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Tony stark x child reader tumblr





One moment, you were all happily chatting as Natasha was setting up the TV for annual movie night. Pairing: Peter Parker x Stark!reader, Tony Stark x daughter!reader. Her new mission is to kill Tony Stark. Civil war spoilers, slight. A/N: (I chose #4, cause it was funny) I wrote it as if Tony and Pepper were the reader’s parents. 2 (Tony Stark x Reader) Summary: Saying you and Tony Stark had a tumultuous relationship was the understatement of the century, but no one could discount the love you had shared and the Marvel Masterlist Main Masterlist Request Rules and Restrictions Logan Howlett Wolverine cub (father!Logan x teen!reader)(Gender unspecified) Charles Xavier The perfect child (father!Xavier x Tumblr’s deleting of the Pornbots has made me realize how few real followers I actually have i am thankful for the few who put up with my bs idk why i have any followers at all tumblr admin followers Earth’s Drunkest Heroes [Avengers x Reader] (Y/N) was currently at the club with her best friend, Nicole and the rest of the Avengers. This poor puppy deserves so much better but I love working with his PTSD and nightmares. A/N: Sorry this took so long!! Stuff has been crazy and I haven’t had time to sit down and write, hope this is worth it, love you all! Masterlist Series 1 year ago, ; 2,088 notes natasha romanoff x reader bucky barnes x reader wanda maximoff x reader maria hill x reader tony stark x reader clint barton x reader steve rodgers x reader pepper potts x reader natasha x reader x clint natasha x reader x diana natasha x reader x maria diana prince x reader scarlett johansson x reader gal gadot x reader Tony noticed your trance like state when he entered the room carrying a mug of hot cocoa, “Merry Christmas Mrs. and (F/n) was absolutely starving! The little girl of five had tried her best to ignore the pangs in her gut and the obnoxious growls of protest that her belly made. I know it isn’t much different that the goddamned office of yours but hey, you’re back out into the world. one day, you got arrested and your father whom you have never met came to bail you out. Warning: child abuse, death, attempted rape. Well until a certain iron man showed up. Summary- Tony’s goddaughter is the sole survivor of a horrible car wreck right before Christmas. Your teammates were extra nice towards you, from giving you gifts even though it wasn’t your birthday, to helping you out when you are struggling with your powers. I had an idea to put all the avengers in an university, X reader being the main character of course, your a student trying to juggle classes, flirtatious guys and your powers. Persona: Young daughter of Tony. There’s a little Reader x Sam pairing in here, but nothing too drastic. “Tony first off you didn’t ask me to come with you demanded! Iron Maiden - Tony Stark x Reader Series {Part One} {Credit to gif creator} So the idea of this series is that you are new with the Avengers and you become close to all of them, but no one is as close . Father (stark! daughter AU) part 1. Loki x Reader One-shot List. His hand clutching the door handle, his head pressed back into the headrest, eyes closed tightly, almost as tight as his chest felt. Post Break Up Kiss - The kiss that catches both of you off guard, but says I miss you, I’m sorry and please love me again all at once without any words being spoken. When she gets there pietro starts his flirting while Tony’s in the lab Pairing: Tony Stark x Daughter!reader, Pietro Maximoff x reader Summary: Tony tries to protect his innocent little girl from the speedy devil himself Cardboard boxes (Tony Stark x Child! Reader) Cardboard boxes (Tony Stark x Child! Reader) (Name) Stark loved to watch her father work. This is my submission for bionic-buckyb 5000 follower celebration!!!! I claimed the fake dating AU. Tony: “The Party is over for you guys, she’s my girlfriend so if you lay a finger on her again you will regret it. Mack X Reader. You swallowed every ounce of courage you had left and continued down the hallway, flinching when you heard the Captain’s door slam. Being invisible really was an awesome superpower. D before it was dissolved. #one shot #submission #captain america one shot #captain america #steve rogers #steve rogers one shot #ironman one shot #ironman #tony stark one shot #tony stark Imagine being asleep in the hospital, and waking up to see Bucky smiling in the bed next to you. Pairing: Steve x Reader. Plot summary: When Tony Stark finds out that he had a teenage daughter through a phone call, he was over the moon at the thought of being a father. Prompt: Reader’s dad is Tony and Step-Mom Pepper. WARNINGS: depression, mentions of self harm, mentions of suicide attempt, medications A/N: First time making something in this style, hope I did it right. This naturally ensued an argument and Steve agreeing just to shut Tony up after his constant threats and child like hissy fits. A/N: A little shorter than usual but it was so fun to write. Prompt by anonymus: Hi I have a request, a bucky x reader where reader is a computer engineer in the Stark Tower and works with her bffs Tony and Bruce (they call themselves the Science Squad). ” Tony being Tony, just shrugged it off. ( the feistiness