Drivers side tire making noise

I start to hear the humming noise at 20 mph, it is very loud at 40 to 50 mph then much less noise at 60 mph. My hunch is this is tire or wheel bearing noise. My first clue was the rust ridge on rotor was freshly ground and removing the brake pad confirmned it was rubbing. It can sound like the whole front end is about to fall out on the ground. When going over bumps it makes a noise and the steering feels really loose. Once the joint is making noise, you cannot add grease to the damaged joint and make the noise go away, the CV joint needs to be replaced. While making a right turn, there was an abnormal noise coming from the front passenger side tire. back window passenger side not sealed properly you can hear and feel the wind coming in while on the highway its a pain. The vibration can be felt on the steering wheel as well. 4. It's been making a low, whump, whump, whump sound like it has a flat tire that seems to be coming from the front driver's side wheel. the brakes work fine, it's just the rattle is starting to annoy me. The three most common noises that a driver will hear are squealing, scraping, and grinding. I first started noticing the knocking noises on my front left side. The truck has new shocks, rotors brakes etc. driver side tire making squeaky noises and grinding sound when parking in reverse. The best way to test this is to put 50 lbs. I used Valvoline 75/140. Car is dirty ass fuck inside and out, but she seems to be running good aside of this noise I keep hearing. However, this only occurs when i am going from 0-30mph. It started yesterday afternoon and has gotten worse. You should find the manufacturer's recommended inflation pressure on the label attached to the driver's side door. Start the car. Hope these help. Verify (possibly) by lifting that side of the car and grabbing the tire at 12 and 6 oclock and pivoting in and out. i have a 2004 Chevy Cavalier when i hit the brakes it makes a grinding or rubbing noise ive changed the brakes and rotors and it still making the noise any ideas what it could be its the front drive Oftentimes (not all the time), when I turn the steering wheel even slightly left, I get a slight metalish-squealing sound coming from the drivers side front wheel area. It sounds like a hole in the exhaust pipe. 1990 toronado is making a noise in the drivers side rear we have changed the bushings and calipers it only makes this noise when you go over a small bump but when you accelerate it goes away? You may have a bad sway bar link bushing on that side, or the air ride shock may have a bad bushing. Front of vehicle started to shake and drivers side front made creaking noise. Can hear it with the window down, but not when it's up. I have a noise coming from the driver's side wheel. After 16K miles my car started making that scraping Google make and model and the type of noise. The knocking noise could be caused by bad ball joints. I took it back to the dealership and they told me my EBCM was bad and it was going to cost me $1000 for the part and $150 for labor. Grinding/rubbing noise coming from the front drivers side 3 Answers. When i go over 20 it starts doing that. you only hear it while driving. Its so bad too where you would think the tire is going to fall off. Just about like maybe 8 months ago, my car started rattling really bad when I would hit bumps or dips in the road, the sound seems to be coming from the front drivers side wheel but I cant be positive because I know sound travels. A car clicking noise from the front of the vehicle, while turning and accelerating, is caused by CV joint failure. (one of them being the drivers side After the tires were replace he heard a grinding noise on the front driver's side of the vehicle. Since then I have noticed a clicking noise from what seems to be the front driver's side tire. Pressure is normal in all four tires and the tires are maybe a year old with 75% tread left at least. I had a similiar noise from front driver side wheel, when turning left. When the brakes are applied it goes away completely. With the pumpkin cover off and the ring/pinion and spider gears exposed and the drive shaft disconnected, I had a friend turn the driver side tire as fast as he could by hand. I'm going to rotate the tires front to rear and see if the noise or at least the location of the noise changes. Of course, the noise you describe is classic bad tire belt sound, usually caused by excessive tire age or tire damage. Then the right side started to make noises too. When braking hard it seems to reduce it a bit. I would spend the tire and at a certain point of the rotation it makes a grinding/scraping sound. Stop and run you hands over the top of the tires. I am having some grinding, scraping noise coming from my front drivers side wheel when I turn my steering wheel to the right. So I have a 2007 mkz with awd, and at first I thought this weird humming/whirring noise was my old dry rotted michelins making the noise and when I replaced my tires it still does the noise. Modern brake pads feature on the side a piece of metal which, as the pads wear out, comes in contact with the metal of the brake disc to warn the driver to go service the brakes. If so, the tire is probably out of round. It does move in and out a little while driving. I don't feel any handling differences with the knocking noise, but it definitely sounds like something is loose. Took vehicle to dealer and they stated front struts and components were bad as well as drivers side ball joint. if you get any wiggling, you definitely have a wheel bearing issue, though a failing bearing CAN AND WILL fail without making noise OR allowing any play in the tire! Rumble noise in front left wheel when steering to left, brought car to dealer and told them that wheel bearing was at fault they said tires were fault, mechanic brought car in garage and checked noise replaced front driver wheel bearing. If it is not wheel bearing, what else could it be? The sound it makes is like driving down the highway with huge tires on. Brake noise is always reason for concern. The only time the noise goes