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Tbi running rich


My 89 chevy pickup has a tbi system on it and when it , my 89 chevy pickup has a tbi system on it and when it starts with the electrical advance plugged in the timing Hi Brian, We do have a north American representative, Brian Kelly he's based in Florida, he uses our radial engine on his RV8 and also runs our TBI so he knows the TBI system quite well, So he would be a good point of call in the future also. 460 EFI running very rich - posted in 80-96 Ford Truck Tech Support: I just got an 88 F-Super Duty with a fuel injected 460, and it is running very rich. 7 TBI™ running rich at start-up . 7 TBI and i recently got it back from the shop for fixing a open valve. The city played host to the Collegiate Club National Championships in 2013 and 2014, as well as the USA Paratriathlon National Championships in 2014. 3 tbi s10 runs very rich. Running rich?? One problem I have is that it gets a very rich mix at starts when the engine is warm. No mileage figures yet, but I expect a slight improvement. Note—Excessively high pressure readings indicate a possible pinched fuel return line. pick-up,Eng. Cutting out under load, surging Other videos for this on my you tube channel. Could be a non-issue, except that I noticed when I Dodge Truck & SUV forum with the best tech and vehicle help on the web. Black soot at the tail pipe, give it throttle and rich exhaust out the tail pipe. 14 and stays there, even though it is My 305 motor has been running very rich lately. Connect the and the ECM will determine if the fuel mixture is rich or lean Howell TBI Kit, rough idle, running poorly, Code 44 and Code 45. Answer sounds like a fuel leak more than likely the fuel pressure regulator or the fuel injectors. fuel injection indmar 310 tbi running rich, rough and backfiring [archive mefi 4 / 4b diagnostic manual - pirate4x4. My engine is running rich. I have a street avenger 670 on my 355 sbc. I replaced the TBI gasket again, just to be sure. Chevy 350 TBI, running incredbily rich Page1 - Discuss Chevy High Performance, Car Engine, and Chevrolet Tech topics in the Chevy High Performance forums at Super Chevy Magazine. 96 (rich), and eventually goes down to . Smells like it’s running a bit rich. For another quick test I bought a new ignition control module and installed it in the distributor, but that was not a help. I have changed the IAC, and the coolant temp sensor. I have to give full throttle at start or else it wont fire up. I have a 1994 GMC Suburban with a tbi 454. Its the bell looking thing on the TBI. Traumatic Brain Injury is a major cause of mortality and disability, both in HIC and LMICs. Home to Arizona State University, Tempe has a rich history of hosting national and international triathlon events. Up for sale is a pair of used TBI fuel injectors from a 1995 Chevrolet pickup with a 5. 3 TBI Blazer just started running rough and very rich won't accelerate no power. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. well my catalytic converter blew out on the 88, was completely melted on the inside so i guess my truck must be running rich. Exhaust smells as if it is running rich. com/subscription_ I have a 92 tbi 350 that runs rich. First I took the old TBI unit off, along with the heater (the honey-comb thing) that sits under it. I've got a 1991 2. The idle stutters every 5-10 seconds dropping by 200-300 rpm. We are the premiere place for 1st gen and 2nd gen Dodges as well as a great source for newer models as well. 5 with the renix computer. Disconnect the 2 connections at the TBI (throttle body injection) connectors and look for gas seeping up the terminal towers. changed o2 fp-regulator and tps. If it's got wheels, treads, floats, flies, or has an engine your good to go. If I disconnect the fuel solenoid it runs just like it should for about 3 to 4 seconds then is shuts down. This is why a timing light is a good idea, even if you're 12. Still showing a "15" code and is still hesitating and running rich. The O2 sensor sends a voltage signal to the ECM and the ECM will determine if the fuel mixture is rich or lean. Every once in a while it gives a problem starting (about 1once every 100 starts). TBI in a 2000's engine. 3 Answers I have tried every liquid solution to fix the problem but it still happens, I think it could be the injectors but I don't know, I replaced my oil pressure sensor but I'm still having problems with m Re: tbi running super rich by Rickracer » Tue Nov 24, 2009 12:42 pm There's a thread here somewhere where a guy kept the puter and hooked up the TPS and another detai or two, and used the puter to run the trans, but as a general rule, I'd say swapping the trans is the best bet. I have a problem happening with my 89 Chevy s10 Blazer TBI#17087088. if rich then switch lean, if lean the switch rich). It doesn't matter if the engine is cold or hot, or whether the O2 is plugged in or not. It is running SUPER rich, belching out black at idle. I got a throttle body rebuild kit and changed all the gaskets in the injector assembly and what not. miles on vehicle, almost 200K , things iv'e changed: plugs a/c delco, cap & rotor ,plug wires, all sensors IE: throttle position, temp,map,spark sensor,idle sensor,new injectors,rebuilt fuel regulator, car runs pretty good