makes tony love her more). In The Lab - Father!Stark X Child!Reader You stood on your tiptoes to enter the code, though it was at perfect height for an adult to use. Again requested months ago but I didn’t know how to write it until Spiderman came along. You sighed, swinging your body away from the counter and looking down at yo Tony Stark. Spying on you . Request: Tony x reader where reader is pretty young & is drugged in one of Tony’s parties, but Tony saves her before anything happens and it’s just fluff? Save Me (Tony Stark x Reader) Request: Tony x reader where shes in an abusive relationship & Tony sees the signs as she works with him & one day he saves her in time & comforts her & expresses his Tony Stark/Ironman Tony tries to help you when you’re ill - he’s generally quite a generous person but there is a limit when it comes to sickness. He didn’t even apologize. Bruce x Reader. That was the only word that could describe Tony’s day. “I’ll pay everything. Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader; Daddy!Tony Stark x Daughter! Reader. Summary: Tony learns that some things just shouldn’t be said out loud. — The beat of the music kept you entertained as you walked through the streets of Brooklyn. Your aunt Pepper was going to pick you up since you were going to be staying at the Stark Tower with his boyfriend Tony Stark. She tries to ignore and gets feisty against him but she does all that to hide she actually likes him. In turn, this will be tagged as “Sick!Reader” in the Avengers section of my masterlist. Word count: 1,892. Growing up in Tony Stark's, your father's, home had you familiar with technology. At first she isn’t really keen o Thor x Child Reader: Poptarts It was 11:00 in the morning; still much too early for lunch, but too late to be considered breakfast either . Home (Tony Stark!Adoptive Dad x Reader, Peter Parker x Reader) (Hey guys so I’m not really sure if I like how this turned out but it was requested so I’m gonna go ahead and post it anyways. You shared a loving kiss before pulling away, “When can we open the presents?”, Tony pouted like a child. Letting his younger sister learn to drive, under his supervision was…a grave miscalculation on his part. Santa Baby (Tony Stark x Reader) whotheeffisbucky: “A/N: I saw a post over at @buckysbackpackbuckle and couldn’t resist. Tony decided to make it a 1940s theme, ignoring protests from Steve and Bucky. He normally has a normal day wake up, get home schooled, fight crime, get home do random things and then sleep, but today is the not the same he has had no crime all day, until he got a call from Mr bossy pants as you and spidey would call him that he had to come in. Boring. Tony Stark was rich enough to evict you from your house for the simple reason that your clothes offended him. ” You groaned at your friend’s proposal. Your life was a pile of complication and messes, but that was the start of it all. . Warnings: None. Love & affection . A few months into the pregnancy, Tony is trying to keep up with her hormones and cravings. Exception - Tony Stark x Reader x Clint Barton “Pff yeah right, Barton, as if there is a single woman in this world that would choose you over me! And I mean come on I am Tony Stark!” Right There - Tony Stark x Reader Boring. Tony Stark looked at you several minutes before his lips curved into a smile. Tony Stark/Ironman Originally posted by romvnov Tony would have dropped whatever he was doing, and for a split second expected you to make a joke and say it was a prank, because you’d done it so many times before. Tony huffed and you saw Steve start to fast walk past you, angrily hitting shoulders with you. Today, you are his heir and the newest member of the Avengers. I had so much fun incorporating my OC here, Tony’s daughter a. Another Stark (7)~ Avengers x Child Reader. This could turn out really well or well badly. Previously on Another Stark “Okay then, but I’m really tired, can we go home?” (Y/N) asked with nonchalance as Clint looked on at them in surprise. Taking the mug from him, you grinned, “Happy Christmas Mr. You are the Recruit, previously of S. Summary: Tony and Pepper’s daughter, the reader, finds out that her childhood friend, Peter Parker, is the newest addition to the avengers. shadowhunters, howtotrainyourdragon, marvel “Tony Stark. Tony Stark x Reader @thevanishedillusion submitted: Car chase with Tony Stark? [[MORE]]“Hold on tight,” you shouted, stepping harder on the pedal. tony tony stark tony stark x reader tony stark imagine tony stark imagines avengers imagines avenger imagine avengers imagine avengers marvel imagine avengers x reader marvel imagines request winchester-and-proud liked this Peter Parker x Reader A/n: wow ok so this took actually forever! Thanks for being so patient with my procrastinating ass, I can’t wait to write more of this fluffy dork I really hope you guys like this! “I don’t like it, Pep. Tony Stark x Reader (Kinda) Thor x Reader. Pairing: Tony Stark x Male!Reader Summary: Tony is the only one that made sure you were okay, even if you weren’t Word Count: 622 Request: I might just ask you to write Tony Stark x Male Reader where the reader has depression but has been hiding it for all the time he has been part of the Avengers. 