away is in a long curve/turn at speed turning left as traveling down the highway. ) Jacked the passenger's side up and no play and no noise. yep the sway bar has worked its way to the drivers side. The noise sounds like what you hear when your ABS kicks in when stopping on ice. Its louder when turning the right (this may not matter to the diagnosis) but I hear it turning either way. Didn't change the noise (but wheel turns well. It sounds like loud tire noise and it happens around 40mph and disappears if I tap on the brakes. Drivers side tire making noisehelp? Discussion in 'Civic and del Sol - EG and EK' started by Del_Sol95guy, Mar 26, 2008. It sounds like a quiet roaring noise and I can especially hear it when I'm slowing down the car and coming to a halt. There shouldn’t be more than a couple of thousandths of play. In my case the outside pad was worn and the rust ridge on outside edge of rotor was scraping on the inside of brake pad. Below is a list of some of the most important parts of the Miata. when I make tight turns under alot of torque. A broken motor mount can cause a solid thump. Its of course only while the car is rolling. put all 4 tires in the air, put it in gear and crawl around under there with a stethoscope and see if you can pin point it. 1 Garage said its passenger front again, so took to garage that replaced that as would be under warranty. A steel belt may be bent or delaminated inside the tire, or the tire may be wearing irregularly. What is that wind noise on my Subaru and how can I make it stop! One of the typical things that will happen to your Subaru is over time you will hear an increased amount of wind type noise coming into the cabin area of the car especially at freeway speeds. It sounds like the noise made by off-road tires being driven on the highway, like a tread mis-alignment sound, if that makes sense. As speed increases, the noises went away. No - it's not the rear or front brake pads shifting. However, uneven tire pressure is not the only reason for this problem. There is no bouncing or shaking when I go over bumps, so I'm guessing the shocks are fine. So I took the bearing cap off and noticed that the cotter pin that goes in the spindle was missing and the nut that tightens the bearing was about one thread from coming off. I put it up on a jack a pin pointed the sound to the driver side rear wheel. Right now it's running fine aside from just recently car started making this strange noise that I may have pinpointed to the front drivers side. I used a pry bar to slide it back the the right and much less noise. The noise only last for 1 or 2 seconds at most. My 2001 Kia is making a roaring noise when I'm accelerating then I can hear it while I'm idling, the three motor mounts were replaced, my two new tires were rotated from the back to the front and just started to make the roar noise plus new front struts, it's never done this before. The noise was coming from under the wheel well on the passenger side. Grinding coming from Front Driver's Side Okay so I just noticed a few days ago my cali is making a grinding, almost rubbing noise when driving. Take tires off rims, clean wheels, lubricate rim, replace tires. Sometimes, when I make a slow, hard right turn (like making a 90-degree turn from a stop), I get two clunking sounds from approximately the same area. Its the same as you described, nothing when cold then after driving for a few it starts and stays proportional to the speed. Perform the test a second time with the wheels in the opposite direction. In some cases this can easily be resolved by regulating the tire pressure. Got the Motocraft replacement (I know, stupid me) list price 385. I have been noticing a slight clunking/banging noise, not much louder than my exhuast at idle, coming from the front driver side on cold morning starts, usually if I haven't driven the truck in a day or so. So they are about the same distance, not sure if this is correct or not, but thats why I am also asking. I can be hardly moving and it is a faster click then the tire rotation. Problem is with no load it may not make a sound. At low speeds, especially in urban areas, engine and powertrain noise, caused largely by acceleration from a stop, is the dominant noise source. . A knocking noise in the front wheels can be a very serious problem. . I thought it would have been my left side, as this is the side which would take most of the load if the wheel is turned to the right. Video: Re: Replaced drivers side wheel bearing and still have noise!!! Post by gross-man » Sat Jul 08, 2017 6:20 pm I have a 2007 G35 and the right front wheel bearing went bad and six months later the left started making noise. Answer . This video shows the difference between wheel bearing noise and tire noise, wheel bearing noise sounds like a low growl, and a tire with flat spots will slap against the pavement. Generally, this condition is caused by component wear or damage after striking a severe bump and results in a constant noise which will be lower in tone than that of a wear-indicator noise. My 1997 GMC jimmy is making a loud noise it seems to be coming from the passenger side front tire I check the hub it spinng good If the problem is at the wheel, two possible causes are a bad wheel bearing or worn brake pads. The noise happens even while coasting and picks up as i increase speed. Sometimes it's just a small rock and sometimes it's caused by a bent backi This helps translate the turning of the steering wheel to the direction of the tires. 