except a good miss on 2) Properly tune your fuel delivery curve so that the application is not running too rich or too lean. If so, replace the FPR. Converted '98 350 Vortec to TBI using 454 throttle body, 4 barrel intake and adapter. your tbi is running rich? thats weird. Re: 93' K5 Blazer 5. No CEL but canner revealed a P0175 (bank 2 running rich) and bank 2 long term fuel trim of +/- -15. I have a 2003 Sunesta 232 with a volvo penta 5. You can easily run stock TBI injectors at 2X or even 3X the stock fuel pressure witout any worry of overpowering the electromagnets that open the injector pintles. It passed smog immediately however since then it has had some problems. I just dealt with a rich running issue with mine, due to a cam from Comp that is supposed to be TBI TPI safe. I've had 4 different times that the Jeep wouldn't start and I had to put the pedal to the floor and it started right up. Everything listed here has been done by me or my mechanic, who says he is stumped at this point. If its running rough when cold it may be because of open loop its running in, the computer will use presets for fuel delievery, any vacuum leak or fuel delivery issue, the computer will not compensate for untill it gets into closed loop, probably a few minutes of running on that old of a vehicle. Re: 1992 F-150 running rich, fouling plugs Post by crash-harris » Thu Feb 25, 2010 6:51 am The V8's should have a slightly higher idle than the inline six. Right now it surges from 300-1300. I also changed the fuel, inline fuel filter and regulator on the TBI. I don't believe there is a leak, I tested with a vacuum gauge and the vacuum holds steady. Like i said take the air cleaner off and remove the fuel line on the left side (passenger side) and start the engine, jump up on the truck and see how much fuel is coming out of the port on the tbi. temp sensor,Ignition m … Chevy 350 TBI, running incredbily rich Page1 - Discuss Chevy High Performance, Car Engine, and Chevrolet Tech topics in the Chevy High Performance forums at Super Chevy Magazine. com is a division of Guaranteed Carburetors of Largo, Florida. I don't really know what I'm doing, but I'm trying to learn. One of the most common problems is likely a rough running or poorly idling engine. This is a discussion in the forum Technical arena, a forum for technical topics of engineering, electronic and mechanical nature I have even ran a TBI unit from a 454 (7. We are a trusted name for over 30 years in the remanufacturing of OEM carburetors and fuel injection systems for both the automotive and marine industries. I knew it was running a little rich when I got it. Installed new plugs, wires, bank 2 upstream O2 sensor, and MAP sensor. Hook up timing light aim at TBI spray should be fine and 360 deg patteren. Runs ok except at idle which is a little rough and you can smell that it is running rich. 3 TBI started giving me code 45 (rich), idles rough, stalls, black smoke. He couldnt figure out why it was running rich. 2. com/watch?v=7KsNmEF0SFA My 1992 GMC S15 4. History: It used to only do it when it got real warm like 200*ish then it would miss and sputter really bad with small throttle inputs but seemed ok if you got on it. 7) by changing the injectors and the use of an adapter that came on 1989/1990 1 ton trucks and using an Edelbrock Performer intake (modified to work with the 15 degree center bolt TBI heads) even setup the EGR and all (fooled it with an oraficed vac can) Chevy 305 running rich? SAVE CANCEL. The injectors were also sticking in full open position even with the wires removed so obviously new injectors were installed. Converting to PFI mode and running MPFI would eliminate this problem and allow you remove the bottleneck of TBI in a performance application. i installed new crate motor 2 years ago, its got about 50k miles on the motor and new tranny. You may have a bad MAP sensor (Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor). I got the harness all done and right off the bat it had problems, long cranking, had to hold it wide open to start, running very rich to the point its pinging and such. It has 212,000 miles on it, a 305 TBI, and a manual five speed. Also forgot the 575 SCi has IAT (intake air temp) sensor that also can cause rich running conditions / spark plug fouling related problems. But they were engineered to run at MUCH higher pressures without any problems. All of these carbs were off of know running vehicles that ran great. 15:08 A possible cause of a rich running tbi is high mileage injectors. . 0L with a Ford B303 cam, GT40 heads w/ 1. Why is my TBI 350 1989 is cutting out when i pull to a stop when the engine is warm, im also running very rich. I have to pres accelerator to start it, there is black smoke, very noticeable gasoline odor, rough idle and it often die on D or R. I have 4. 56 gears so I know I'm not going to get the best mpg. 7. Hi, my 1991 Sonoma 4. 7L) engines. The last set of plugs were in it for 5 minutes. Removing Idle Stop Cap from a GM TBI and Adjusting the Idle Set Screw. m. 5L TBI engine which runs fine in open loop mode (when engine is cold) but after 5-10 minutes when it goes into closed loop mode. 5. I have Replaced Fuel pump,fuel filter Dist. It is intermittently overflowing fuel out from the top of the injectors. They wear and start to dribble instead of spray causing the fuel to not be properly atomized and cause a rich condition. 