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organic-cleaning-for-your-homeToday’s environmentally conscious families not only want a clean home – they also want to use cleaning products that are safe for their family and the earth. Although you may wonder if organic cleaning product really get the job done – we have provided a list of some of the best cleaners on the market. When you hire domestic cleaning services make sure you ask if they use environmentally friendly products.

Dish Washing Detergent that Works

No one wants to eat on dirty dishes. People also may not want to eat on dishes cleaned with toxic chemical cleaners. To find the best of both worlds provide your house cleaner with one of the following detergents.

  • Planet Ultra Dishwashing Liquid – cleans dried on grease and food particles
  • Seventh Generation Natural Dish Liquid – hypoallergenic and dye free
  • Honest Dish Soap – no streaking, spotting or residue

When cleaning the machine itself, make sure you do it right.

Organic All Purpose Cleaners

Cleaning up the daily grime that accumulates during the week will make your home look and smell fresh and airy. When your domestic cleaning services come to clean your house make sure they are using one of the following all purpose cleaners.

  • Sun and Earth All Purpose – works great on countertops
  • Green Works Natural All Purpose Cleaner – disinfects and budget friendly
  • Simple Green All Purpose Cleaner – use on heavy jobs or dilute for light cleaning

Environmentally Friendly Bathroom Products

The bathroom is the one place in your home where it is important to disinfect while using products that are safe for your family. If you want your house cleaner to use safe products make sure you have these on hand.

  • Green Shield Organic Bathroom Cleaner – fresh citrus scent
  • Earth Friendly Products Shower Cleaner – scrub mold and mildew
  • Seventh Generation Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner – no toxic fumes and biodegradable

Safe Floor Cleaners

Your domestic cleaning services should scrub your floor at least every other week. Floors see a lot of traffic so finding a toxic free cleanser is important especially if you have kids and animals. Check out these great floor cleaners.

  • Attitude Floor Surfaces Tiles and Wood Cleaner – gentle formula zaps bacteria
  • Aussan Natural Floor Cleaning Concentrate – concentrated formula leaves no residue
  • Better Life Simply Floored! – gentle cleaner with citrus mint scent

Living in a clean toxic free home provides the perfect environment for you and your family. Knowing you are doing your part to preserve the environment should put a smile on your face. This post was provided by Ayasan Service, a leading professional Human Resource Company, specializing maid, nanny, driver industries. Our service is operated in Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

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