62. Tom Hiddleston x Reader One-Shot List. Request: Can you write some tony stark smut where the reader sees him flirting with a woman at a party but the reader likes Tony. Read Young At Heart (Tony Stark x Reader) from the story marvel imagines from tumblr by -gothxmcity (shania [hiatus]) with 592 reads. 1 year ago; #tony stark imagines; #tony stark oneshots; #tony stark x reader Peter Parker X Reader (With Avengers) Can you please do one where Peter Parker and y/n like each other a lot and it’s obvious and the whole one shot is just the avengers trying to get them together NSFW Headcanons: Tony Stark Requested By: @this-is-a-multifandom-blog Full List B = Body part (Their favourite body part of theirs and also their partner’s) • He likes his arms (I mean all that Tony Stark x reader - confession. Now your scholarship was over and you were on the plane, about to land in the JFK in New York. A Heart that Can’t Feel Masterlist Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader. - Tony Stark x Reader x awkward!Peter Parker Summary : Peter calls Tony and his wife (the reader) “dad” and “mom” by accident and…oh it’s awkward. You carefully made his coffee and picked up his donut in a napkin. Warnings; really bad, cringy (unedited) writing. “Seven Minutes in Heaven ~ Tony EXTENDED VERSION” – Avengers x Reader You cautiously slipped your hand into the bag and fumbled with a few items, some soft and warm, others rock hard and freezing cold… Ugly Sweater. As it turns out, the two of you need each other and can’t function without peace of mind. Tony!Stark x Daughter!Reader Proof Reader + Editing Credit: @heyitskatrina AN: So this is like sort of following the plot of Iron Man 3 while being completely AU at the same time. ” tony stark tony stark x reader tony stark imagine tony stark oneshot Iron Man iron man imagines iron man imagine marvel Very soon Tony Stark would be proposing to the love of his life. Personal Assistant [Tony Stark x Reader] This was semi-requested by @suddenlysmittenxwrites. Screw You - Doctor Strange x Reader [SMUT] Title: Screw You - Doctor Strange x Reader [Smut] Pairing: Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange) x reader Characters: Reader, Stephen Strange and Tony Stark (There is no one better to interrupt smut) #tony stark x reader #tony stark x male reader #tony stark x m!reader #tony stark x male!reader #tony stark imagine #avengers imagine #avengers x reader well. Tony Stark, Darwin, & Hank McCoy: Originally posted by gifsfortheusing Summary: Reader is dared to get a piercing and Tony is not happy when he finds out. Various requests I’ve done. A Kid from Queens (Peter Parker x Stark!Reader) Title: A Kid from Queens. -Just slight angst with fluff, I guess. After joining the avengers it starts up again so the reader starts to paint their skin to try and over come it. One Year - Steve Rogers x Reader. Baby - Bucky x Reader. This was actually really fun to write. She hates everything to do with the Avengers, but a certain brown-eyed boy might change her mind. Years have past and she became one of the best assassins. ” rogers imagine steve rogers x reader tony stark Home. He walked towards the living room looking for someone. Because to her, they were her beloved family and she loved them to pieces. What I’m Working On Tony Stark: Jealousy Y/N’s POV “Look Y/N I need you to come with. Tony was simply in his lad in the tower listening Read Avengers x Daughter!reader from the story Avengers x Reader by Croozer99 (Tori-Lynn) with 8,724 reads. Bruce Banner, on the other hand, was starting to get cross, with how close you were both growing. Drabble Friday: the reader use to suffer from depression and self harm. Daddy’s New Date (Tony Stark x Reader!daughter) This fic was suposed to be out 3 days ago, I explained here why I’m posting today. I didn’t see why not, so I really hope y’all like it. She was chatting with Bucky because she might or might not have a crush on the brunet. Inspiration: Avengers: Age of Ultron Sneak Peek (2015) The Avengers all laid or were seated either down or on some couch. She liked to see him tinker with all the bits of metal and see him mould them together. A Heart that Can’t Feel Masterlist Summary: Y/N is Tony Stark’s long-lost daughter, at her young age she was trained to be an assassin. Finally. Danver is coming marvel avengers captain america steve rogers iron man tony stark captain marvel carol danvers avengers 4 avengers endgame avengers x reader peter x reader bucky barnes black panther bucky x reader peter parker Alternative ending Thor x Reader. Fury brings her to Tony after the civil war. Heartache- Tony Stark X Reader a/n: Once the child was safely with Captain America, he evacuated the child, leaving you to fight the scientists slash assassins. " This blog is dedicated to the DC Comics Universe and all of its characters in Reader-Inserts. Oh and there’s like one curse word. Summary- Running into somebody who is either an alpha or an omega is incredibly rare, over the last 150 years the birthrates of a/o’s has dropped dramatically. Tony Stark enlists his daughter to find the web slinging spider in Queens. More Fluff is on the way. Word Count:1963. A Heart that Can’t Feel Masterlist Pray •Part 3• (Tony Stark x Reader)A/N: Spoilers for Infinity War!! Also, I did the best with what I had, so if some stuff is wrong