6. Also check to make sure the spare is reeled all the way up against the frame. Jack up the front end, grab the side of the tires and see if there is any movement from side to side. Underneath the car, check to see if anything may be hanging loose, such as the O2 sensor wires. Seems to usually occur when making a sweeping or gentle right turn. Drivers side front wheel making awful squeaking/chirping sound I need help diagnosing a sqealing/chirping shoud coming from the drivers side wheel on my 92 XJ Laredo. The noise is louder when applying the brake. What parts are in there that could go bad. This spring, after replacing my winter tires back to my all-seasons again, the noise has returned. Austin – Hard question to answer, personally I do an alignment anytime there are new tires installed…just to make sure an out of aligned vehicle does not void your tire warranty or cause premature tire wear. I've checked all body parts, mud flaps. Distinct from tire alignment, tire or wheel balancing refers to compensation for any weight imbalances in the tire/wheel combination and is often performed in conjunction with wheel alignment. We took the ford explorer to our mechanic and was told that the transfer case had to be replace at A sawtooth or heel-and-toe wear pattern on the tires can also produce vibrations and noise that may be speed sensitive. Happens when I make right turns. The CV joint pivots with the turn of the vehicle's wheels, so a loosening of the joint might only be noticeable when the wheel is turned all the way to the right or left. Check the air pressure on all four tires, making sure to inflate them to the recommended pressure. All specifications, prices and equipment are subject to change without notice. I thought it might be wheel bearing but I wasnt sure what side. I put the front of he car on jack stands, took the wheel off, and spun the hub. I have a grinding noise from the driver side front wheel area. Grinding at the front wheels when turning the wheel - posted in General Discussion: Hello, 2010 Fusion Hybrid with almost 60k miles. At first I was thinking I just needed to swap out the hub/bearing assembly but after doing some research I found that it could be a number of things. But its a place to start. The squeaking noise itself doesnt appear when braking, just as I am driving. If the grinding noise starts right away or is present anytime the engine is running, pop the hood. its an astra mark 4 98 model This is how I determined the noise coming from those gears. If the noise seems to be coming from the rear, check the rear sway bars, the bushings in the trailing arms and the bushings in the tracking rod. It does it mostly at low speeds when you are making a turn and the road has some uneveness to it. It''s making a (somewhat quiet) grinding noise on the driver''s side front tireI can faintly hear it while driving and when turning left … read more acramstr I am having a sound, what sounds like its from my front driver side tire and it makes a noise like there is card in my bicycle spokes. I believe this to be a wheel bearing going bad, I have already this replaced once before about 3 years ago. I notice that when I steer to the right the noise will disappear and when I go straight or left, I hear the noise again. I was noticing a droning/humming noise from the front driver side wheel area before I changed my struts and sway link, and now that those have been changed it is much worse than before. If the driver side tire is not deemed a dangerous condition by your mechanic, you might be able to rotate and balance all four wheels, move the driver tire and wheel to the rear of the car, put the best two tires on the REAR of the car, and then check the alignment of the vehicle. the wheel bearing is not rocking or moving and the whining dies down when i turn to the right. I could take the driver-side tire and wobble it all over the place. I intend to check into it if it starts making more noise, but it hasn't. Making a squealing noise. Drive along side of a guardrail, Jersey barrier, or building wall, like in a shopping mall when the car is making noise. Bad balljoints can slip off the tie rods and cause th … e wheel assembly tocollapse. Try forcing the system from side to side (make sure it's cool to the touch) to see if you can duplicate the sound. Also replaced was the driver's side axle (due to a f*ck up on my part when trying to replace the front suspension myself). I'm in FL, so no snow. I was driving home recently and heard a flapping type noise on the drivers side and thought something was stuck in my undercarriage or even in my tire and the wind was causing it to flap. The noise seemed to slow down when the jeep slowed down. To check wheel bearings, jack up one side and grasp the top of the wheel and pull towards you, see if you can get the top of the wheel to wobble in and out. Let me rephrase: have you checked your tire pressures with a gauge? Do they match the recommended pressures for your car? There's a plate inside the drivers side door (in the US) that lists the correct pressures. The sound happens while driving straight and is in proportion to the speed of the car. Truthfully its a little hard for me to say with absolute certainty that its coming from the right tire area. noise driver The front driver's side seems loose. ['12-'17] Metal scraping noise from front tire Welcome to Subaru XV Crosstrek Forum – General discussion forum for the Subaru XV Welcome to Subaru XV Crosstrek Forum - a website dedicated to all things Subaru XV. When driving at slow speeds over bumpy terrain, there is a metallic rattling sound coming from the front driver's side wheel well. And about a year (and 20,000 miles) ago, I replaced the front brake pads and rotors, with no drama from them. Check the tires for cupping. clacking noise from front drivers side Hi, I noticed when driving yesterday that when turning the steering wheel to the left or right i hear a clacking noise from the front drivers side wheel. 