2 running rich? The PO said it has about 500 miles on this rebuild motor which is when he injected it. The coolant temp goes down Idle surging, Running rich Lol the answer is both for the idle, could let it run for hours and it would stay at a constant 800rpm with no surging but would stall randomly coming to a stop. When I got in my car 10 minutes later it wouldn't start. The problem is that the stock waggy fuel return line isn't good enough and causes the TBI to run way too rich. Plug and play connectors make installation a snap and the avengers self-tuning capabilities will have you up and running in no time. Need Howell TBI help: Running fuel rich. There have been no check engine lights come up. Data stream shows that the coolant temp sensor is working right, the throttle body temp sensor comes up to 102 degF, 02 sensor starts out at around . Hello, my first post,so let me start with im no mechanic im a carpenter,LOL. \n1. 3) Remove the spark plugs that are 1 heat range cooler than stock. Chevrolet S10 Blazer 1992 198,000 4. 3L TBI Runs rich, limited power, excessive fuel consumption Hello there. it ran fine under power but only at idle you could tell. There are two temp sensors on that engine, one on the drivers side head for the gauge, and one on the intake front cross over next to the t-stat that give a temp reading to the computer. years. and it is still running so I wasn't worried about it cause it ran better. Turbo City is an excellent source for tbi parts and info. vacuum at idle is about 8. a lean engine is hotter, and it's easier to ignite I have been getting a rich exhaust smell for a while now and some smoke at start up and now seems sluggish to plane but once rpm get up it seems to clear itself. did not fix the problem and now throws codes 33 and 34 even after 3 different map The first thing I look for when a TBI is running rich is the Temp sensor. The result is a constant flip-flop back and forth from rich to lean which allows the catalytic converter to operate at peak efficiency while keeping the average overall fuel mixture in proper balance to minimize emissions. Ken Initial Calibration of the TBI need to give it a little throttle to get it running. had a 94 305 TBI which on the odd occasion would start running rough, did the same cap rotor swap still ran rough, checked codes, reset timing, finally by fluke I noticed one of the vaccum hoses came off of the egr valve (Not sure if its a valve as it was a plastic box on the passenger side of manifold next to TB), plugged it back in nice idle 91 b250 van running too rich. The problem im having is it is running extremely rich. 95 Silverado TBI stumble Stumbles and runs rough at lower throttle positions (just off idle). These high quality Pro-Jection Replacement Parts are brand new. Previous owner did a Howell TBI conversion and got rid of the carb. Substitute a different MAP sensor if the rich condition is gone when the sensor was disconnected. "I have a Year 2000 (may be a 1999 build) Volvo Penta 5. 94 5. Powered by 4x4Wire, you, your 4x4, and access. Despite a lack of tradition in Latin American countries, 9 institutions in 5 countries have conducted two studies during 5 years. Air-Fuel Ratio (AFR) - The most common reference term used for mixtures in internal combustion engines. I have been running rich for a while now. 7L TBI from raw water cooling that ran at 140 degrees to a closed system/heat exchanger that now runs at 170-175 degrees. Watch premium and official videos free online. It may well be that these events are the hesitation & stumble problems described in this article. It is the ratio between the mass of air and the mass of fuel in the air-fuel mix at any given moment. and wont rev past maybe 2000 RPM without back firing and knocking and such Chevy tbi running rich problem solving - youtube Aug 31, 2012 If your chevy gm tbi is running rich this will help you trouble shoot it and fix it [PDF] Ohio Plus Incubator Model 3000 Service Manual. TBI accounts for about 85% of all trauma related fatalities. Have replaced the fuel pressure regulator diaphram, cleaned injectors, replaced ECM, spark plugs, and checked fuel lines / sending unit for irregularity. There are more than 33 items, which if faulty, that can cause engine hesitation and stumble problems. Rich '01 31' Rexall Vision, Generac 5. If your chevy gm tbi is running rich this will help you trouble shoot it and fix it Mpg has decreased drastically and give off a rich smell when running. I replaced all the obvious stuff, temperature sensors, air filter, PCV, spark plugs, cap and rotor, and no better. If that really is the cam that is in that motor it is way wrong for that combination. cap with rotor button,Dist. comindmar 350 service manual - shrevespeed loading chevy tbi running rich problem solving duration: 15:08. Hey guys, I am running the Howell TBI CA model. My TBI 454 has been running rough. They are in good working condition. 