t do it ever again, he would trust her and probably forgive her. It was almost two in the morning, and here you were, alone again, wai He knew it wasn’t right to cheat on you like this, but you hadn’t given him a date when you would return, and he was starting to think you wouldn’t. He’d be crying too, trying to calm you and pressing his lips into your hair to kiss you. Requested by anon. You helped Suho and Kyungsoo set up the food. You remained holding it until the ride was over. He has more friends that are girls than you do, and he only has a few guy friends. If he says he loves you and tries to cheat on his girlfriend with you, it may seem tempting and like a perfect relationship with a perfect guy. You force the butterflies in your stomach down and stare out of the window. And I don’t want to see him. His thrusts are rapid then, and you can feel when he hits his climax; because he’s tenderly kissing you, and sliding his hands down your body, fixing your clothing as he pulls away. I hope you all enjoy this scenario blog for our favorite boys of BTS. hello admins ~ can you do a long angst scenario whereby you know taehyung was cheating on you but you let it slip cause you dont want to lose him but you saw him with a girl again and thats when you cant take it anymore and you burst your feelings to him? thank you admins *bows deeply* /2. You shouldn’t have done that because he is dating your best friend. Taehyung (V): he’s very sweet so he’ll be worried, asking you if you need medicines or food or anything, he’ll hate to see you in that state ‘just like all the other members’, he’ll buy you food, and maybe feed you, he won’t be smiling a lot because you’re laying on the bed like a zombie. Jin: You were cleaning out your apartment and had asked your boyfriend, Jin, to help out. He was crying, you could feel his tears. Someone like him. “Hey, look at me. Thank you so much for the request and I hope you don’t mind that I made this a reaction since you didn’t say which member you wanted the scenario about but I hope you still like it <3 when he thought you’re cheating on him but really you’re with your brother (and you didn’t tell him bc it was supposed to be a surprise) w/ namjoon 08 / 24 bts texts / bts scenarios / bts fake texts / bangtan texts / bangtan fake texts / namjoon / Calm in The Storm - Yoongi (Suga) Fluff/Angst “Request: Could you do a BTS Suga imagine where he’s really stressed about work and he starts snapping at everyone and the others called you to calm him Filed under: #bts #BTS jungkook #BTS jimin #BTS v #bts suga #BTS rap monster #BTS jin #bts jhope #bts smut #bts scenario #bts scenarios Anonymous asked: Please could you write a yoongi scenario where you find out he's cheated on you and you go to a bar and get drunk and find jimin there? Rap Monster: -he continued to give you a look while you awkwardly shifted in your spot- “its so easy to make you uncomfortable” Jin: -you two were working out and when you were doing push up you looked up to see him already looking over at you- “you look so good when you’re working out babe” You quickly went the other direction, hoping you would loose him, however he was still behind you. " You laughed and started to walk away from him. the break up happened and that was the final stab before your heart gave way and you couldn’t handle all the pain alone. Mafia AUWhen you get scared of them after you see them murder someone Mafia AU When they find you after you ran away with their child because they cheated on you Scenarios/One Shots/Drabbles: You want to ask him how he’s been, what he’s doing, if he misses you. 3 weeks ago 3 weeks ago. You were smiling the whole time. You have to be strong and courageous and know that you can do anything you put your mind to. When he thinks you’re cheating on him - Jungkook scenario. Reblog - Posted 4 years ago with 19 notes tagged as → # bts # bangtan boys # bangtan # taehyung # v # kim taehyung # bts scenarios # scenarios # scenario ARMYs all over the globe have become extremely angry at Jeon Won's cheating accusations. His head whipped up, bits of sandwich hanging out of his mouth. That is utterly revolting to hear and hypocritical of you to say. " You both have your eyes on the video game. He gave you a look saying ‘thank you’ and tried to avoid eye contact with Jimin. He wears a man ponytail. He thinks your cheating on him with Jimin because whenever hes out he comes home with you and Jimin talking or hes tickling you, but you guys are just friends, and hes like a big brother to you, but Jungkook doesn’t believe you and still thinks that you are cheating on him. Worldwide Handsome, you knew this, you knew this so well but it didn’t bother you. later, she tells him and Yoongi realizes he needs to step up and be a father, to be loyal to y/n Jin: *it’s Jin, he’ll totally blame himself for it. Jiyeon, the ex-girlfriend, the one that threatened you that she would eventually take him back, the one that you had clearly told him to avoid because you didn’t feel comfortable with the two of them talking, the same one he said he was with during your anniversary while you were at home, feeling so worried about him that you felt like vomiting. You looked at the watch on your hand and started walking faster. This wasn’t what you expected from Harry he was always so caring and loving ,maybe he just didn’t love you