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Another record label deserving of kudos is the Mexico City based Urtext label. I have a violin with the label "Giovan paolo Maggini brescia 16 "Following the 16 is 99 but in a different writing style. A dedicated craftsman, he was formerly credited with having developed the violin in the shape we now know it. A vintage German violin in case. Jean-François Aldric was third in a line of Mirecourt violin makers, but moved to Paris in 1785, where he worked for the next six decades in various locations. A label like the following: "Antonius Stradivarius Cremonensis / Faciebat Anno 1721 / Made in Bohemia" is a joke rather a fake, considering that Stradivari never learned English. Roth's personal written signature across the label. Choose your own personalized rolled address labels , designer address labels , premiere sheeted address labels , holiday labels , as well as custom address stamps , self-inking stamps , personalized pencils , pet products , and personalized Martino Raggi, Guarneri del Gesu copy, 2009; Ernst Heinrich Roth, 1936 & 1961; Ernst Heinrich Roth, 1718 Strad Copy, 1963; Francois Salzard; Alban O. There are probably tens of thousands of instruments with Strad labels – the makers didn’t always intend to deceive – they were just making “replicas” of Stradivari’s instruments. Violin labeled Caspar da Salo in Brescia 1551. G. Fake Giovanni violin? My friend gave me a violin a couple years ago for my b-day. Incorrect labels have been inserted in violins for centuries, and it still happens today. Never blindly accept that a label is genuine. 'This violin has been passed down by my grandfather,' said the owner. But in order to get his money back from PayPal Erica claims the buyer had to destroy the violin and send a photo as proof. Hill & Sons in 1939, sold to the London firm of Hart & Son in 1940, then sold by J. Here we examine 10 of the luthiers with their most famous violin labels. Literature: The More Keep cool. Is it likely to be a fake? On the other hand, even if your violin is not a genuine Guarnerius, which would be very valuable, it may still be a violin of considerable worth. All entries contain a fake book style presentation with melody line and harmony sketched in above it in chord labels. All of these labels would pass a cursory inspection but a closer look reveals the forgery. Labels such as "Antonius Stradivarius Cremonensis Faciebat Anno17" , followed or not by circles with crosses, initials or Recently, however, the confusion generated by the false labels has led to commercial gain for scheming crooks. It's almost certainly a fake. Violin by Jacob Fendt |Photos This rare violin was made by Jacob Fendt (1815-1849) in London in 1842. This image is a detail from a faker’s sheet of labels. Provenance: it was acquired by W. Beginning in 1957, the words “copy of” were added to labels on some of these violins. Nowadays, no violin expert would judge the value of a violin by itslabel. Get a crappy violin, sand it down, leave it outside, dent it, put a fake label in it, act all excited when you auction it off: “I don’t know nothin about no violins. There have also beencases of old-time violin makers who would put the names of othercontemporary makers on their own This Stradivarius violin that was stolen in late January from the concertmaster of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra appears to have been recovered. It also looked (and smelled) very old, was slightly smaller than the typical full-size violin, and for a particularly gullible person with little musical experience, it might pass as a real Stradivarius. In Korea People sell fake violin with my label. In this case, the label claims that the instrument is a mid-quality brand, and not too old. Discography Open (2014), Lauren King (2015) Early to mid eighteenth century German or Czech made Stradivarius copy. Each instrument of this level took about a half-year to complete, and bears the E. Antonio Stradivari. There are many fake labels, forgeries, labels removed from broken violins and inserted to guitars, and 5-course instruments which were altered to 6-string. If the label contains the words "made in" followed by a country, the violin is not an authentic Stradivarius. The "Stradivarius" label often has a tiny copie de above the word Stradivarius, which means a copy of a Stradivarius, or an instrument built on that model. He can vary one particular violin model to meet your preference of tone. The label identifies this instrument as a replica. To purchase an extra part(s), enter the number in Extra Parts column. She is best known as the violinist in The Wonder Stuff, one-half of acoustic duo Miles Hunt & Erica Nockalls, and as a live fiddle player for The Proclaimers. This is what most people would mean by “fake”. This label indicates the maker, Antonio Stradivari; the town where the violin was made, Cremona, Italy; and the Latin for "made in the year," finished with a printed or handwritten date. 323, bearing the maker's label, branded internally and at lower rib H. Memoriam "Silent Revolution" fue Producido por el músico y productor mexicano Alex Otaola (Santa Sabina, San Pascualito Rey, La Cuca). These names of celebrated violin makers, like others equally well known, have often been pasted inside bogus master instruments -- mass-produced violins of widely varied quality. Often times, these are crudely made student instruments that wouldn’t sell, so shops and dealers would label an instrument to suggest quality. Sebastien - 1875 to 1905 - France, Mirecourt - Lesser quality commercial bows made by Charles Nicolas Bazin. 