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S. There are a variety of community solar models across the United States and what they can offer depends on the legislation, developer, model and location. The project team researched and compared models, conducted consumer market research, and disseminated research results to solar industry stakeholders. Despite this momentum, community solar has yet to reach a clear breakout point — and applying old marketing and sales strategies to the acquisition of community solar subscribers is a big reason models have made solar projects including community solar projects, more financially feasible. 4 Companies should avoid referring to a solar system as “free” in oral or written marketing or sales discussions unless the Consumer will not pay anything for the solar system or the energy it generates. This toolkit provides resources to guide the development of, and investment in, community solar, and to help you navigate relevant policy issues and consumer and community engagement. Unlocking the value of community solar Utilities find opportunity in the inevitable growth of distributed energy Strong demand for solar by consumers in addition to program design innovation will likely propel the growth of the US shared solar market for years to come. Sign in Sign in Solar Marketing Solutions. Access the industry's leading community solar specific marketing team and let them develop a customized marketing strategy that could include website development, print and digital ad campaigns, social media content and event planning. Helping you navigate the energy landscape. Technology is disrupting the business models of a group of traditionally conservative companies, many of which have been operating for well over a century: utilities. Join me and community solar thought leaders from @SolarAccess @SEIA @SEPAPower & others from across the country I'm committed to growing the community solar market. Marketing Ranks Near the Top of Community Solar Implementation Concerns Randy Sukow Aug 14, 2015 Just before the speakers began the Q&A portion of yesterday’s NRECA-sponsored webcast on community solar, the moderator asked a series of online poll questions. New Home Builder Tool Kit Sullivan Solar Power does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, religion, age, national origin, marital status, disability, veteran status, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other reason prohibited by law in provision of employment opportunities and benefits. Participants, also called Subscribers, can buy or lease a share Community solar programs may indeed be the answer, but it will take smart packaging, pricing and messaging to be successful. Community solar programs come in many styles and structures. How to market solar PV C. SunCommon marketing parlance does use the term “solar credit” to refer to earnings toward their energy bill that community solar members receive from electricity their arrays produce. The responsibilities will include detailed reporting on subscribers and subscriber types. Company: The Community Solar Program is a renewable electricity product being offered by ForeFront Power. Solar and other renewable energy social media hashtags are important for many reasons, but they’re far less effective when people either don’t use them, misuse them, or use the unofficial ones that confuse the social community. Community Solar is a hassle-free solar energy program that empowers you to make a difference by signing up for your local solar farm. Savings on Your Electric Bill www. 0 of the Statement of Projective Objectives for Go Solar Florida (Final Marketing Plan pdf-311KB). It is associated with US Solar and its services, such as: allowing customers to subscribe to solar energy through community solar programs, purchase renewable energy credits produced by solar equipment; allowing customers to purchase renewable The Puerto Rican solar energy company with Florida offices was recognized for its contribution to community solar projects to energize the island after hurricane Maria’s devastation. Options for community solar will be explored for companies seeking to enhance their corporate social responsibility programs, or project teams seeking to achieve the LEED pilot credit for Social Equity in the Community. "See solar in a new light" is a distinctive phrase used by US Solar in Sales and Marketing materials. Department of Energy definition of Community Shared Solar: a solar electric system that provides power and financial benefit to multiple community members. And that depends on identifying the right target audience and understanding their deepest drivers. Customer-driven program design is a relatively new approach for utilities, but it is required for success with community solar. Residential and business electric utility customers that are “subscribed” to the community solar garden can receive credit on their electric bills. Summary of Position: To support the promotion of Mwezi Solar, low cost, off-grid solar products in the Lake Basin Region of Kenya following laid down procedures as required; liaison with Sales Coordinators, Community Field Officers, Field Sales Agents to promote Mwezi Solar products; to coordinate SolarWinds MSP, an IT service management solution provider, has created the MSP Advice Project, a peer-to-peer networking community designed for managed service providers to share knowledge, tips, and advice with fellow service providers through educational content and videos. Community engagement: Due to the nature of shared projects located near customers, there’s a reason these programs have been called “community solar. Enter your contact