or in the wrong order, please just go with it haha “I’m trying to Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader Warnings: angst, swearing, mild sexual content, death, drunk driver accident (to me it’s actually not that sad it like oh ok) Summary: this was the last time you could deal with it, but would it cost your life? Baby Barnes - Bucky Barnes x Reader. The rest followed after with the greetings. Language: I’m Sorry - Tony Stark x Reader. k. Tragic Fate Pt. Tony Stark realised that he had made a grave mistake in that very moment. -None, just fluff. A Heart that Can’t Feel Masterlist Avengers x Reader It was awfully quiet in the living room of Stark Tower. Civil Daughter (Steve Rogers x Tony Stark’s Daughter) Fandom: Marvel Character/Ship: Steve Rogers x Tony’s Daughter/Reader Warning: Fight with Tony, mention of smut (no detail, in a comedy way), Read Tony Stark x reader (SMUT) from the story The world of fandoms by AlyceWinchester (Alyce Winchester) with 5,105 reads. The reader is 5 and doesn’t speak due to the trauma she has faced in her life. Imagine being multi-lingual and it driving Tony nuts…. The imagine was: Imagine gettin drunk with steve and bucky (steve can't really get get drunk so it's more you and bucky) Like an bucky x reader with fluff and Smut an whatever you want :) and steve would be like 0: "Finally they found Out THAT they are Crazy about each other" It would be amazing Great awsome EVERYTHING! Pairing: Peter Parker x Stark!reader, Tony Stark x daughter!reader Summary: Steve is the only person Tony knows to call when another super soldier breaks into the tower. Boring and depressing. Tony finds a way to wake her up from a coma. The Avengers Imagine an adult not a child which causes Tony to roll his eyes and quips “we know that. some are professors some of college students, i changed the ages the highest age for students will prolly be 28, most classes are based around sharpening there powers Tony Stark had a talent for throwing grand parties for no reason, and tonight was the perfect night for one. Proof Reader + Editing Credit: @heyitskatrina AN: So this is like sort of following the plot of Iron Man 3 while being completely AU at the same time. Summary: What would Tony Stark’s daughter’s first date be without being stalked by the team? Warnings: All the fluff. I Just Recited Shakespeare! - Young!Tony Stark x Reader Tony goes to the library one day and he finds something that is quite interesting. Series: Summary: Reader and Kylo were best friends before they decided to date and finally they got married. Tony!Stark x Daughter!Reader. Your powers keep you separate from the team in more You demanded. He sighed and put hi hand inside his pocket, handing you his wallet. The Avengers were either watching television, reading, or getting drunk(in Tony’s case). Originally posted by dailytonystarkgifs. First Burn (Tony Stark x Reader) Requested by @mariekoukie6661: I’m currently obsessed with the song “first burn” from Hamilton and was wondering if you could do something with Steve x Reader (or any other avenger, I’m not picky) with that song in mind (because I’m obsessed with that song) Summary: Y/N is Tony Stark’s long-lost daughter, at her young age she was trained to be an assassin. Dad. Summary- The reader was made from Tony’s DNA (and an unknown inhuman). 'Oh. fanfiction, hawkeye, chri #iron man #tony stark #x reader #tony stark x reader #one shot #song fic #Avengers schischi liked this bombshellbella liked this Tony x Niece Reader Chapter 1 Most people would say that being Tony Stark's niece is pretty hard but, it really isn't. Princess Avengers, Assemble! Hands off of her Stark Sure, your training from the one and only avengers gave you an advantage, but that didn’t mean that it wasn’t scary. A/N: Sorry this took so long!! Stuff has been crazy and I haven’t had time to sit down and write, hope this is worth it, love you all! Masterlist Series WARNINGS: UNWANTED ADVANCES, PRORECTIVE THESEUS Request: @barikawho Can you do a Theseus Scamander imagine that the reader is an auror and works with theasus as an assistant (inferior to him) and they both like eachother and one day he gets protective or jealous and in the end they admit their feelings. Completed Requests List. Anime, superheroes, books, movies, TV shows, and more! These are some reader inserts that I have written. Like Father, Like Daughter [Tony Stark x Reader] I love Tony Stark, he’s been through a lot and he needs to be respected and loved. Character: Tony Stark. Just a silly little story. you’ve been warned. Tony Stark x Daughter!Reader, Steve Rogers x Reader(platonic) Request: Hi! Can you please write an imagine where the reader is Tony’s daughter but he finds out around the same time he finds Peter. The only tough job is to get Tony to notice me more. Condiment Games (Reader X Avengers)As usual, it was Tony's fault. Loki x reader, Tony Stark x Reader, and Tom Hiddleston x Reader (soon). (requests open) Another Stark (Avengers x Child Reader) @shortishblogger asked if I could continue this. E. Summary: 10 years ago, you and Tony Stark met and he adopted you. AN - I needed to write some Angst. Day 3 of Pride Month (because I’m a shit person who started late) Peter Parker (Tom holland) x Male!Reader As far as the rest of the world