7 TBI with 125,000 miles on it. I have a 91 S10 Blazer 2WD that is running super rich, strong smell from tailpipe, bad mpg. Designed to replace original Holley components on the Pro-Jection systems No familiarity with the GM TBI, but is there a cold start injector or something that's sticking on making it run fine cold, but uber-rich once it starts warming up? pres589 UltraDork 2/23/15 4:33 p. 300's turn low RPM's by nature, more like 600 or so at idle. This page is dedicated to the owners of these vehicles equipped with GM's dual point fuel injection (model 220 TBI). It starts fine, but idles with a very slight roughness. The exaust in strong and burns the eyes. It would start and run with the throttle on for a short time and it died again. The idle mixture screws are 1 and half turns out to start with, and with the vaccum gauge connected i backed out each about a 1/4 turn more to acheive more vaccum at idle. I'm running a dual fuel system in my boat over here in the UK. Someone told me it my be the tbi injectors that might be leaking but i cant tell. I get only about 10 mpg, it smells very rich, at idle especially, the exhaust pipes are black with soot, it surges and stumbles at red lights, the "service engine soon" light comes on at idle and Sounds almost like it's running rich, actually, if it gags when you dip into the throttle - it's being force-fed its fuel at a pace faster than it can handle, for whatever reason. into the tbi correct? and have the above rough idle at any rpm below 900 and hard cold After assemblying the whole thing, my TBI started running rich and uneven (if I can use that term) you neednto ve careful about reassemblying the IACV, it has a certain graduation which needs to be observed. p. Re: 5. As a relative newbie, need some advice. 7 TBI Cold start flooding issue Run overly rich or with misfire for too long and you are putting raw unburned fuel down your exhaust pipe and into your catalytic convertor. Re: 1992 4. I did replace the O2 Sensor about a year ago. When a/c is running, sometimes engine light comes on. I should have come here first. ideas? See More 1993 Chevrolet S10 Blazer Questions Didn't find what you were looking for? A new study from researchers in the Center for Injury Research and Policy at Nationwide Children's Hospital examined the effectiveness of state youth TBI laws by looking at sports and recreation mild TBI (mTBI)-related emergency department (ED) visits for children ages 5 to 18 years before and after TBI legislation was enacted in each state. Hey everybody: I bought an '89 C3500 Silverado with 70,000 miles on it recently, and it's acting a little strange. comindmar engine manual - xi3. I have a 1990 Chevy Z71, 4wd, 5sp manual tranny, with the stock 350 with TBI. Replying to Topic 'running rich' Launch If you have the spin-on fuel filter canister on the bottom of your fuel pump at the front of the motor, than you probably have the fuel pump which was recalled. Some people, however, have reported rich idle that they cannot tune out due to the TBI injector firing strategy with high pressure stock injectors or with the 454 injectors. GM Throttle Body Injection 1987-93 LO3 (5. Need Help with Running Rich It's on top of a 5. Runs rich, surges and stumbles, mileage sucks I put late 80's heads on it and stuck my original intake, TBI and left all the original electronics. When I rebuilt the TBI I used the old fuel pressure spring since a new one didn't come with it and the only ones I saw online weren't name brand or anything and were expensive. 7L TBI truck 172k miles 6" Procomp lift 35" Nitto tires on 20" rims stock gearing auto transmission, I have been trying to fix this issue for a while now with the help of my Haynes Manual and surfing tons of online forums but cant seem to pin point the problem. If fresh air is being sucked in through a leak right near the O2 sensor, it will think it is too lean and add fuel 'till it gets the "correct" O2 switching. Keep your system running at peak performance with help from Holley. Play and Listen cutting out under load surging other videos for this on my you tube channel https wwwyoutubecom watchv7ksnmef0sfa 1993 GMC/Chevy 5. 3L. and will calculate the changes needed for fuel delivery by changing the pulse width of the injectors. I've verified this by running a fuel return line straight to a jerry can, which fixes the problem. I remember I once had a small block TBI engine idling really rich with a lot of smoke coming out of the exhaust area and the spark plugs where really rich looking. . A running TBI engine will have 14-15 psi. 75 milliseconds, the cylinder is running too lean. The purpose of this article is to highlight some of these common problems and how to fix them, so your mighty "Five-Oh" runs just as good, if not better than it did during the Reagan/Bush Sr. A car running rich smells like rotten eggs after passing through the catalytic converter, so a different odor might be possible from a similar condition. Key in run position and not running. Any suggestions? 