information below, and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as community solar is available in your area, or if we need your help to make it possible. The solar kiln described was designed, constructed, and tested at Virginia Tech. The Regional Renewable Choice program at PG&E is a result of Senate Bill 43, which was signed into law on September 28, 2013 by Governor Jerry Brown. Solar Service Group are an independently owned, trusted Australian company that specialise in service, maintenance and repairs of PV Solar Systems nationally. Blockchain essential for EV growth, community solar Distributed energy solutions such as solar PV, batteries, and smart controls are getting cheaper by the day and will soon outperform traditional energy sources such as coal, gas, and nuclear power, says Hervé Touati. Our services are offered through a consortium of clean energy design, finance, marketing, and community engagement consultants supporting the advancement of community solar projects. Community solar projects are eligible to apply for either SRECs or Class I RECs. The club purchases the energy Community solar is an exciting prospect, but for homes and businesses with properly-situated roofs and sufficient electrical demand, an onsite solar system will always be the best way to maximize business and finance advantage with clean solar electricity. After conducting a strategic assessment of multiple solar product opportunities, the utility decided to develop a detailed business case for launching a community solar product offering. Taro leads Solstice’s community outreach efforts, helping to connect people with solar projects in their area. But in recent weeks the company disclosed its partners are building another large community solar farm near Canandaigua and two near Batavia, so marketing to recruit more new members continues. The team has done community outreach and enrolled households in 13 solar farms across Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Washington D. ) Create a community grid where everyone shares their energy Community solar has a simple goal: providing those who have so far been excluded from Hawaii’s renewable energy push with an opportunity to access renewable resources in exchange for credits on The winners of theHogan Lovells Community Solar Innovation Awards 2017were revealed today during the 2018 SEED South Africa Symposium in Pretoria. Department of Energy to remove barriers to solar for low-income Americans. Community Solar capacity change requests will be processed within 3 business days after the date of your request and will be subject to capacity availability of the solar plant. The report reviews existing and emerging low- and moderate-income (LMI) community solar programs, discusses key questions related to program design, outlines how states can leverage incentives and finance structures to lower the cost of LMI community solar, and examines marketing and outreach considerations. This guide is designed as a resource for those who want to develop community solar projects, from community organizers or solar energy advocates to government officials or utility managers. "And I just hope that this community weighs it and measures it and comes to a good decision. The Solar Roadmap team is dedicated to providing effective outreach and educational tools to local governments and community leaders that in turn empower constituents to leverage the benefits of solar market development. While helping our utility clients launch community solar programs over the last year, we’ve gathered customer insights and marketing lessons that will help smooth the road to success for the many types of community solar products. Community Solar paleBLUEdot offers a range of community solar project feasibility and pre-development services. It will build on the industry’s early experience and look at opportunities for Community solar — often referred to as a community solar garden — is an array of solar panels that generates clean and renewable electricity. Minnesota community solar: other options. It is the first community solar project to serve Unitil customers in Massachusetts and will provide local residents and small businesses with access to the benefits of solar energy for the first time. California’s community solar program, named the Enhanced Community Renewables (ECR) program, was created by the state legislature as part of the larger Green Tariff Shared Renewables program in 2013 and implemented in 2015. It is expected to come on-line by the spring. Groundswell develops community solar projects and programs that connect solar power with economic empowerment. Successful community solar marketers will help drive the conversation by crafting a positive narrative around their projects and business with digital marketing campaigns, local activations, positive media coverage and other tactics as a first step in paving a path forward in a market. The reasons for this slow start were discussed at a solar developer’s forum held by the state’s major utilities and policymakers on April 5, 2017. Community Solar is a new and easy way to purchase solar power to supplement your electric energy needs. " "I think it's a win-win for everyone. 