knew, Tony Stark was nothing but a billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist. Tony and Pepper come to visit and get emotional. Tony Stark x Steve Rogers. He wasn’t even nervous at the possibility of you saying no. He’ll give you a pat on the head and make you some tea but that’s his general threshold. I just used google translate, so sorry if it’s weird. All of those reasons had made Captain America take Tony Stark up on his party invitation and go along with all the other members of the team on one more party organised by the one and only Tony Stark. A Heart that Can’t Feel Masterlist Pairings: Bucky x Reader, bestfriend!Tony x bestfriend!Bruce x Reader. Summary: Y/N is Tony Stark’s long-lost daughter, at her young age she was trained to be an assassin. Tony landed in front of Thanos in a crouched position. Now go before I change my mind” You jumped and laughed in happiness before hugging the man and disappearing up the stairs. Ice Cream [Tony Stark x Reader] Author’s Note: Again, like my Peter Parker imagine from the other day, I wrote this a very long time ago but I just thought it was quite cute and wanted to share. Sorry it’s late <3 Prompt: Reader is married to Tony and tells him they will be having a child. Thanks of course to you. Thor x Reader. Hope this is close to what you were wanting. Another Stark (Avengers x Child Reader)Another Stark (Avengers x Child Reader) From the moment the Steve Rogers came to live at Stark Tower, he always seemed to have this feeling that he was being watched. A/N: I used Romanian for Pietro’s language. You sighed, swinging your body away from the counter and looking down at yo One Moment (Tony Stark X Reader) Summary: “It was all happening far too fast. Throwing back the covers, you sank into your side of the bed and sighed as Tony dipped into the mattress on his side, pulling you against his body and resting his face in the space between your shoulder blades. Needs some help with some paperwork. This is a Secondary Blog to "Our Dreams Realized. Friday, I’m in Love (Tony Stark x reader) Characters: reader, Tony, Steve, Clint, Sam, Natasha, FRIDAY. Word count: 2019. ” “Stark. His hands are wandering dangerously low don’t you think?” From behind the pillar Tony Stark the genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, as he preferred to address himself, was not so casually spying on his daughter. Summary: you learn that one of your favorite customers is in the underground mafia. Clint Barton x Daughter!Reader. Info: CA: Civil War Era. But what he came face to face with was just… well unexpected. My dear child, "My dad is Tony Stark Cardboard boxes (Tony Stark x Child! Reader) Cardboard boxes (Tony Stark x Child! Reader) (Name) Stark loved to watch her father work. Tony Stark x Daughter! Reader - You’re Grounded (Request) - lost-girl-of-onceuponatime: “can I request a one shot where the reader is Tony’s daughter and treating everything like a joke when everyone’s lives are in danger, so Steve tells Tony to give you some disciple and start acting like a father rather than a friend :) Thank You” Prompt: Reader is Tony Stark’s daughter. He attacked the mercenaries without a plan, just blasting here and there, like a party with fireworks. You are an orphan cast out on the street. They are also on my Deviantart, A03, and Tumblr so I didn't steal them, don't worry! When Tony met you, you were nothing but a child who was living on the streets your dirty cloths proved that and for some reason he just had the feeling that taking you in under his wing would be a good thing. Word: 1391 Estimated reading time: 7 minutes Pairing: Bucky x F!Reader Request: Hey, I like your blog and I wanted to you know if you could write a Bucky x reader where they are in a relationship with an age-gap between them and the reader gets pregnant. Tony is hanging out with his team in the tower when he gets a phone call from Pepper alerting him that his daughter is finally back home and wishes to see her You were Tony and Pepper's daughter, they ended up have a <i> 'drunk night' </i> as they called and you were born nine months after, You have Tony's brown eyes and (H/C) hair. im not dead, i swear. So she gets jealous and possessive, walks to him and asks him to follow her to the balcony. You all sat in either the couches and arm chairs. Hi, can you do a tony stark x reader where she’s been his assistant for a long time and over the time he flirts with her. Tony Stark x Reader- Blame. Growing us as a close and personal friend had offered you more. avengers. “Seven Minutes in Heaven ~ Tony” – Avengers x Reader You cautiously slipped your hand into the bag and fumbled with a few items, some soft and warm, others rock hard and freezing cold… Why were there so many items? When you and Tony arrived, you had reminded him, “don’t get cocky, Stark. Things get heated one day, though, and perhaps your playful banter has gone too far. H. Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings; tony stark x reader; Tony Stark; Summary. Tony takes custody of her and she moves into the tower. Tony Stark X Reader. Business Partners- Your business partner invites himself to your sister’s wedding. A daughter of Thanos. Your com was filled with angry yells between the members, Clint wondering why there were actual Hydra agents here at ‘the abandoned warehouse, Natasha telling him to shut the hell up and Tony’s loud grunts. a. ” @ask-the-hawk-archer Tony x Reader A/N: Written for my own Mafia Challenge . A Promise (Tony Stark x reader) 10 Days – 10 Stories: Day 9 – Tony Stark Summary: You have broken up with Tony a while ago but suddenly, he’s sitting in front of your apartment and wants you back. Warning: angst, character death, Natasha makes a cameo. Warnings: Hints to smut. Axel x Reader - Simple Tattoo. Avengers x reader stories and possibly one-shots for you all to enjoy. Word Count: 478. You quickly followed from behind. Growing up in Wakanda had offered you a lot of opportunities. Stark”, he smirked dropping down next to you. Wait, are you jealous? Uh, what just happened? That time of the month . A few swears, I think. Iron-" "Call me Tony" he growled into my ear, this made me blush and shiver. My name's Kalea and I like writing imagines! Hope you enjoy! REQUESTS: OPEN Before He Cheats (Reader x Tony, slight Pietro x Reader) Warnings: Ummm… unfaithful boyfriend and some smashing of cars and stuff, I guess. Tony Stark x Daughter! Reader - Training Required Tony Stark x Daughter!Reader - Training Required (Request): “The avengers imagine: Having a father daughter relationship with tony and getting “If I had a child I would keep it as far away from Tony Stark as possible. Various Loki and reader one-shots. They decide to give the child the middle name Stark. WARNINGS- blood, reader injured by Tony, angst, yelling. Drabble Friday: So here is a fluff drabble friday request: One where Tony is chilling on a stormy night with his little kid, the reader, who gets scared of a sudden loud crack of Thunder and so to comfort them he creats an elaborate story about the sound. You get what you want since he’s a Tony Stark x Reader Summary/ Request- can I request an avengers (your preference)x reader where the reader thinks she’s sterile so she goes on a mission with what she thinks is the some normal illness only to find out she’s pregnant when she’s in medical for some injuries (your preference on how severe) after she gets back. Warnings: Mentions of depression and self harm. All well dressed, enjoying some relaxation time. Summary: (Y/N) Stark gets the bright idea of giving everyone a ton of kisses for her fourth favorite day of the year. After a few years they got a child, but the reader has had enough of him not being home anymore and after a few arguments she files for divorce. Âme sœur (Tony Stark x Reader) Prompt: “where they have a tattoo on their wrist of something that represents the other? And then the reader doesn’t walk around, like Tony does, with her wrist showing, so he kind of already likes her and tries to figure out if maybe his tattoo symbolizes her” (requested) Being the youngest of the avengers was both a blessing and a curse. Tony Stark Imagine Tony Stark x plus size reader . Even the notorious Loki was in the room with the team. Idiot (Peter Parker x Sister!Reader) (CACW) Peter Parker x Sister!Reader could you do a one-shot with Peter Parker, where you’re his fraternal/dizygotic twin, and when Tony comes to visit him, you’re Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader, Steve Rogers x Reader. “This lifestyle isn’t for the faint of heart, darling. Tony just knew that you would say yes and the thought of seeing that ring on your finger absolutely thrilled Tony. So lets just pretend that the team are still all together and Peter didnt throw away the offer… As I upload the rest, I will link them to this post. tony i love u and dont worry Ms. Anonymous requested this (I lost the original message) : 1. This is part of some sort of a serie I write, where the reader is afraid to say she’s pregnant to her s/o basically. My Favorite Uncle - Bruce Banner x Child Reader Request: Could please do a story where the Hulk gets convinced to be turned back into Bruce Banner by a young reader who isn’t afraid of him and people Tony x Reader. Being the wife of a rich and important person, one day a bunch of criminals thought it might be a great idea to kidnap you and demand a nice amount of money for you. Requested by @tiyetiye “Tony?” You called, hoping to find him so you could meet the rest of the Avengers before they got to their fight. 1 (Tony Stark x Reader) Summary: Saying you and Tony Stark had a tumultuous relationship was the understatement of the Century, but no one can discount the love you shared and the good #tony stark #tony stark x male!reader #x male reader #avenger imagines kneazlesgetitdone liked this slow-dance-on-the-bed liked this Intruder (Avengers x Reader) (So there’s only two Avengers in this imagine, and that is Steve Rogers and Tony Stark) Requested: Yes ! (Hello honey could you write a Avengers imagine ? the reader (she Tony Stark/Ironman Tony tries to help you when you’re ill - he’s generally quite a generous person but there is a limit when it comes to sickness. You were hurrying down the hall when you saw him in person for the first time. Now you are someone to be feared. Originally posted by love-loki-laufeyson “Come on, Tony. ” God, was he wrong. Various Tom Hiddleston and reader one-shots. (Peter Parker X Fem!Reader) (Y/N) has been working on her own as a vigilante hero for as long as she can remember, going