5 years, I have a had an annoying yet bearable CLICKING noise coming from my rear Drivers side wheel. It sounds like a helicopter that is slowing down to land and it gets louder when u speed up and turn right. I check to see if it was a wheel bearing going out and it was not. 1) A slide pin on the driver's side brake caliper was frozen. If the noise gets louder when you are turning right, I would suspect the left wheel bearing. Mine is making a clicking noise almost like a rock in my driverside tire. \nStock type whhels or after market? Either way pull the tire and wheel of and look for scratch and drag marks, you will be looking for brake caliper drag and on … outt The noise seemed to slow down when the jeep slowed down. The noise is coming from the front driver side tire and u can feel it through your feet. But it sounds very similiar. It goes at the same frequency as the wheel is rotating. It's a 2005 xc90 v8. Anyhow I did the job today. I paid big bucks for 2 the steer tires (Michelin RV truck tires XZE 245/70R 19. My driver side didn't warn even after it was gone except after my tires started showing me wear. At lower speeds (like driving around a parking lot) it is much more louder and noticeable. Regular tire rotations—every 5,000 to 8,000 miles—will prevent excessive wear from causing tire noise. So I went out driving in this fine May weather with the windows down and I noticed that there was an odd clicking sound coming from my front driver's side wheel. Engines, powertrains, tires rolling over the road surface and air passing around moving vehicles all contribute to exterior noise. ) Try swapping tires Is it a thudding noise only? Or is there also a shudder to the car? My Mom's truck had a terrible shimmy when driving between 20-40 and it was a mix of the tire belt disintegrating and the tie rods needing to be replaced (which were both mentioned above). For the past approx 1. this is what makes the noise. One "knock". It sounds like it stops at high speeds but I can't hear well due to road noise. It could also be a wheel bearing. After reading this post I crawled under her and low and behold. Anyways, I have a Subaru Baja so its All wheel drive. Poke the diff on output shafts and in the middle as well as input shaft. One side, the driver side got really tight, but the passenger side had more room to go, but I left it about the same number of threads as on the drivers side. Tire replacement is necessary, but suspension repair and realignment will prevent the problem from resurfacing. What can be causing the tire to be angled inwards? My 1999 GMC Yukon is making a rubbing/grinding noise on the driver side wheel. This noise can best be hear at low speeds and only happens when driving over a pothole or bumpy terrain. I rolled my window down the other day while driving about 30MPH and I noticed a weird "swish swish swish" noise coming from what sounds like the front driver's side area. The 2003 Ford Explorer has 12 problems reported for loud humming noise from front wheel. Noise went away. I thought it might be the wheel bearings, but it seems like they would have failed by now, since I have put over 22,000 miles on the car since the noise began. But, it turned out it was the brakes. The contact heard a knocking and grinding noise coming from the driver's side of the vehicle when driving in reverse or turning. first reported 5/05 told may be brake dust still doing this as of 9/05. You cannot tell by sight alone that the bottom of my left tire, when off the ground, is in 1/8". Sounds like 'I have a rock in the tire tread' kinda noise. I am getting a chirping sound that is pretty loud coming from my front driver side wheel. If the noise gets softer or it's pitch goes down, the bad bearing is likely on the left, as by turning left you're making the left wheel go around slower, which should make a bad bearing go down in pitch, and you're putting less weight on the left side, which strains the left bearing less. I noticed today that while driving with no music on and the driver window down, you can easily hear a flapping noise coming from outside of the car along the driver side. At about 24,000 miles I began to hear this same rattling noise everyone here is describing at the drivers side rear of the car and although I continually asked the dealership to check the car to find the problem, a problem was never found. From what I've read Timken is the way to go. I would jack the vehicle up and feel for side to side play (movement). It sounds like the front driver's side tire is rubbing against something but I can't see what. To verify you could jack up the front driver side like you were going to change the tire. Turn to the right, it would go awayturn to the left, the noise was still there. Ill check the pads but they had a ton of meat left on them and I make a 121 mile round trip to work every day. They lubed my tires about a month agolasted two weeks. Spin the tire and you should hear and feel if the bearings are bad. The noise is coming from the front so I don't think it's the rear u-joints. One of the most common car problems drivers experience on the road is that their vehicle is pulling to one side while driving or braking. This popping noise occurred from a standing start, hard left right turns or I jacked up each front tire yesterday, and the driver side seems fine, and on the pass. ) Jacked the front driver's side (left) and absolutely no play in the tire but, when I spin the tire you could hear a faint noise. does not make any noise at this point in time. Caused brake pad rubbing - replaced pin and relubed the pins. Experience has taught me that by the time something makes a noise on a Land Rover that it shouldn't be, it's already time to replace it. poke the front uprights to listen to the wheel bearings. My mechanic replaced the front wheel bearing (front driver side) and afterward, the noise was gone. Sometimes, a pebble stuck in the treads of your tires or even a nail will make such a noise, especially if the windows are down. Obviously if the sound follows the tire, the tire is the culprit. I have a 95 Chrysler Sebring Coupe and my front driver side tire feels like it wobbles and makes a weird noise. replaced the passenger side front wheel bearing myself and may have to eventually replace the driver side front wheel bearing as well. Took it for a ride and now I could hear the drivers side growling and making noise. It’s clear its something with the tire or in that region i just can’t figure out what the issue is. New tires were just installed. When a tie rod end is worn or loose, they may produce a clunking noise. the noise is a loud popping sound, say u floor it in reverse and then put it in drive then floor it and hit the brakes hard u will hear it everytime, no faster then 3-5 mph i did it in my driveway 10 out of 10 times it will make the