1 A working The report covers trends in utility green pricing programs, utility renewable contracts, competitive suppliers, unbundled renewable energy certificates, community choice aggregations, power purchase agreements, and community solar. Log In. . Geronimo Energy is a utility-scale wind and solar energy developer based in Edina, MN. Consumers may be interested in solar power to help the environment, or simply to The community solar concept was developed in 2009, the solar tariff was approved in 2010, and the BTCS program was launched in 2011 (see Figure 1). or. They are: Frontier Markets, India – a last-mile sales, marketing and after-sales service distribution company bringing clean energy solutions to rural India. Community solar allows owners of solar systems to sell the power generated from their solar systems to subscribers for a profit. To ensure community solar companies save money by marketing their programs right the first time, Pacific Consulting Group (PCG) created a model that takes the guesswork out of program rollouts. SmartPower, a social marketing firm, provided insight and support for Solarize CT, creating high impact on-the-ground community campaigns. CLOSE 3. See more of SOLAR Marketing on Facebook. At least one community solar developer serving commercial concerns pointed to a need for an adder for his company to begin marketing to consumers. All activities are focused on generating awareness, interest and participation in this new solar offering. is looking for interns to join its fun, professional and dynamic team! This is a great opportunity for a college student or recent graduate to gain real life experience with a small business in clean energy technologies, policy and green marketing while being exposed to a wide variety of job roles and responsibilities. Delivering on the promise of community solar. The Utility Community-Scale Solar Project Best Practices symposium provides a “toolkit” for utilities – as well as project developers and other providers who work with them – to design and implement successful community-scale and solar garden projects. Community Solar Gardens. Your Solar Marketing Tips. Community solar begins to shine. Community Solar Sales Consultants will be responsible for proactively selling community solar garden subscriptions to residential customers. Connecting the industry to the customer. Community Solar is a concept that allows utility customers to enjoy all of the benefits of clean solar energy, with none of the headaches, expense, and long-term burden that comes with a rooftop solar investment. The garden will be hosted by TJ Farms of Becker, MN, on a parcel of land previously used to grow potatoes, but which more recently has not been put to productive use. The basics of marketing a home with solar PV and risk reduction strategies 4. This residential community guide to solar energy was created by the Solar Energy Industries Association and Coalition for Community Solar Access. Low-income solar programs have historically been difficult to design and implement at scale -- think roof-by-roof Habitat for Humanity style projects. MARKETING AND COMMUNICATIONS Tues. solar-africa-shop. Solar Energy Industry Association and Coalition for Community Solar Access – 2016. An LMI community solar project is defined as such if 51% of the project capacity is subscribed by LMI subscribers. The Go Solar Florida Marketing Plan is designed to identify the target market (primarily being solar users) and articulate a clear map for actively engaging the market in the execution of the Go Solar Florida Project. Find the alternative marketing ideas, direct marketing resources, value added expertise and regulatory programs you need to enhance your farming or ranching success. Powering your nonprofit organization with solar energy is a fantastic way to mobilize donors, supporters and the community at large. , led the creation of inclusive solar policy in New York, and is working with the U. The goal here was to help utilities and third-party developers streamline the time and money involved in launching community solar projects by finding replicable models and marketing strategies. The Nexamp management team combines expertise in power generation, marketing, renewable energy project development, finance, EPC, and O&M, with an extensive regulatory and financial background. “In a way, it is a premium for solar,” Hoopiiaina acknowledged Community solar is the easiest way for people to get low-priced and clean electricity. Solution MCR worked with our utility client to develop a detailed business case for the community solar product. Learn how community solar companies, advocates, and others are marketing community solar to recruit customers, open up new markets, develop best-in-class programs, and ensure stakeholders understand how community solar fits into the overall energy mix. Critical to the success of BTCS was its extensive community Solar gardens are expanding quickly in Minnesota and the attorney general's office is responding to more consumer inquiries. 2. But what does a community solar customer want? Solarize Rhode Island (Solarize RI) is a program designed to encourage the adoption of residential and commercial solar photovoltaic (PV) systems through a coordinated education, marketing and outreach effort, combined with a tiered pricing structure that provides increased savings to homeowners and businesses as more people go solar. Community solar project Idaho Power is proposing to build a 500-kilowatt community solar project, allowing up to 1,093 residential customers and 470 non-residential customers to buy one or more $740 The local community is aniticpated to see a variety of benefits from the Yarrabee Solar Project. Such a process will also inform the utility’s community solar marketing approach. The project was developed under MCE’s Feed-In Tariff, a standard offer contract for local renewable projects. Experience low rates, excellent customer service and start saving today! Community Solar Approved Vendor Responsibilities Approved Vendors for community solar projects are subject to additional responsibilities beyond those required for all projects in the program. Log on using your CAI website password to ask questions, discuss ideas, search resources, strengthen your network, share best practices and help your community thrive. Community Energy combines power marketing and development expertise to build renewable generation projects economically and at scale; and has been a leading renewable energy developer for almost 20 years, developing many of the first and largest wind and solar projects in the United States. 