87 5. I am getting pitiful gas mileage for a regular cab pickup with a short box and a manual tranny. TBI understands that the format was originally placed with US cable channel MTV around 18 months ago, but the Viacom-owned network backed out over hesitations around launching a format for which they did not own the IP. This is a subreddit for asking Mechanical questions pertaining to vehicles, engines, etc. The oxygen sensor immediately reports the change so that the less fuel the PCM injects into the engine, the smaller the voltage that the O2 sensor's voltage produces. I Checked For Vacuum Leaks Already. Generic TBI Fuel Injection Block Diagram & Acronyms Individual Components and Their Function Schematic Diagram The Actual Installation Theory and Modes of Operation Best Answer: a bad 0-2 senors will cause a rich running condition on any car,the 0-2 sensor is what helps to make the system run leaner and cleaner so replacing the sensor may take care of that problem,that's what the 0-2 sensors job is is to rich-en or lean out the gas mixture for it,good luck and happy new years to you. 0Gi (TBI) which seems to be running very rich. I recently converted my 2000 - 22 Walkaround 5. What would cause a 87 Chevy 305 tbi to be in full After getting it all together and running, kept getting a "15" engine code off the on board link. I have a 350 PCM TBI. here goes, vehicle : 1990 blazer s10 4. For whatever reason you have determined that you need to adjust your base idle on your GM TBI vehicle. I got the scanner to read it, and it isn't showing any codes. I'm running a rebuilt 2F with unknown performance cam with a TBI conversion. I replaced the fuel pressure reg but the new one ripped with the original spring that in the presser regulator so I put my old one back in with the smaller spring and it ran better but still rich, I tried to test fuel pressure but the gauge reads 0. Replace your carburetor with a bolt on and go TBI system avenger(TM) EFI throttle body kits are a direct replacement for a carburetor. When the vacuum goes low, the map sensor commands more fuel. 3 tbi, problem: running way too rich gas mileage down from 16 mpg to barely 10 mpg. I have swapped out the injector, and even tried switching the plugs on top to the other injector, still, the drivers side dumps fuel. Even at WOT a rich running engine will run great!!! More fuel equalls more hp on the higher rpm side of things. was throwing code 33 so i replaced the map sensor with a new one. Running Rich. After messing with my brothers 1992 454 TBI dually truck and now my 1991 TBI 454SS, I am going to say, I am not a big fan of the 91-95 GEN V big block engine. The smell of gas is very strong. I'm using the stock internal regulator in the TBI unit. Free Chevy Tbi Running Rich Free GM TBI Injectors With Engine Running For your search query How To Check The Pulse On Your Chevy Tbi MP3 Re: tbi running rich « Reply #14 on: September 05, 2012, 10:26:46 AM » My opinion is you need to hook everything back up correctly with the TBI system intact clear all the codes and start from base one with the EST disconnected set timing to 0 and plug it back in and read the codes. 050 duration camshaft without running like crap. My gut feeling is the engine is loading up at idle with too much fuel. all the Play, streaming, watch and download Chevy Tbi running rich problem solving video (15:08) , you can convert to mp4, 3gp, m4a for free. In most cases, if your running rich it's because the CTS thinks the engine is colder than it is. I'm a novice. As soon as the PCM sees the Rich Condition it's causing (according to the oxygen sensor's feedback), the PCM injects less fuel. I want to think the motor running rich cause the catalytic converter to crap out and cause back-pressure, but it doesn't look like the vacuum readings don't support that. many of you know I switched from MAF efi to GM TBI. ThrottleBodyInjection. So I changed the head gaskets on my girlfriend's truck that was severely neglected by the previous owner (not my first time, just my first time on a v6). It started running bad all at once. cap + rotor, air filter, oil change. my sub was running fine and all of a sudden shut off, towed it home ,I started it the next day then after about 10 minutes it started sputtering ,injectors were delivering more fuel than usual. The engine was completely re built 18K miles ago and ran great up until a couple of weeks ago. Sorry this is a long one. 1. Smoother, quieter, better throttle response, etc. im new to the forum, any help will be appreciated. Could be a non-issue, except that I noticed when I Initialy it was running so rich it looks like a diesel engine with the black smoke. Hello I have a 1995 Chevy K1500 5. 88’ K20 Suburban. Current Situation: Removing Idle Stop Cap from a GM TBI and Adjusting the Idle Set Screw. Running Rich Need setting help If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. After warm up it runs great. Idle is good and WOT seems normal (will spin the rear tires and sounds like it's hitting on all 8). Also, pull the red vacuum line off the FPR & see if there's gasoline in it. It always catches itself and overcompensates bumping up to 1000+ for a second or so and then settling back down at 900. Once the motor is warming up (over 140-150 degrees) it will run good great. e. Its a GM 350 engine marinised by mercruiser. Oxygen Sensor The oxygen sensor. Have several injectors from 305, 350 and 454 TBIs. I have a rough idle and have to advance the timing quite a bit so it won't backfire through the TBI. I got a code 15 when running diagnostic after unplugging the temp sensor. It has the TBi fuel system and is rated to 300HP by the manufacturer. Pressure regulator adjustments are usually minute and only to correct minor changes in the regulator and system over time. Carb-to-EFI Conversion. The only area I can't get to is the rear of the manifold, behind the dizzy. 