noise, almost like rocking the truck front to back Miata Noises, Squeaks, & Sounds. Vehicle was repaired however there is vibration in the steering and the vehicle pulls hard right. It sounds like the driver side up front. Noise still exists. i have a 2004 Chevy Cavalier when i hit the brakes it makes a grinding or rubbing noise ive changed the brakes and rotors and it still making the noise any ideas what it could be its the front drive The noise stopped after it was parked, so I highly doubt it was a rock in the tire as I doubt it would fall out just sitting when I had been doing 75 down the highway when I noticed it and it never came out. It pulls dramatically to the left when turning the wheel to the right on the freeway on an entrance or exit. I had both front brakes and roters are new, 2 brand new hub assemblies installed, passanger and drivers side, and the quitest tire I could put on it. The noise turned out to be my right hand side front wheel bearing. I have recently got this knocking noise coming from the rear driver side of the vehicle. Scraping noise from wheel while driving is very common and the fix is even easier. I was thinking it was the CV joint but im not sure. Any help would be appreciated. I bought a new one and put it on the drivers side. The problem was a mysterious front end popping noise emanating from the front drivers side suspension area of my 96 Auto TT. Sort of a clunking noise on front driver side wheel So I had to bust a Repo move on my own car from my baby mama after a long year. It does get much worse when driving faster but is still noticeable while driving at lower speeds . My 01 Dodge 3/4 ton has the same clicking noise. Suspension is K Sport lowering springs, TL-S swaybars, Koni Yellow Struts, and Megan Racing front camber kit. I jacked the car up and rotated the tire by hand. 3 The driver side hub was shot so I replaced both. Were wheel rims/tires checked for lateral and radial run-out ? A bad rim would cause symptoms similar to a bad tire(s). It seems to only have been heard/felt when going over an elevation change or when the suspension was unloading. It doesnt get louder when I turn back and forth but it sounds like its going to sling it self to pieces when I hut a bump. The drivers side was smoother and the shuttering much less pronounced. Swap the front tires, and if the noise changes to the other side, you have found the bad tire. Other complaints include poor handling, tire wear, drifting or pulling, and vibration issues. I have a 2012 and just passed 14,500 miles. I can feel a vibration in the drivers side floor area where the sway bar connects. No idea what it is, but as soon as the truck starts warming up it goes away. It could be a door seal, a vent, or any other of a large number of things that you might not think could cause it. If the tire is suspected of making the noise, the tires could be rotated to see if the noise moves or stays. Within the last six months the rear wheels, right side especially, makes an extremely loud humming noise at any speeds. appt pending. Also look at the condition of the tire. side, it seems like the wheel doesn't spin as easy as the driver side. ) Passenger side bearing appears to be fine. These are problems reported by owners of 1997 through 1999 Grand Prixs, organized by general area where the problem occurs. put this here because not knowing where else, i have a noise in my front end, sounds like tire noise, but is not, rotated tires, checked air, not brakes, but it is like a howling or growling, been there a while, does not affect anything, checked gearboxes and front end. This last July to August, I replaced my hub assemblies, upper n lower ball joints, brake pads, and even got an alignment done with new tires. Look at the tire straight on; do the tread blocks wiggle from side to side? This indicates that the tires are getting lateral wear, usually as a result of an alignment issue. The car is a 1999 9-3 SAAB. Alignment – If you hit a significant pothole, or just a collection of potholes over time, your car can get out of alignment. It seems to stop when I get to speed (or release the gas pedal at any speed. When I drive over bumps (speed, pot holes, etc. While im driving my front driver side tire is making a loud noise of grinding and squeeking. I had it in and they replaced both half shafts on both sides, because at first the sound was on both sides when I turned. Click on one to find out more about what makes noise in that part of the car. A noise that doesn't become any louder, but becomes more and more noticeable. Click to expand Once the tread surface is no longer smooth, the tires will generate more noise. What's up guy's, I have a two part question and a suspension problem with my 02 Impala Ls, Every time i drive and hit bumps there's a clunking noise coming from my left driver's side wheel area, I don't hear any kind of noises when turning corners or from the left passenger side and i also would Just in front of the rear tire front leaf spring connection the rear brake cable passes through a round metal loop. I took it to jiffy lube and the lubed up my brakes because whoever installed them before didn't grease the one side. I’ve done this before in a truck and found numerous other drivers with the same noise that tracked the location of the sound. I had the mechanic check it out. My sons heard a noise the other day and opened the hood while the other put a little pressure on the clutch with the brake still on. I'm gonna run to the grocery store, I'll make more observations on the way. Make sure to skim through all sections if you are looking for a particular problem. Sometimes the calipers will make a grinding noise or squeal if they are worn, froze or have foreign material in between the rotor and pad. Rub marks on the inside of that brand new BFG AT on the drivers side rear tire and a rub mark on the exhaust pipe. I checked and the rubber cover over the cv axle looks fine and so dose the brake pads. Well I'm still hearing the noise. Video: Recently took my 04 into the shop to have the right front wheel bearing replacedbecause that is where the noise