49 likes. About the SunShot Initiative The U. Solar Turbines - Our multi- year relationship with Solar Turbines includes job shadowing at the DeSoto location, soft skills training by the Solar Turbines HR staff for DeSoto ISD students, and in-kind and financial support for district programs and students, especially at the holidays and Back to School Fair. Solar Crowdsource is proud to be recognized in Georgia Water Coalition’s inaugural Clean 13 Report and Celebration which highlights extraordinary efforts on the part of businesses, industries, local governments, non-profit organizations, and individuals to protect the water and natural resources of Georgia. MBCP is committed to providing all customers – including those with solar on their homes and businesses – greater savings than they receive from PG&E, along with an exceptional customer experience. 4 megawatts (MW), located on adjacent parcels of land in the Town of Dudley, Massachusetts. Houston Manager, Community Solar Marketing - TX, 77001. To participate, complete this Participant Agreement, which is subject to the Terms and Conditions attached to and incorporated in this Participant Agreement. Success of marketing plan. At least 10 energy companies are offering community solar to Xcel residential customers, and most are ramping up marketing — with door-to-door campaigns, civic group partnerships and advertising. An EidenceBased Guide for Accelerating the Adoption of esidential Solar 1 JUMP-START SOLAR IN YOUR COMMUNITY an important facet of any solar marketing campaign. This question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. The Coalition for Community Solar Access: The Coalition for Community Solar Access (CCSA) is a national Coalition of businesses and non-profits working to expand customer choice and access to solar for all American households and businesses through community solar. While Xcel’s CSG program is the only community solar program in Minnesota created through legislation, there are other options for customers who don’t use Xcel Energy as their electric provider. The Montana Solar Community Project (MSCP) is a partnership led by the Montana Energy Office, part of the state’s Department of Environmental Quality, to expand Montana communities’ access to solar energy solutions. utility-led markets: For our purposes, we will use the U. Solar Marketing Experts offers digital marketing, 3rd party lead program management, and consulting services, designed to help you lower your customer acquisition costs. Community Energy, Inc. OPPD awarded a 20-year power purchase "Community Shared Solar is a unique model established by the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources that allows multiple customers to share in the benefits of a solar project without having Community Solar NY will support these campaigns by providing marketing materials, technical assistance and funding; and by sharing best practices to help community projects succeed. Our ability to deliver integrated, best-in-class capabilities for projects of all sizes makes solar energy and solar energy storage simple and profitable for our customers Community solar vs. 1. Go Solar California Marketing and Program Information Materials New Solar Homes Partnership (NSHP) Marketing Materials TOOL KITS AND BROCHURES. This means community solar or shared solar projects could be installed on large buildings like government facilities, community centers, or churches and then opened up to LMI households through o Virtual Net Metering and Community Solar 3. Module 1: Executive Management, Governance, and Regulatory Whisper Valley, a master-planned community in the Manor area, offers a unique package of green features, including solar panels, a… Continued Continued Geothermal and Solar Combine in Net-Zero Community ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - Anchorage may soon be home to the largest community solar project in Alaska. It is the revolutionary, proprietary system developed to provide software solutions for all aspects of implementing a community solar program. 117/kWh is above most of RMP’s standard rates but significantly below summer peak rates. September 2018 – Present 3 months. Because of community solar-friendly legislation, choosing to power your home through a community solar subscription in Massachusetts is a solid option, even when compared to rooftop solar. Several resources can guide Texas utilities and other organizations through development and implementation of community solar programs and offer valuable research that may assist utilities and developers to reduce the soft, non-hardware costs for community solar. The Marketing to Attract Business program is intended to support the promotion of business retention, expansion and attraction. Residential Community Solar Sales and Marketing Consultant Community Solar Connection. Department of Energy SunShot Initiative is a national effort to drive down the cost of solar electricity and support solar adoption. The Market Based Value of Solar is calculated on a per share cost and is the cost of the interconnected community solar purchase power agreement (PPA) The report reviews existing and emerging LMI community