by the code name Pulse. Reader is married to Steve and she has just given birth. A Heart that Can’t Feel Masterlist (Me:Little reader-kun is alll grown up!) When we got to the room, it was like a bedroom but then again it didnt really looke like a bedroom, suddenly i was pushed against the wall with great force, i yelped and saw Iron Man pinning me to the wall. I slickly went past the guards in avengers tower. Originally posted by v-writings. Masterlist! Recruit!Reader (Reader x Various) (Season 1)“After the events of Age of Ultron, before Civil War. Today was movie night, a tradition you all did after tough battles. Protective Stark Tony Stark x Reader Originally posted by sam-kaulitz I love writting, and I love writting in english even when I am not a native english speaker, so I thought I would give it a go here. Content/Warnings: Fluff, humor. Ow that hurt! Clint x Reader. “You throw another move at me,” Tony stood up to show his dominance as you landed, not as dramatic, behind him, “and I’m gonna lose it. #marvel #infinity war #steve rogers x reader #tony stark x reader #bucky barnes x reader #peter parker x reader #steve x reader x bucky #sebastian stan x reader #chris evans x reader #tom holland x reader irondad tony stark x reader Dad!tony tony stark texts texts with tony stark tony stark imagine iron man imagine tony stark tony stark has a heart marvel imagine tony stark x stark!reader dad!tony x stark!reader the avengers avenger tower avengers tower tony stark being adorable avengers imagine avengers text messages SERIES Tony Stark x Short!Reader AU Who is in Control. I. The Summer Soldier (part 6) Pairing: eventual Peter Parker x Stark!reader, Tony Stark x daughter!reader Summary: Finally catching Rumlow may be a good thing, but its result isn’t. Thank you for helping out with this! This is a little short but I really like how it turned out. But Tony finds out she can control machines. 3rd person (M/N) is a simple 21 year old who has a secret, he is (S/H/N). Words: 2. This is all your fault! Someone get her out of here. Tony Stark x Daughter! Reader. Don’t Leave (Steve x Hacker!Reader) Request: Could you write me a Steve Rogers/reader one where you’re new to the team because they needed you for your super human tech skill (hacking foreign governments or w/e) and you’re kinda snarky and hard to get to know but hit it off real well with Tony because you have so much in common, and the mission you’re all on is getting to Steve so he Park Adventures (Avengers x Reader) @marvelfanfichq. Few people knew you were Stark’s daughter as all that was known to the public was that he had one, but he no longer had custody of this child thanks to xyz accusations, which you believed. Warnings: Umm Tony being an ass. "Ultron reads a Tumblr post from a woman reader who expresses how she wants to kiss a robot, so he stops by her apartment to fulfill her wish. “You’re just 23…” Tony Stark x Reader. Read Tony Stark X Child reader from the story Avenger Preferences by Fcshnufc46744 (Alphawolf) with 102 reads. Avengers Masterlist Full Team -x- Self harm TW Tony is a child-xx- Contest entry Unspecified gender reader (Also listed under Tony Stark) -xxxx Badass - Avengers x Reader. Tony did his signature smile and took your hand firmly – he even winked at you. ” Tony says sitting on his bed with the outfit he bought me for tonight. Some festive themed Tony smut. All I want is a Hug- You are an inhuman who has been collected by Shield. Persona: Female. Paring: Tony Stark x Neutral!Reader. Summary: Your life couldn’t get much more entertaining it was boring and nothing exciting happened. Avengers And X-men Reacting To Jump Scares. This is a really cute request the anon who sent this is adorable! A Kiss ~ Avengers x Child Reader. L. Reader gets talked into going to her school reunion but it’s not as bad as she thought it’d be. Tony shot a piece of his armor to prevent Thanos from closing his fist and immediately charged at him. Tony Stark. Avengers x Reader. A/N: So after a super long break (it’s been like 1 ½ months oops) I’m finally back with some fic for you guys, so I hope you enjoy! It’s from the last round of requests that I have, so the requested phrase has been bolded! Right There - Tony Stark x Reader Boring. Tony Stark x Daughter!Reader Word count: 3,847 Warning: None, just fluff — Being Tony Stark’s daughter has its perks but also has some consequences to them. Stark”. Day 1 -Ugly Christmas Sweaters x Tony Stark “You sure I have wear this?” Tony sighed, looking in the mirror at his sweater, it wasn’t itchy of anything like that, it was just the sweater, it was just hideous. ” Pietro spoke up, his arms folded. Seeing as you were one of the smartest, residing in the Tower, and this was Tony Stark, you couldn’t refuse. You could see where he is coming from, Tony isn’t exactly good role model material. Summary: After months and months of fighting, you finally made the decision to leave the Barton household. Reader's POV. Iron Maiden. I wrote this in less than 30 minutes, and I think it’s pretty shit Pairings: Tony Stark X Reader. Originally posted by pepper-badass-in-heels. Tony held himself as best as he could, clinging to Everett Ross x reader x Tony Stark For @martinfreemanisababe. Pairing: Peter Parker x Stark!Reader. Drinking and