was coming from, the right side. The most frequent suspension and steering system-related problems are noise-related, with knocking and squeaking at the top of the list. It sounds EXACTLY like a piece of metal would sound stuck in the tire. of pressure into both front tires, if it is the tires, the noise will dissapear. Every one I look at in the local Pick-and-pull has the same problem. You need to grad the tire at the top and bottom and push/pull in and out to check for movement. My car makes a rattling noise going over bumps coming from the driver side rear wheel. When the brakes are applied the noise goes away. The noise is most predominant at 40 to 50 mph and when turning right, it is also pulling right. Hi My 2004 prius, 154,000 miles, brand new tires has a low growling noise coming from (seemingly) the right front tire area. Sounds like a motor of some sort is going out. The frequency seems too fast to be a tire issue at low speed. CV shaft is snug and tight. I was driving today and just noticed this strange pulse grinding/scraping noise coming from the rear end. From a stop to approx 30MPH I hear a grinding noise drivers side. front wheel Several months ago I had the front break pads replaced. The sound is loudest when driving on the freeway (when going 75mph it gets up to 93 db… used a smart-phone app to detect level of noise). Initially the dealer could not figure it out, but I had done my own research and discovered that the noise was coming out from the tires. I own a 04 G35x in Toronto with 140,000km. When driving I get a loud grinding sound coming from my drivers side front wheel. The click does pick up with speed but is harder to hear over the noise of the engine and road noise. It starts out slow and gets faster as I go faster - like it's in tune with the tire. Then stop the tire by grabbing the drive shaft knuckle (don't know if the proper terminology). Like I mentioned in the subject I have an 07 MKV and is making this high pitched noise coming from the driver side tire Idk wat it is but I was hoping one of u guys has experienced this or know someone that did so I can get u guys help I'm really desperate to know so I can get it fixed. Let's start with a look at your tires. Is this something that could show more My 2007 Hyundai Accent hatchback has been making some sort of rubbing sound while I am driving. From what I was told that the engine was recently replaced with the same NA 3800 series 2. Im getting an intermittent popping/knocking/cluncking noise felt under the driver's side floor right under my feet. The longer it grinds the more damage is done. Comes from the front of the car. Front driver side wheel is making a creaking noise? Update?? was created by jspe8437 I got a 98 Ford Taurus and its making a creaking noise, kind of like a door opening, when I turn the wheel, more heard in a parked position or driving real slow, not to much if I'm driving at a normal speed. The noise was not coming clearly from the top of the strut, however, I could see and feel the tire and strut (in the wheel well) slowly shuttering as the wheel turned left and right. Becomes worse when I step on the brake and have to put the car in park when at a red light because the noise is so bad it sounds like a siren. ) my Driver's side passenger wheel/suspension makes a "popping/pinging/not normal" noise. 8 months later it was back, assumed it was front drivers side so had that replaced. If you have had an alignment problem the tires could be cupping and will make quite a lot of noise. Recently I have noticed an awful noise coming from my passenger side front tire/brake area while driving/turning left at very slow speeds. My left hub has about 1/8" of movement in it. Try turning at high speed, such as a curved highway ramp. Had it 2 years and have had to make a lot of repairs. It becomes very pronounced from about 35 mph through 45 mph - after that it still exists but regular road noise seems to drown it out. It only makes that noise when I drive. The noise is in direct proportion to the vehicle speed and has gotten a bit louder over time. Hyundai Steering & Suspension Repair Questions and Answers. This can overheat the brake caliper, the wheel bearings in that hub and other major components. what could this be please help. I had to Mechanic's also look, which one works for a GM, and they don't know the cause of the noise. I've checked the tire 360 deg. There are two basic types of tire/wheel imbalance that need correction – static (single plane) and dynamic (dual plane). It's not a clicking and the noise is not affected by brake pressure (none to full). and they set the tire pressure and said the noise was gone. Usually, the noise will only be present while turning in one direction only. Put it under the tire and see if there is any latteral movement which would be a balljoint. The mechanic replaced the right bearing, noise still there. The right has none. It goes away as I slow down or some times goes away altogether and randomly starts up again. The mechanic swears that the rotors are good and can't seem to find any other issue. Looking for suggestions… I have an intermittent clunking noise coming form the Drivers side front tire area. It sounds as if there is metal rubbing against metal, if I had to describe it I would say it sounds like someone dragging a metal shovel against the pavement, like a scrapping sound. I can feel it in the gas pedal when the noise happens. 