solar programs, discusses key questions related to program design, outlines how states can leverage incentives and finance structures to lower the cost of LMI community solar, and examines marketing and outreach considerations. Cullick told the Austin Monitor that “We sold Palmer in hours. Marketing Services . A Community Solar Share is defined as 100 kWh per month. Anybody who pays an electric bill can subscribe to a solar project in their area The community solar program in California is off to a slow start. and Canada. Exchange Join your peers on CAI's members-only community. The first community solar program came online in 2016 and is located on top of the Palmer Events Center. CEI built the voluntary market for renewable energy, spurring the demand for hundreds of megawatts of new wind generation with retail customers ahead of state mandates. Know the latest and greatest David’s foundational SunShare project with Colorado Springs Utilities was the first competitive community solar program in the nation. You will be notified via email or by phone when your capacity has been changed. Marketing and business options for small-scale producers are diverse. NextEra Energy Resources, LLC, will build this facility. Geronimo has developed wind farms & solar projects throughout the US. Get Started We’re here to help you find your solar solution, whether that be solar at home, at your small business, or on a larger commercial structure. Community solar is a solar photovoltaic (PV) installation that provides energy benefits to multiple participants. Chugach Electric is expected to spend around $2 million to construct a 2,000 solar panel field Conceived by the Richmond community to integrate renewable energy and solar facilities in the Chevron Modernization Project, MCE Solar One repurposes 60 acres of a remediated brownfield site generously leased by Chevron to MCE for $1 per year. The 20-year community solar rate of $0. (CEI) was founded in 1999 to ignite the market for fuel-free energy and develop solar and wind generation. Community See All. Ralph Jacobson, founder and CEO of IPS Solar, said his company developed 75 MW of community solar gardens subscribed by commercial customers such as schools, governments and businesses. This design is based on 25 years of research and development on the solar drying of lumber in the United States and foreign countries. Solar Powering Your Community: A Guide for Local Governments is a comprehensive resource DOE created to assist local governments and stakeholders in designing and implementing a strategic local solar plan. Thanks to a strong marketing strategy, Lake Region sold half of the community solar array in the first month, and sold out the program within six months. reaching wider ranges of audiences, growing interest in building a solar community. The three MW solar farm, part of the utility’s Solar Gardens community solar program, will be located on 17 acres of university property. A Closer Look at Community Solar in Action Randy Sukow Jun 28, 2017 NRTC and SoCore Energy hosted site visits to community solar facilities during the recent Association of Rural Electric Generating Cooperatives (AREGC) meeting in La Crosse, WI. Solar is one of the issues that unites nearly all elements of the political spectrum – in a sense, everybody loves solar . on Aug. Info and Ads. Cloud. More on MBCP Solar Programs. Earthlight Sales and Marketing Coordinator Sean Riel said homeowners who purchase a solar installation through the Solarize Vernon program may qualify for a 30 percent federal tax credit, as well If you have any questions or concerns about community solar marketing materials you’re getting in the mail, we’d love to hear them, and we’ll do our best to give you our honest opinion about their potential for saving you money. Local businesses can expect to see an increase in business and local amenities being utilised, due to the construction of the yarrabee solar project. The most successful ones are designed with the customer in mind. Applications for community solar projects must be made by an Approved Vendor, and community solar projects have additional terms and conditions compared to distributed generation projects. The following shows the growth of the community solar segment in the third party-led vs. Direct partnerships with solar industry partners to develop low-income community solar programs and projects, including engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services, project development, low-income customer marketing and acquisition, and program management The Digital Marketing Intern will play an active role in the continued development of Air Technique’s online community. February 8, 2017 Solar has been around for several decades, but many people still do not know whether their business is a good candidate for solar, or when they should consider investing. 228 utilities in 36 U. Community. Community solar programs can bring the benefits of solar to people who cannot have their own rooftop array, such as multi-family building tenants or renters. 