3 V6 & TBI fuel injection-flooding& running rich . Just got the MH running a couple of days ago with the rebuilt TBI, and let me tell you, there is a huge difference in the way the engine runs. 3 TBI rich running problem This is the wrong section but first off, 20psi is to much, stock is around 11-13, I'd say get a gauge on it, if your really running 20+PSI that is your problem right there. NastyZ got any codes ? My dads 305 TBI truck had a coolant sensro go bad Welcome to TrailTalk, dedicated to being your number one source of 4x4 technical information. well now i noticed i lost some power, kinda hard to keep up with highway speeds and any type of hill the truck has a hard time going over it. When I fired her up after doing that, I noticed it running much rougher than before. The engine runs extremely rich now. to the air flow the TBI is at full rich. pdf I am having an issue with running rich I believe. If the duration of the spark line is longer than about 2 milliseconds, the air/fuel mixture is running abnormally rich. 7 tbi that seems to be running very rich, I get smoke out of the exhaust and it smells extremely rich, just leaning close to it will make your eyes water. 7 gxi with very low hours. running rich on start up, but once warmed up it The list number for most performance and factory 2 and 4 barrel carburetors will be found stamped into the upper right hand corner of the airhorn or sometimes called the choke tower. The LM-1 meter told us the engine was way rich at just off idle, so we first tried leaning out the idle-mixture screws, but it didn’t help. I have a theory that my TBI is running rich due to an exhaust leak at the outlet of the manifold. Free Chevy Tbi Running Rich Free GM TBI Injectors With Engine Running For your search query How To Check The Pulse On Your Chevy Tbi MP3 Recommended 454 TBI modifications I have made some changes to this page after learning a lot the hard way of course with my 1991 454SS project truck. My 1988 chevy pick-up is running bad,its stalling frequent until it gets warmed up good. If your chevy gm tbi is running rich this will help you tro The TBI system is the same as the 86-90 truck set ups. First, it runs very rich (at least I think so). IF you are running rich: Either your injectors are stuck open (usually an ECM fault), the fuel pressure is too high, or the ECM is getting incorrect signals from one of the sensors. And since you are 30over, 12 psi is just fine. I'm running an inline TBI fuel pump made for this motor. I have taken the carb apart and cleaned it twice. The factory computer can barely handle a 220 @ . If the burn line is shorter than about 0. 4. 94 chevy k1500 350 tbi: in the morning when it is cold i start my truck and it runs rough with engine shaking and sometime dies. I don't know where to look next. Hey guys, I have a 2. About the only real way to know is to hook up a OBDI scanner and look at the reading the computer is getting. 5k, 1000 watt Honda, PD 9245 conv, 300 watts Solar, 150 watt inv, 2 Cos 6v batts, ammeters, led voltmeters all over the place, KingDome/sat, 2 Oly Cat heaters, and towing a 2012 Liberty, Lowe bass boat, or a Kawi Mule. Throttle Body. Running a GM502 idle set at 900 rpm. For 1986 and later models, code 51 is triggered when the engine has been running lean for more than 11 minutes, 55 seconds, as reported to the computer by the oxygen sensor (O2); and code 52 is triggered when the engine has been running rich for more than 11 minutes, 55 seconds. My last stop before I drive this thing off a cliff is here. I have replaced the m. Using all sensor including VSS. egr is good. TBI with blue smoke, a bad injector could be dumping too much gas into the intake. comindmar 350 service manual - 87 D21 Z24 2. I just bought this boat. I did some needed maintenance yesterday: wires, plugs, dist. The values on the Proportional Table add or subtract to the base fuel rate depending on the previous fuel condition (i. I was running oober rich and was getting seriously like 5mpg but i did fuel filter, converted to an air cleaner assembly and did all the plugs n wires. I am thinking the regulator is adjusted to lean but again I am looking for anyother possibilities. 5l tbi 5 speed Comanche that is misfiring and running lean. Pull the plugs as see that they tell you. when it rains, it pours 700R4 is failing, and just as I track down a used one, engine starts running poorly The thing had a minor glitch for a year or two, where at 4 or 6 mph, light throttle, going up an incline, the rpm's would jump up and down at 2 or 3 second intervals. Okay question 2, when it is running and I give it throttle it backfires through the intake bad, very lean and sometimes the injectors go on and off. The boat is running rich, it has a weak spark, and it's dumping gas into the exhaust. My engine is running to lean, or is backfiring on acceleration. 0L) and LO5 (5. I have a healthy 258 with Howell TBI and it is running really rich all of a sudden. Starts great and idles and runs perfectly for 5 minutes, then the injectors start dumping fuel into the engine and it starts running rich - real rich, and pretty poorly. 