332817155040 OLD STRAD LABEL Violin for Luthier Repair/Set Up Project, Full Size, no reserve - $503. Working in a violin shop, we get a lot of phone calls about violins labeled "Antonius Stradivarius". The Knilling violin is a relatively good quality violin brand for a reasonable price, with an altered, fake, or fictitious label date and/or maker signature into a more contemporary instrument. up vote 3 down vote favorite. A violin of quality from a well known maker, the label carries acknowledgements of several Grand Prix awards including the 1922 Marseille. there was a young man named Markus who examined his grandfather s violin and discovered a label inside with the inscription "Antonius Stradivari" and "1707 Violin, fiddle back with fake Stradivarius label to interior, 14" & bow, in case Erica Nockalls was born in Rotherham, England and studied classical violin from the age of 7. in private I am able to give you information. Thank you for reading my comment. Brompton's reference library, in association with Claudio Amighetti, provides you with the price of a Violin by H Emile Blondelet from Brompton's Auctioneers March 2013 auction results. An Emile Bonnel violin, circa 1895. Labels such as "Antonius Stradivarius Cremonensis Faciebat Anno17" , followed or not by circles with crosses, initials or A fake. Finished in a lusterous oil varnish, used three different labels according to the model and year made. The first is where a maker deliberately sets out to make a copy of an expensive instrument, painstakingly forging every detail in order to deceive dealers or buyers. e. Violin 13, of unknown age and origin The label will look yellow and old. Back then, Stradivarius included on his labels his name, the Latin version of his city's name, and the year it was made. The underside of the scroll is marked "Conservatory Violin. H. The label was fake but the violin itself was lovely. 61 Legendary UK 1962 1st pressing of Nathan Milstein performing Beethoven's violin concert on D with the Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Erich Leinsdorf. One, in graduate school now, said his was valued at something really high: maybe as high as $10,000. Testore claimed he made the instrument from wood taken from the bodhi tree in India under which the Buddha attained enlightenment, and that the tailpiece was carved from the True Cross. This can be done by looking inside the "F" hole on the body of violin. But the violin turned out to be authentic! “I actually refer to the violin as a ‘mutt’ because the body is Italian and dated circa 1736, but the scroll of the violin is 18th century French,” Lisa laughs. Nobody has more new and used music instruments and gear. For a while I owned a modern American violin, and I enjoyed knowing that the maker had actually signed the label that lay inside. Sometimes branded-----N. exact location of the violin. I recently found this violin and think its probably 99% chance that it is a fake, however could anyone tell me if it is or if there is a chance that it might For any experienced violin maker or restorer it takes one second to know a real Stradivarius from an average copy. “Fake” Stradivari violins have been made in many countries since the mid 1800s. NEW YORK, length of back 359 mm, with case. By no means had all of these smaller ateliers been integrated into Jérôme Thibouville-Lamy; some were maintained as a brand because of their good reputation. AllExperts. Knowing all of the above it stands to reason that if a buyer is about to spend R500 000 on an instrument, he needs to know exactly what he is buying, that it is not a fake, that it is what he believes it is. ” THUMHARDT, Munich and Straubing in the 18th century; German style. The second is where certain unscrupulous dealers take an instrument, stick a fake label in it and then pass it off as an older, more expensive model. Over the years many fake labels have been put into instruments with deception being the number one reason. So the next time you want to call us about your "old" violin, you can look this list over. Probably a workshop fiddle but a lightly built well made instrument, Chipot Vuillaume was a maker in his own right, he made much of his name, although he was not related in any way to the famous J Super-Sensitives Red-Label is one the most popular student strings in America. Most likely what you have is a violin made in the late 1800's that was sold as a trade violin. I used to play a fake Stradivarius violin that had a label exactly like the one you would see in pictures of genuine Stradivarius labels. Here is an example applied on a barplot, but the same method works for other chart types. Now generally violin labels can't be trusted. Current Labels® provides a variety of custom and personalized products in many different