anymore. That’s probably what it was. All you know is after that night you never heard from him again. He barely could control himself. Seokjin: You gave the idea of the game and he accepted excitedly. After a talk with your best friend you decide to come back only to find a strange woman and your husband (Jungkook) in bed together When he heard you singing - Suga, Jimin, Jungkook (Fluff) When you are shy and tried to initiate skinship but back out at the last second - Jimin, V, Jungkook (Fluff) When he saw your drawings - Suga, Jimin, V, Jungkook (Fluff) When Jungkook got back it was four in the afternoon, and it was a reasonable time since he left at ten. This is a BTS reaction and scenario blog. I am 17 years old and I like to write. He’s popular all over the world and he could have any girl he wants and you’re just…you, a normal girl. Hoseok stared at you with a blank expression. Bts reaction when they scare you and make you cry. He sounded sincere, he missed you everytime he left to go on tour and when he couldn’t use his cellphone or when he was tired and slept all day. Y/n. Suga Biased~ <3 Jungkook is my bias wrecker. After your husband and you finished eating, he got up and took your plates to do the dishes. “ Get out of the apartment. When you never had a boyfriend/ first kiss and they tease you but end up confessing : #finally made one! #masterlist #bts fake texts #bts scenarios #bts texts #seokjin #yoongi #hoseok #namjoon #jimin #taehyung #jungkook #bangtan #kpop texts What you were rapping were actually the last words you ever said to Taehyung before you left him forever, but he was the one that cheated on you. He would react just the way he did when he first saw you, just more dramatic this time before he sent you a nervous and shy smile, feeling as if his cheeks were on fire. You were on your phone a lot lately, and you never cared if your boyfriend Jungkook read your texts or was watching with you what you were doing. You hadn't noticed so you continued your coffee "date" with your friend then went back to your shared apartment with Jin. ’ He hadn’t planned on telling you so bluntly, but he was nervous and mad at himself. Being the clean freak he was, he eagerly agreed. He went on and on before you let out a scream which froze him in his place. He couldn’t do anything for you in a long time and you were just naïve, waiting for him, making food for him, support him and he did nothing to you. “I know you said you weren’t going to let me touch you but, you can yell at me for this later. He would always invite you to listen to him rap and when he did he would become more confident and begin to rap for you, getting passionate as he did so. Now feeling extremely hurt, you stormed off with tears in your eyes and slammed the bedroom door, locking it. He tried to give you a small apologetic smile as he carried her off to her bedroom. Nostalgia washed over you when you were in the early stages of dating and he finally left you come over to the studio. Your breathing calmed down a bit hearing his words, and you smiled back at him, nodding. However looks and words can be deceiving. You walked a bit faster but then, another man joined him. You saw the hurt in his eyes and you knew exactly what he thought which caused you to laugh uncontrollably. You sigh, “because it’s a big event for idols BTS is very popular and you know I hate being in the spotlight. When you finally looked up at him, your eyes widen. Jin: You guys climbed out of the shower and wrapped towels around yourselves, smiling at each other sheepishly. I can guess that it’s bad’ He will nod to that, ‘Yes it is … it surely is’ After another deep breath he will look you right in the eyes, ‘I cheated on you. He amazed you with his skills, charming you and you would wait in anticipation for the next time he would call you over. You sighed deeply and plopped yourself back on the couch. . It’s not as if he can’t believe the situation he’s in, or as if he can’t accept it, it’s as if he simply does not understand what he’s just seen. You want to know if he still loves you the way you still love him. Harry Styles Imagine - He cheats. BTS Cheating Scenario “Hello I’m resending in the request with the cheating scenario and I would like to have bts. 6. You couldn’t handle not knowing whether or not he was cheating, so you decided to figure it out on your own. once you regain consciousness he’ll apologize not only for making you faint but also for the fight in general and he’ll want to put it behind him* He didn’t notice you get up and walk away until he heard another voice call you name. Her eyes widened in surprise as she leaned back in her seat. As you did so, his heart shatters into pieces and wouldn’t be the same and would leave him speechless* Your boyfriend cheating on/breaking up with you and they have a crush on you. Total Summary: When you walked in on your Jungkook cheating in you, you would think that would be th worse thing that could ever happen to you that day but when you get a call from your doctor telling you to come in to see him immediately you find out something that makes witnessing your boyfriend cheat on you nothing but a mere small blimp He was the one who gave you a golden Tiffany’s necklace with the first letter of your name engraved on its circular pendant, which you haven’t taken off since he got it for you while overseas