2003 to 2005, maybe 06, Chevy/GMC trucks and SUVs that used the truck chassis almost all had this steering noise problem. yesterday i took the cap of my driver side hub and there was no grease in there so i packed a bunch in then put the cap on put it in 4 wheel drive drove it for a couple of minutes (no noise) then got out unlocked the hubs, disengaged 4 wheel drive and so far i don't hear any noise! so i don't know if its fixed but its not making the noise Had noise in front end and a slightly loose bearing on passenger's side, wheel play when wiggled top to bottom of tire. A grinding noise is most frequently associated with problems with brakes, wheel bearings, water pumps, alternators and power steering pumps. It's a low rumbling noise that gets louder as the car goes faster or when I go around a curve and comes to a stop when the car stops. Then passenger went from all good to shot in less than a milequiet to growl just that quick. It also makes a humming noise that gets louder as you go faster but only seems to be coming from the driver's side. Bought sight unseen except for 50 or so pictures ( I know I know). It still making noise. After getting the rotors back on, new pads and the tires back on my car now makes a rattling noise when i drive. The contact owns a 2011 hyundai sonata. Stupid rock My '06 WRX is making (what I think is) a similar noise. My daughter brought (my) her car home today and said there is a squealing noise coming from the area of the front right tire. It is intermittent. Noise always occurs on the other side of the bump; not going into it but coming out/off of it. If you feel flat spots, that could be the problem. I have started to notice a clicking sound coming from the front drivers side tire. I have a 1995 Toyota Corolla and the front wheel (driver side) is making a grinding/humming sound when I’m driving. The sound intensifies a little when I turn the wheel left or right. It sounds like it's coming from the back tire on the driver side. It sounds like it's coming from the front driver side. my passangers front side squeels when acclerating stops when I get to about 40mph. side tire. Now the really wierd part is I went for another drive today, and it's not making the noise anymore. headlight blew out 9/05. I am not sure which ones you have, but if you have the 17" run flat tires, this is a known issue and many people experienced it. Driver side front clicking sound when driving in a straight line. i have the same Squeaking from front driver side wheelwell I noticed a squeaking noise intermittently the other day while turning. rotation and wheel balancing. No grinding noise or clicking. ) So I went back to the driver's side and the driver's side was the correct one to fix. The noise only occurs when the car is moving. Once I hit the highway the knocking noise stops. Any ideas or repair cost would be great. Anyway all was as represented except for this rubbing noise while turning. My car had the 17" tires. Misalignment of the front end may cause a squeaking due to front tire wear. gear oil out recently that I can think of. It speeds up and slows down according to my speed. This fixes the problem for about 2 weeks! It is a known problem that is commom with the "Continental" tires! I just came back from my dealer and am waiting for a call. I removed the front driver's side tire to replace my brake pads and while I was down there, I noticed that thin metal shield behind the rotor was slightly bent in at the top. When making a turn, I hear a grinding noise from the front wheel area. 2014 dodge dart making noise, dodge dart 2015 has rattle in dash, dodge dart dash board squeaking noise, dodge dart interior rattle tire pressure, dodge dart rattle in dash, dodge journey right side dash noise, how to fix a rattle in a 2014 dart, why does my dodge darts tire rattle when i drive Sorry to bring back a 5 year old post haha but I am having the exact same problem with my drivers side wheel where it is making the exact noise you talk about when turning the wheel and also when going over bumps or loading the shocks. The dealership can’t seem to locate the problem… But, I don’t think they can reproduce the same situation unless they take it off road. There are no limitations whatsoever with this ghost noise, its there whether I'm doing 25 or 70 mph, on the brakes or not on the brakes, turning or driving straight. Where: Front left tire (driver side) What: Screeching/squealing noise when I drive over 40 mph This squealing noise just recently started a day or two ago from my driver side front tire. Check all of the bushings in the upper and lower control arms and make sure they are in good shape. Thought for sure that was it - however it wasn't. So, I thought it must be something other than brakes. pull on the cable to move the cable a little bit through the loop and check the cable, it WILL be worn down to the metal. No other noises just the clunking noise in the front end ( sounds more to the drivers side) looked underneith and can not find anything loose. The last two days my 2004 has been making a whining or humming noise from the front driver's side during decelerating and braking. 2) Replaced driver side wheel bearing - as that wheel didn't spin very well. A bad wheel bearing will often get louder when you put more stress on it. A small pea-sized stone was found lodged between the front driver's side rotor and the rotor shroud. 5. Reported Problems. Under-inflated tires can make unusual noises, as can tires with cupped or irregular tread. I wasn't sure if it was the wheel bearing or brake drag. Take a pry bar if your on a drive on rack or just jacking up the one side of the vehicle. At first, it was only when I turned right, but now it's happening when I am driving. It started making a "wobbling" noise on the front driver side. Tires can "cup" if there are suspension problems, such as worn shock absorlbers. A Car Clicking Noise When Turning and Accelerating = CV Joint Failure. marquis00. I simply ignored it. What would cause a thumping noise on the passenger side front, while turning right? My back drivers side car tire is toeing in really bad and the car is rear-wheel drive. It seems to emanate from the driver's side wheel but i think I am going crazy because I feel like its now coming from all 4 wheels. After turning the rotors again the noise persists. Begin by making a close physical examination of the wheels and tires. They said the engine moved so much, they thought it was broken and they didn't drive it. The only other thing I did was changed the front diff. When driving it has a humming noise, it almost sounds like a bad tire, or a loud snow tire but tires looks good, no abnormal wear Michelin LTX's about 50,000 mi on them. I don't think it's the tire though, since the noise disappears