designs. Also restorers often use labels, sometimes genuine, but often forged, in instruments, and there is a big business in labels. If the label looks brand-new, it is likely that the label is fake. If your label says “Germany” or “Czechoslovakia” or some other country, that helps to date the instrument. Blood 2. Franciolini of Florentine was responsible for a number of 1780's fake labels. Although this claim is now disproved, his instruments are nevertheless Interesting,very old professional violin, most probably made in Mittenwald area circa 1850, with very old Stainer label of 1660. The new styles of violins and cellos that he developed were remarkable for their excellent tonal quality and became the basic design for all modern versions of the instruments. Gasparo da Salo is the name used by Gasparo Bertolotti (1542-1609), who was born at Salo on Lake Garda, Brescia, Italy. (352 mm) with case (2) A genuine, authenticated Stradivarius violin might bring as much as several million dollars at auction, but most violins bearing the Stradivarius label are not genuine, and the chances of finding an unknown and authentic Stradivarius are scarce. A third person emailed about a violin with a Stradivarius label that, according to family lore, had Disregard violin labels unless the label is explicitly guaranteed to be authentic and original to the violin. The EMI country codes (introduced on 1 June, 1969): In most cases the EMI Codes are the first two letters of the record's catalog#. ) Few violin experts know much about printing or manuscripts. You can find out the value of a Violin by H Emile Blondelet and the amount you could expect if you sold your H Emile Blondelet Violin at auction. 99. '' The 7 on the label was crossed. But Claudia Fritz (a scientist who studies instrument acoustics) and Joseph Curtin (a violin-maker) label and they’ll think it’s better than the same wine in a bottle with a cheap label. A completely distinctive full size violin, with bow, chinrest and shoulder rest in a brown case Stolen: 14 Sep 2018 - 16. Record Label Classic Records. Fake violins Violin Home page Since the early days of violins there have been copies and fakes of the best makers. The chance of it being real is like finding a needle in a haystack. My bass also has a Master Art label (1956) and it doesn't have violin corners, ebony heel trim and the usual rounded button area but has fancy wood. Dictionary of Italian Violin Makers. It doesn’t mean it’s not a good violin, though – fake Strad labels appear in all sorts of violins, from very basic to quite good quality. The label may even be missing from a genuine violin; it is almost certainly to be found on a forgery. Violin labelled Chipot Vuillaume, dated 1930. You look inside and the first thing that you see is the label, which is affixed to the back of the instrument and can be viewed through the "ff" holes. Let us say something about violin labels and their backround through our own knowledge and experience: After having thousands of violins going through our workshop, we have to say, that a quite high percentage of labels in old violins are simply FAKE ! Some of these fake instruments were purpose built for deception, while other instruments—violins, violas, cellos, typically—will have started life in an honest way, only to have their labels changed, to that of some famous Italian maker who flourished in the seventeenth or eighteen century. 'Most labels are fake' In Vancouver, Buchanan says he has already found a cello made by a "fairly rare French maker. But he was a violin dealer so the instrument can be any Mirecourt grade violin. He moved to Gasparo da Salo is the name used by Gasparo Bertolotti (1542-1609), who was born at Salo on Lake Garda, Brescia, Italy. Mebbe it’s old or sump’in. I think it is fake. If the client comes in with a good Jaeger violin Vif Violin, Size 1/2 - with case, no bow. A sly seller can deceive an inexperienced buyer with a battered old fiddle with a label and phony certificate of authenticity. If it says, “Made in Germany” or “made in Czechoslovakia” then you can say right now that it’s definitely not a Strad – they were all made in Italy. ;) Our Los Angeles-area violin shop is a family-run business that provides students and professional players expert, professional and Best Answer: Violins can't be fake. Mine does have a fake label…a made up name but with a Paris address and a date of 1820!! Because Paris, France was a hub of violin making, it was noted in the label at the time. A violin is a great starter instrument for a child or adult and the violin is widely taught in schools and through private tuition. A one note recording that no natural player can ever produce when they actually play as they would for real, cuz they don't play one note for a sample pack. I've never tried this before and I have no idea how things will turn out. This is a superb instrument so close to an original that a fake label could fool most. Maybe the label from this violin got lost, so one a fake one was made to replace it. Silent Revolution 3. Same label here, but the violin is obviously very old. Some enterprising scoun-drels photocopy images of actual violin la-bels from old reference books, usually