having some leisure time. After her entire family gets murdered, the reader gets taken in by Tony Stark. this post has been long overdue. Bailing Out (mini series masterlist) PAIRING: TONY STARK X DAUGHTER!READER. Request: Hi! I’d like to request a tony stark imagine where the reader Gets in a heated argument with tony and he yells and says something extremely rude and you Family Meetings (Tony Stark!Dad x Reader) Request: Hiya!Can I have a request where the reader is about 18-19 years old, and her mom married Tony when she was 16 and she’s really close to him bc she’s never had a fatherly influence before and he’s really protective over her bc hes determined to be the best fatherly influence to her. - Sebastian Stan x Reader You get a question about your kissing scene with Sebastian. You had spent the last year studying in Madrid to improve your Spanish. You had proposed it and he had decided to try Tony Stark, jealous? One little slip up . 6k. Tony had recently asked you down to the Workshop, to help him work on his suits. But what if none other than Steve finds out that Tony was hiding one more thing about himself. Pairing: Peter Parker x Stark!reader, Tony Stark x daughter!reader Summary: Steve is the only person Tony knows to call when another super soldier breaks into the tower. I'm doing Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Peter Parker, Clint Barton, Bruce Banner, Thor Odinson, and Bucky Barnes. Peter Parker x Reader and Tony Stark x God Daughter!Reader. Words: 332. After Tony finds you and shows Fury your powers, you join the Famous group known as the avengers. You can't escape, you can't choose your life, and you can't live. Pairing: Tony Stark x F!Reader. You woke up to a sharp pain in your thigh “ow” you lifted the covers and saw Tony’s hand digging into the skin “Tony” you tried to shake up awake but his grip got stronger until you saw blood dripping down your leg “Tony!” Tags. Read Tony Stark from the story X Baby & Child Reader Imagine by shy_blue_blossom (Blue Blossom) with 1,891 reads. You always knew this would happen. i feel bad for not posting but school has been a pain in the ass lately, i might get something out sunday but it depends. Doctor Expert on Child Development (Bruce x Pregnant! Reader) Looking down at the filaments in your microscope, you were suddenly startled by a kick coming from your swollen abdomen. Request: oh pls can you write abt Tony Stark coming back home earlier, like a few days, he arrives at night and his gf is sleeping in their bed and he finds out that she sleeps naked when he isn’t there. . Summary: Tony Stark is a talented verbal sparring partner and so are you, making life interesting as an Avenger. He’s practically employed Pietro to run around for you (Pietro is her best friend so he is happy to do so). And so, we begin: Steve Rogers (Captain America) Bucky Barnes (The Winter Soldier) Tony Stark (Iron Man) Loki Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver) Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow) Bruce Banner (The Hulk) Thor Characters: Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Thor, Bruce Banner, Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton. Summary : Reader is pregnant with Bucky’s child, and she’s scared shitless of telling him. I promise you the others will be better, I just wanted to post something. STAR WARS . Natasha x Reader. NSFW Headcanons: Tony Stark Requested By: @this-is-a-multifandom-blog Full List B = Body part (Their favourite body part of theirs and also their partner’s) • He likes his arms (I mean all that Summary: Y/N is Tony Stark’s long-lost daughter, at her young age she was trained to be an assassin. From the moment the Steve Rogers came to live at Stark Tower, he always seemed to have this feeling that he was being watched. summary: you’ve lived with your aunt and her family after your mother died. “I love you. ” He was already out cold. Merkel x Reader - The risk. How Tony Stark would react to having a child who suffers from depression. - Tony Stark x Reader Tony Stark was in his lab working on a new piece that he was about to incorporate on his suit. Pairings: Bucky x Reader, bestfriend!Tony x bestfriend!Bruce x Reader. How I Wish - Steve Rogers x Reader How I Wish - (Steve Rogers x Reader) Words - 1637 Warnings - Angst. Deep down in you, you just did. He told you, “We’ve done it so many times, I could do it blind. Bruce Banner & Charles Xavier: Originally posted by alyssa-d. What a way to pop the Stark-writing cherry, Peter Parker x Male! Reader. You'd wanted to try levitating to the top but decided against it because you did have the full hang of your powers. To say that young (Y/N) Stark liked the Avengers was the understatement of the century. "Mr. Your eyes opened wider and you took it, frowning. " Tony Stark/Reader Summary: Y/N is Tony Stark’s long-lost daughter, at her young age she was trained to be an assassin. Oh,' you thought in your head. buckybarnes, sherlock, doctorwho. This is basically just little stories of everyday life as a superhero living in Stark Tower. Jealous (Tony Stark x Reader) Summary; Tony thinks Y/N is cute when she’s jealous. (Loki x Reader) You had met Loki when you were a child, but that was long ago. Red Room
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