4) Install spark plugs that are 2 heat ranges than stock and run them for approximately 200-300 miles. TBI 4. I recently bought an 87 burb with TBI'd 350. From reading different forums online about tuning I know I can find out if I'm running lean or rich by monitoring the BLM table, a number above 128 means the O2 is seeing a lean mixture and below 128 its seeing a rich mixture. 7 TBI runs rich, hesitates Yeah, I plugged the EST back in and disconnected the ground from the battery after I set the timing. When engine warms up it runs fine. There is a lot of black soot buildup on the stern and the plugs are sooty as well. running rich? Sep 05 2011, 11:51am. my car was a 91. If you see droplets then ijn. Hello, Runs ok except at idle which is a little rough and you can smell that it is running rich. Download Millions Of Videos Online. I have no codes stored, i have replaced the Plugs,wires,cap and rotor,O2sensor. 1995 chevy tahoe just rebuilt 383 stroker kit w z 28 heads a mild comp cam now I have a rough idle surges cams have been known to mess with the map sensor, good chance you have this problem Maybe TBI bleeding and causing rich mix. If your chevy gm tbi is running rich this will help you trouble shoot it and fix it https://www. I noticed that the driver side injector is dumping fuel in comparison to the passenger side, and I'm getting a lot of noise from the tbi. I have a caprice with TBI and it is running rich. Though one thing that’s been gnawing at me is that the weather tight connector I assume to be the EST isn’t tan/blk, but looks more like an orange/blk. Running with stock programming with a low idle speed setting combined with the fact the chip is designed for 20-21″ of vacuum at that idle rpm with a cam upgrade which typically drops the vacuum to 18″ or less will cause the motor to run too rich which will spawn a high idle speed where the motor will then lean out and rpm drops and repeat. It's running rich on the drivers side. At that point is would only crank but disconnecting and reconnecting the battery would allow it to start again but run poorly without holding the pedal. So I went to set the timing again, but the timing mark was still jumping all over. https://www. My engine cranks but will not start. As far as I know, it's the TB system for a chevy 350. predetonation is harder on pistons, rings, bearings, cranks, ect Than a rich engine is. An exhaust leak CAN affect the HEGOs, and make the engine run rich, so start by fixing that - you KNOW it's a problem. Changed the temp sensor, thermostat and knock sensor. The components I have already replaced, include, map sensor, plugs, wires, distributor cap, and rotor. I plan to buy TBI rebuild kit but rockauto supply two kits, one for TBI100 & TBI200, the other for TBI220 & TBI295. I had a similar problem with my 1991 Silverado with a 350 TBI . marico reedy; 7 videos; 3,235 views; Last updated on Aug 11, 2018 Chevy Tbi running rich problem solving by Cody the Car Guy. 7 TBI to run rich? I have a 95' Chevy with a fuel injected 350 TBI. Covers F100, F-150, F250, Bronco, Ranger, Explorer, Expedition, Lighting, Escape and More suggested the Fuel Pressure Regulator. I own a 1994 3/4 ton 4x4 suburban with 454 TBI. The truck likes running rich too. youtube. I went from 14 mpg down to 8. 7 TBI runs rich only when cold. 4 TBI Runs Rich & Rough at Idle No Codes. If one of the sensors is bad, it is either the TPS, the O2 sensor or the MAP sensor. is so you could in fact be running rich of peak Everything went great but now the engine idles at 950 RPM and is running very rich on the fuel mixture. but after a couple of mins it straitens out and runs great however it is running rich and im only getting 8 mpg. Hi, I have a 1988 Jeep Yj 2. Close up of the throttle body injectors spraying fuel as the throttle is opened up. What is causing my 95' Chevy C1500 5. Dodge Truck & SUV forum with the best tech and vehicle help on the web. it would I have a caprice with TBI and it is running rich. Answer if it has fuel injection i would check the o2 sensors. The amount of fuel to add or subtract increases with the airflow mode and should be based on injector size and % fuel switching needed. Rough & Rich at Idle 87 D21 Truck 2. 6:1 roller rockers. 89 Firebird 305 TBI running rich - posted in Third Generation Pontiac Firebird (1982 - 1992): So one day I was driving my 89 firebird and stopped at a friends for a bit. I have a 95 silverado 4x4 with a 5. Rich engine is less likely to predetonate. and by redline the motor is running at about 11:1 which is rich enough to be down on power for sure. 4L TBI Auto 2WD. Is there any kind of adjustment for the TBI ? Why is 92 camaro RS 305 surging a little at idle 600 to 700 When driving has no acceleration Running rich Can smell it I can floor it at stop and wont even bark tires It use to? I hooked up a scan tool and its not running rich like I thought is is swithching back and forth between rich and lean like its suposed to, tested the cts and its tests out good when it heats up it will throw a code for a knock sensor but not exactly sure why or what that does. All TBI assemblies are flow bench tested, calibrated and idle adjusted which makes for easy installation. 