6 SEPA’s Community Solar Research SEPA kicked off work on the SMP grant in early 2015. Large new solar farm would be built to supply electricity for Philly-owned buildings Nov 01 Community Energy Project Selected by City of Philadelphia for Power Purchase Agreement A “community” project in Cass County is designed to bring down the cost of supporting solar generation. An investment in Universal Solar Partners is an investment in competitive, dependable and innovative utility-scale solar, community solar and solar energy solutions. Community solar represents a great opportunity for utilities to reengage customers and to reduce the carbon intensity of the power they deliver. ” The Community Solar Platform makes community solar possible. Community solar is a solar power installation that provides shared benefits to participating community members, including reduced solar costs due to an increase in the size of the facility relative to individual, residential solar installations. At Infocast’s Community Solar 2. Press question mark to see available shortcut keys. Our solar facility is designed with you in mind and its production is shared with numerous other El Paso Electric customers. A marketing and outreach campaign has been developed which fullfills a deliverable of task 6. The goal of this model is to create an innate need, making sales This is from the Solar Service Group website:. Create New Account. , September 18 from 7-9 pm in Florence and Online Facilitated by Lynn Benander How does community ownership of solar build the movement for energy democracy? How can we educate people about the value of solar ownership? Are today's marketing practitioners expected to be highly skilled in every aspect of the brand toolkit or is the key to success finding the best possible service provider? On March 30, Minneapolis-based solar energy developer MN Community Solar announced plans to install a community solar garden in Clear Lake, outside of St. Community Solar Solarize campaigns focus on getting a group of homes and businesses in an area to start or join community solar projects. 5 people like this. As the Community volunteer team is the primary driver of the Solarize Mass program within a Community, the success of the program is heavily correlated to the planned outreach and Setting a Content Marketing strategy? Thinking of Content Marketing with a Community Marketing hat on helps craft a great program that spurs engagement. Community Solar allows homeowners, renters, municipalities, and businesses to easily participate in solar, regardless of their ability to install a solar array on their own property. Enrollment Levels: Customer enrollment must exceed 25% of electricity usage from the project and may elect to enroll up to 100% of electricity usage. View Kenny Meaden’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Marketing Coordinator - Responsible for updating and developing marketing materials, overseeing social media, managing and planning events, developing website updates, and marketing and advertising campaigns. Thank you for your interest in Idaho Power’s Community Solar Pilot Program. Innovation. a clean energy and community solar When the community solar program has been finalized, OPPD customers will have an opportunity to purchase shares of the solar energy produced. He has years of experience working directly with customers, both at large corporations, such as EF - Education First, and at small startups like AnyRoad. Each consultant will be provided a tablet with a state of the art CRM and sales enhancing resources. Community solar projects are an array of solar panels installed in a sunny, offsite location. , a leading provider of solar energy solutions, today announced the completion of four community solar facilities, totaling 2. Many people want to support renewable energy as a way to help the environment. Community solar provides all the benefits of locally produced, affordable clean energy without any equipment to install or upfront fees. Kenny has 5 jobs listed on their profile. We hire, train, compensate, and promote without regard to race, religion, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, disability, age, national origin, genetics, veteran status, or any of the other characteristics that give each of us unique perspective and capacities. GreenMark Enterprises™ is an environmentally-focused brand, marketing and public affairs agency dedicated to advancing the progressive agenda through entrepreneurial ventures. ” Learn about what to expect as a solar customer, your improved NSC rates, choosing to go solar and more here you are consenting to receive marketing emails from The renewables market continues to grow in Texas where at least 20 "community solar" farms are scheduled to either be built or come on-line this summer. Hello! After working in the community solar industry for a year, I have learned that the answer to this question really varies. It represents huge growth potential for all sorts of solar companies. Community Power Network started as a small group of neighbors working together to get solar at a discount. 0, solar developers, customer aggregation firms, retail energy suppliers, utilities, the finance community and other industry players will gather to dive into the business of developing and financing third-party community solar. "CSP" means a solar electric generation facility, which is a group net metering system (pursuant to 30 V. Joining SEPA on this project is the Shelton Group, a leading marketing communications firm focused exclusively on energy and the environment. Under the California Enhanced Community Renewables program, renewable energy project developers take on the responsibility for marketing their solar project(s) directly to customers, and as such agree to comply with Green-e ® Energy environmental and consumer protection standards. 