when I accelerate. Bring it to a tire guy to check out. The car may also pull to one side or wander while driving. I also have noise coming from front pass. Slight Rhythmic Thumping Sound but no Flat Tire For the past month, I have a noticed a slight rhythmic thumping sound that speeds up and slows down with the speed of the car that sounds similar to a flat tire, but all the tire pressures are fine; it sounds like it is coming from the right rear wheel. Rattle Noise Front End This is a discussion on Rattle Noise Front End within the 05-09 Equinox Maintenance forums, part of the Chevy Equinox General Discussion category! I've been noticing a rattle noise in front end driver side lately, it's just when I'm going over bumps at In the past week a noise on the front left wheel side started becoming every day more prominent. Tire thumping is often the result of a wheel and tire assembly that is out of balance. It's been there for almost 2 years, and has not been getting any worse. I still have the clunk noise when I first leave a parking lot, turning the wheel, noise is coming from front. This type of wear is common on the rear tires of some front-wheel-drive cars, and may be caused by a toe-out condition on one or both rear wheels. 5) and the 4 rear drive tires and Michelin has produced a failure tire. The driver side front tire is making a grinding and clunking noise. my front wheel is whining when when i drive the car. Chrome Data makes no guarantee or warranty, either expressed or implied, including without limitation any warranty of merchantability or fitness for particular purpose, with respect to the data presented here. the contact replaced the driver and passenger side front tires, which stopped the noise on the front driver's side of the vehicle. It was discovered that the control arm had fractured from the frame, which was crumbling due to rust and corrosion. Subject: Hearing a clicking noise coming from the driver side Thu Jun 10, 2010 5:30 pm I just purchased a 95 Buick Riviera. It doesn't change if I apply the brakes. Listen for the popping sound and determine from which side of the vehicle the noise is emanating from. Replaced passenger's side and now nice and tight. My car is making noise that sounds just like tires that are wearing unevenly. Fords have a real lot of problems with parts separating leading to loss of control and crashes and noises must never be ignored. Still have a clunking noise. I had the same issue. I inspected the brakes and rotors, no problem there or with the CV joint but he grease in the CV seemed rather liquid. When making a left turn there is a grinding/rubbing noise. Back Tires look out of alignment Back right side makes a big thump going 6. THE FAILURE MILEAGE OF THE TIRE WAS 26,000 AND THE MILEAGE ON THE VEHICLE AT THE TIME OF THE FAILURE WAS 78,000. Worn tie rod ends may also cause more play in the steering wheel, making turning more vague. My front driver side wheel area is emitting a squealing/grinding noise that seems to only be apparent when not braking and at speeds up to 30 mph. The noise would come and go during normal driving and it didn't increase with braking and car braked fine. Roll down your windows on the object side (building, guardrail) of the car, the noise will bounce off the object and the vehicle noise will be much more pronounced. The noise remained so I put it on passenger side and that didnt help either. There is a noise coming from the front drivers side when we make a right turn. The noise sounds a lot like a brake pad wear indicator, metal grinding on metal. The grinding noise is most likely the metal backing of the brake pad digging into the rotor. The noises are especially noticable when driving slow on uneven surfaces. Loud noice behind the drivers side rear tire There is a loud noise in a box behind my rear tire on the drivers side. The noise was present before I got the new tires. Its coming from the right-ish side of the front of my car. I took it to schwabs and they replaced the bearing still does it. say pulling out of an intersection or driveway while turning left I heard a knocking type sound in the right side. On the other hand a "roar" is frequently the tires making noise. clicking noise that gets louder with speed and is consistant. I installed a new set of tires and it still makes the same noise. Just got a brand new CC. I checked out the tires Squealing sound from right front tire (brakes, tires, replace, axle) - Automotive -Sports cars, sedans, coupes, SUVs, trucks, motorcycles, tickets, dealers, repairs, gasoline, drivers Hi, I have a 2002 Golf and recently my car has been making this grinding noise, like something is rubbing against the tire but only on the left side, when I turn right it goes away but when i turn it just a little to the left it makes this loud noise. And, as of right now, the left side is not making any noise. The contact took the vehicle to the dealer where it was diagnosed that the front driver side coil spring was fractured and needed to be replaced. A damaged tire can make you more susceptible to blowout on the road, which can be dangerous at high speeds. I used my hands and minimal strength to "push" it backwards to bend it further from the rotor. important: the noise stops when the car is stopped. thumping in driver side wheel. Slightly mechanical, slightly echoey and you just can't put your finger on it. Q: for the experts When the truck goes over bumps a certain way a loud clunk is heard. Once wheels and tires have been checked for balance, there are other potential causes for tire noise that can be diagnosed. However, the noise does not seem to be related to use of the brakes. When that left tire hits a bump in the road or Recently, I have had a weird squeaking noise coming from the front driver side on my 2004 Accord LX. They said it Driver side front clicking sound when driving in a straight line. The driver might only notice the popping sound while making turns in a specific direction or when the turn is especially tight. The next step would be to have the steering and suspension systems inspected at a tire and alignment shop