3. Then it started running so rich on a cold start that it will barely idle. I just had the plugs,wires,rotor,cap,and 1993 Silverado k1500 4. I have a 1995 GMC that I have owned since new. is short abt 2" i connected the vac gauge directly to the TB port and had no vac at any engine rpm i will remove the TBI this Just do a full service. It overwhelms and overheats it until the catalyst becomes permanentely damaged and clogged, which will make it have major driveability issues. Current Situation: The first problem is that it chronically runs too rich, and some times floods if it doesn't start on the first attempt. Check the CTS (coolant temperature sensor) and coolant temp running. It is running rich, that could be due to the crappy condition of the carburetor and/or the timing is not right. Stock TBI systems run at about 12 PSI at the pods. sensor, o2 sensor and the computer does not bring up any codes. Try running a quart of Marel Mystery oil through the gas, one quart bottle through one full tank. Timing set perfect. Hey Guys, need a little help. While its running it frequently bogs down while trying to accelerate and once and a while even backfires through the TB. a. When starting it cold, it'll have an extended crank unless I jab the pedal a couple times, and then it starts but runs unevenly and richly for about 20 seconds. running stinky rich, fuel mixture screws don't seem to make a difference, the idle screws dont really change the vacumm reading much. I have a 1994 chevy k1500 5. Black smoke, you'd be burning oil. If it runs smooth under the tbi then I doubt that you are actually running that camshaft. It should improve I had a couple threads I deleted as I've got all my facts in order now. 7 TBI rinning rich! Looked for vacuum leaks, none found. Worked when it was on the truck, but wouldn't die when the passenger idle screw was turned all the way in, so I thought the metering block was plugged. Code 15 was low voltage on the temp sensor I but didn,t get the code 44 O2 sensor The short from the temp sensor affects the current sent to the TBI fuel injectors causing the ruogh idle. 89 tbi running rich Initialy it was running so rich it looks like a diesel engine with the black smoke. With the fuel pump plugged in and running you can only get it to start maybe once out of 6-7 times and to get it to start you have to hold your foot the the floor and keep it at wide open throttle once it's running as soon as you let of the gas it kills it. Won't run above a certain RPM. and the banks are running rich, go through the components and subsystems. \n. Spray from injecters look good(no dripping). These have the most effect on rich operation. All bodywork, accident damage, paint, dent/ding, total loss questions BELONG in r/Autobody My 98 5. The problem is the fuel pressure regulator, its dumping fuel through the injectors causing your truck to flood out. It constantly runs rich, you can smell it, mileage is terrible, etc. Chevy Tbi running rich problem solving Upload, share, download and embed your videos. Hey this video was very helpful in understanding the TBI system. Hyster H110 XL with GM 4. Re: 1989 FI 460 F250 running rich Could possibly be the injectors, a couple of others at Ford Truck Enthusiasts, 1948-2007 Ford F150, Super Duty & SUV owners community and information source. shrevespeed loading chevy tbi running rich problem solving duration: 15:08. 4) on a 350 (5. With TBI the fuel pressure only needs to be 10-15 with 12-13lb's normal. Running GM Rochester TBI on I replaced the TBI gasket again, just to be sure. already exists. i had a gm that was running way to rich so i did a diagnostic check and found out the o2 sensors were bad sending wrong info to the computer and messing up the mixture. anti-freeze. 7 surging, rough idle,cutting out 02 problem Mp3 Rotec's throttle body fuel injection system for all piston engines. 1988 W-150 318 TBI Running rich I'm less convinced it's running rich once it gets going, it seems to just be rich when starting/idling badly and that could be the computer trying to keep it alive. A little behind in the tech area on that one. Replace your Carter BBD carburetor with a Howell TBI (throttle body fuel injection kit) on your Jeeps 258 engine and still be California smog or emissions legal. Project: TBI Fuel Injection – Fixed Back in the spring of this year I purchased a fuel injection kit for my Scout II from Affordable Fuel Injection (For those of you interested in the kit, it looks like it’s now only available through IH Only North ). 500, 472, 425, 368 Discussion, 1981 TBI problems, toooo rich in Cadillac Engine Discussion; My deville is running so rich at idle that it leaves black on the lawn when it starts up fromthe This is the description of a Code 45 as set on GM products It is an indication of a rich mixture as indicated by the oxygen sensor readings. It is running really rich and getting way to much fuel. This is for the first 3-5 minutes after starting. do you have a tune on it? ThirdgenRS, Sep 20, 2006 #2. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. There should be a decent amount of fuel streaming out, if not, you have a pressure problem. 1990 chevy 350 tbi running very rich(gas running out of tail-pipes and seems to be misfiring. , etc. 7 liter engine in it. The carbon plugs and soot on transom lead me to believe its running rich, yet if your loosing ignition from something like a bad shift sensor, then that too would produce a false positive on running rich. Also the truck has the 5