3Degrees has offered community solar program design, subscription forecasting, program implementation, and marketing and customer acquisition services since 2012. Another important element is how education, outreach and marketing will occur on a broad basis so that the public has equitable access to information about the new Illinois programs, particularly community solar. Twitter; And these first adopters are vastly over-representative of the broader public in going solar. Community solar, where a consumer subscribes to shares in a solar system that is located in a neighborhood or community, is a relatively new and growing option. The Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) worked to spark the growth of community solar models more closely aligned with the needs and interests of consumers and stakeholders. Target strategy #3: Tap into the power of community. The Administrator is currently drafting the community solar standard disclosures and marketing material review standards. This work will encompass a wide variety of marketing tactics including web, social media, direct mail, and community outreach support. DUDLEY, MA – August 23, 2017 – Nexamp, Inc. Here, WH Solar's community solar garden sits on a hilltop located Community solar allows Illinois consumers to receive solar energy even if they do not have solar panels installed on their homes, or the space to do so. Community Solar Technologies started with building CRMs for customers and helping the call center industry. The Community Solar Value Project (CSVP) represents leading energy thinkers and do-ers, ready to make community solar better, from both the sponsoring-utility and customer perspective. Solar Electric Power Association (Solar Market Pathways): SEPA is conducting comprehensive research on the intersection of community solar business models and consumer demographics and marketing to streamline the design of more attractive, cost-effective, and standardized programs. A handout given out at the 2016 Solar Power International conference that offers guidance for developers marketing community solar programs to retail customers, including best practices, example marketing statements, and case studies. 2 Some of these third-party solar projects are known as community solar arrays, solar gardens, or shared solar projects, which all involve a type of group net metering arrangement. A. The potential market for these projects -- which allow consumers to buy a portion of the power from a single Proven experience delivering real results. El Paso Electric Community Solar Program. SEPA Designing and Marketing Community Solar Programs for Low-Income Customers. states have community solar. About Solstice is an equal opportunity employer. Community solar is a solar energy sharing program that is built and maintained on off-site solar farms. It is the perfect alternative to cumbersome solar panels and allows those who rent to invest in solar power. Over the past nine years we have grown and developed a unique grassroots model that helps people go solar, join together, and fight for their energy rights. ” Yet few programs have fully embraced a community-oriented approach to encourage high levels of customer participation. Overview The Solar Energy Program It is the first community solar project to serve Unitil customers in Massachusetts and will provide local residents and small businesses with access to the benefits of solar energy for the first time. Subscription: Under Enhanced Community Renewables, a customer agrees to purchase a share of a local solar project directly from a solar developer, and in exchange will receive a credit from their utility for the customer’s avoided generation procurement and for their share of the benefit of the solar development to the utility. The Vermont Attorney General’s office has issued an advisory to solar companies to be truthful in their marketing of community solar arrays. Direct Energy offers electricity, natural gas and home services across the U. The utility will be developing the marketing campaign for these solar shares in the coming months. In addition, Solar Turbines is a T The Community Solar Playbook helps co-ops explore business models and develop project implementation plans for community solar projects. Solar*Connect Community Energy Options LLC is constructing and operating a solar park in the City of East Lansing, Michigan (“Solar Park”), and Lessee wishes to lease a solar panel (or panels) in the Solar Park, pursuant to the terms of this Lease. Marketing company based in Cardiff Wales The nonprofit organization typically performs the role of community organizer, marketing firm and objective solar expert. Most of the co-op members that bought into the solar array through a one-time payment are retirees that have their second, seasonal home in the area. In true startup fashion, David executed that project out of his apartment with only the help of interns. Background on Community Solar in California California’s community solar program I would love to put solar on my farm and wind," said Susan Corbett. That's why I'm joining others in the community solar market at #CommSolar18 July 18-19 in Minneapolis. Utilities are evolving the renewable energy options they provide their customers, including increasingly introducing community solar (sometimes called shared renewables) programs. Think of us as an extension of your internal marketing team, focused on customer acquisition. The Minnesota Legislature established an option for customers of Xcel Energy to support community solar, also referred to as “solar gardens” or “solar farms. With the help of Danlin Solar, REP Energy, and the Novato Cooley Quarry, MCE has flipped the switch on a new community solar farm. The community business mode relies extensively on some sort of community to find customers, do marketing and create revenues. In some cases, the nonprofit even checks the viability of solar on particular rooftops by searching them on Google’s Project Sunroof. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Kenny’s role of Community Solar Coach, or participate as part of the installer proposal selection process. We believe that clean energy is a necessity, not a luxury; we’re all in this together; and we can’t afford to leave our neighbors in need behind. A Community Outreach Coordinator with mid-career experience which includes employees with 5 to 10 years of experience can expect to earn an average total compensation of $42,000 based on 305 salaries. With a bit of thoughtfulness, however, community solar programs, agreements, and marketing materials can be shaped to significantly reduce the likelihood of a community solar offering being classified as a security subject to SEC and state regulation. A Puerto DGC completed the acquisition of Boston Energy Trading and Marketing LLC (BETM), an energy trading and marketing firm, from NRG Energy Inc. This report provides an overview of community solar policies and programs in California. For best-practice community solar programs, market research is a requisite first step that later it drives customer acquisition and retention. Join us to be part of this huge project and contribute to become the N°1 in Africa. Activate joint marketing strategy among the Municipality volunteer teams. For example, 19 members of the Repower Shoalhaven community group invested $119,800 to pay for 400 solar panels, which were installed on the bowling club roof. The intern will maintain the company’s presence on various social media platforms and help create and publish content that is relevant to our customers. Solar subscriber’s benefit by receiving energy at a reduced rate and the owners of these sites benefit by establishing additional income streams from their investment in solar. A look at the top ten target strategies for solar marketing. Our company can provide help with building, structuring, financing, marketing, and all aspects of development of a community solar program. C. Community Energy is not actively marketing in your area right now. The utility will be developing the marketing of these solar shares in the next few months and will include stakeholder outreach as part of this process. It currently provides 185 kilowatt-hours of rooftop solar to the community. Community Solar NY Round 1: Open until January 30, 2015 for Solarize campaigns launching in spring 2015 NYSERDA invites local governments, school districts, and other community When the community solar program is finalized, OPPD customers will have the opportunity to purchase shares of the solar energy produced. We are a trusted platform for education, research and collaboration to help utilities with solar energy resources. §§ 219a and 219b) located in or near a community served by an interconnecting electric company subject to public service board jurisdiction. Fortunately, most Community solar projects could give millions of US households access to clean energy, according to a Utility Solar Report from the Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) and Shelton Group. 6 people follow this. volunteers to implement community outreach projects to promote solar energy, including organizing regular “meet-ups” at coffee houses where experts gave talks on solar issues, and creating/distributing Community solar facilities are built by a third-party operation and run by the utility company. com is the first BtoB e-commerce sales platform specialized in solar equipment at factory prices in Africa. In a short time Community Solar Technologies has quickly become a multiple piece operation encompassing the complete technology needs of any client. If you’re on site to do solar in a neighborhood, go talk to the neighbors. Sol Systems is working with co-ops and utilities to craft its own unique community solar programs, that are simple and effective. The State Corporation Commission has approved Dominion Energy Virginia’s so-called community solar pilot program, under which the utility will offer its residential and commercial customers the output of solar farms to be built by independent solar developers here in Virginia. Regional Solar Choice Program. by the community solar garden program, Minnesota Power has included a credit for the market value of the SREC in the the purposes of marketing. Impact Joining your local solar farm means supporting clean, renewable power for your community. rooftop solar in Massachusetts. Perhaps the idea of solar power has found a special place in your heart, but there’s SPRINGFIELD - The Illinois Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity’s Office of Community Assistance is pleased to announce that the Knox County Health Department will be the new provider of Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) A community shared solar project is a solar photovoltaic system that provides benefits such as electricity, net metering credits and return on investment to multiple participants, according to the Marketing with Adopt-A-Solar-Panel™ and Solar Powered SEO™ The “Adopt-a-Solar Panel” Marketing & Branding Program is a unique method to enhance your company’s reputation and increase branding awareness by sponsoring a solar panel for a non profit veteran organization. Tor “Solar Fred” Valenza. “What’s interesting is we haven’t really done a big, paid marketing push on the community solar farm and the subscription rate has been really successful considering,” said Amy Blunck, Poudre Valley’s communications director. Or your state currently does not allow community solar. The Solar*Rewards Community program includes a limitation of 5 MW for Co-Located sites for projects submitted by September 25, 2015, and 1 MW for Co-Located sites submitted between September 25, 2015 through September 15, 2016

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