New Equipment for Future Organic Farmers


With the demand for organic produce growing at an unprecedented rate, it’s becoming necessary to develop farm machinery that can promote healthy growth and effective weed control. The elimination of chemicals for killing weeds and fertilizing crops has created a need for faster and more effective farm equipment.

In response to the demand, the necessary organic farming equipment is being developed and produced by an increasing number of farm machinery manufacturers, and including systems that have the ability to identify and eliminate weeds within the plant rows as well as between rows.



Most seeders can be readily added to your inventory of organic farming equipment. The popular Jang seeders are easily adjustable to singulate and provide the necessary spacing of seeds. Changeable attachments will accommodate different seed sizes and planting depth. Depending on the model, these seeders can be pushed or pulled manually, or hitched, with the necessary attachment, to a motorized farm vehicle.

Organic Farming Equipment for Weed Control: Tined Weeders

If simplicity is your goal, tined weeders will remove most weeds from your crop. In addition to weeding, multi-purse tined weeders with comb harrows can be used in preparing seedbeds. They will also break up and aerate the soil to allow better circulation of water and air in the soil. When used at higher speeds, this machine can effectively remove dead thatch and large rooted weeds.



Developed by Garford Farm Machinery in the UK, Robocrop moves farm equipment into new levels of technology. Video cameras, identifying weeds by determining their size and shape, allow Robocrop to weed crops more accurately by automatically adjusting the directions of the hoes. And it is able to navigate row crops, including narrow rows and multi-line rows. Speeds up to 7 mph are possible – even higher in some cases.

Robocrop InRow Weeder

More modern technology is available in Robocrop InRow. Using special software to identify and target weeds, Robocrop InRow can remove weeds from within the rows as well as from between them. With crops that are regularly spaced like lettuce and cabbage, Robocrop will also perform accurately if the plants are clearly separated. Up to three plant spacings a second are possible, and machine sizes are available for up to 18 rows. Hoes can be rear or front mounted. The machine can be guided by the driver, by a second person, or by a video guidance system.


Organic Farming Equipment for Spreading Manure

When spraying of chemical fertilizers is eschewed by organic farmers, it becomes necessary to utilize alternate fertilizing methods. Manure spreader manufacturers are making every effort to provide machines that improve the way that manure is processed. One of the leading companies involved in this endeavor is Richard Western, Ltd. New machines developed by this company are designed to finely shred the fibrous manure, ensuring the soil’s organic content and making sure that no clusters of straw or lumps of manure remain. This process aids in spreading the manure thoroughly and evenly.


A quick Internet search provides a wealth of information about farming and the tools and equipment needed. The only problem is in deciding how expensively and how deeply the farmer wishes to delve into organic agriculture. From simple to advanced, the equipment is readily available.

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