Antonio Stradivari's designs and labels, as well as those of many other famous makers, have been copied more than just about any art objects in history except possibly the Mona Lisa If you look inside almost any violin through the f-hole, you should see a paper label glued to the inside back of the Baby Grand Pianos Musical Instruments My Music Piano Music Piano Y Violin Music Notes Sheet Music Music Desk Grand Piano Room Forward Summertime Piano - Steinway & Sons - In Martin was the first painter in nearly 70 years to be commissioned by Steinway & Sons to paint an actual baby grand piano. Guarneri (sometimes Guarnieri) is the family name of a group of highly acclaimed violin makers (luthiers) from Cremona in Italy in the 17th and 18th centuries, whose standing is considered to be alongside the Amati and Stradivari families. Roth, made according to the specifications demanded by the artists in both Guarnerius and Stradivarius models. Stradivarius faked a violin of his teacher, Amati. The label means that the instrument was probably made in 1981. Telling a fake Stradivarius from the real deal isn’t too hard, instrument experts say. For example, if you need a darker powerful tone, Scott can make a "Cannon" del Gesu Guarneri or a "Soil" Strad copy. The total must be 42. Materials The label is fake; apparently that used to be common (see Also includes believed-to-be-original-but-unmarked case, on which the leatherette has mostly peeled away but is structurally sound and It is very easy to put a fake label inside an instrument. ) is a 1758 student violin/fiddle. Inside the violin, there is a label that reads "Antonius Stradivarius Cremonensis Faciebat Anno 1716" followed by a symbol. A label might read: Carlo Bergonzi (21 December 1683 – 9 February 1747) was an Italian luthier and is the first and most noted member of the Bergonzi family, an illustrious group of luthiers from Cremona, Italy, a city with a rich tradition of stringed instrument makers. 00pm - LONDON This violin is distinctive because of the inscriptions and carved lion head atop the finger board. Did fake labels stop the violin from dying out ? Would a violin be a musical dinosaur if they had never been made ? What reason is most often given for turning down a business idea ? There`s no money in it . The label looks old but the font looks like it is done on a typewriter or computer. Many collectors have paid large sums of money for fake Strads. What do the edges of the label look like? Unless the label have been torn out, it should blend in with the colour of the violin, words looking as if it have been printed on the violin. ) ''Whoever put the label in was trying to pass it as a Gagliano, which it ain't. Dating from 1707, It was made during Stradivari's 'golden' period. My mother's father found this violin while cleaning out a house in 1961. It appears that a lady named Erica sold a violin (advertised on Ebay) worth approximately $2,500 to a buyer in Canada. 14 1/2" back. There are many reasons for this rather obscure phenomena, but even many very fine violins have incorrect labels. But violin-maker Jan Strick, who heads the International Association of Violin and Bow Makers, saw some of Bromberg's violins at an exhibition in Paris and was impressed. In thepast some restorers have stuck labels (genuine or f … orged) insideinstruments of various origins and there has been a proper businessin labels, apart from the selling of violins. It's sadly also common for violin dealers to remove labels, swap labels and fake labels all to try increase the sale price. Ratcliff's analysis can help make or break fortunes. Instruments meant for export to the United States had to be marked with the country of origin after 1891. is a very bad situation. 95 Secure Online Payment. KNOPF. Stradivarius violins are of course the most copied violins in the world. Lupot à Paris-----on the belly. Despite excellent workmanship in this violin, it remains surprising to what extent commercial imperatives drove the work of such studios as they apparently believed the fitting of a nicely faked Stradivari label would make the violin more appealing than a Derazey studio label. A typical fake Panormo label with a typically implausible 1740s date. 2/19/2015 Beautiful plotting in R: A ggplot2 cheatsheet | Technical Tidbits From Spatial Analysis & Data Science margins, label function and correlation tile plot Cars & Trains (Tom Filepp) is a Portland, Oregon based multi-instrumentalist who has been creatively fusing folk music with electronic sounds for ten years. Obviously, a great deal of care went into preparing this very large compilation of classical music. Vuillaume often inserted copies of Stradivari labels in his copied instruments. Last but not least, there were also instruments named after old violin making-families from Mirecourt and elsewhere in France, which were of special interest. Count Cozio di Salabue collected not only violins, but violin labels. (1842-1931) from Markneukirchen in Saxony to print the words “German Cremona” on his violin labels. Shop with confidence. All of this makes any Gibson label on an instrument that doesn't at least generally match a catalog description pretty suspicious. If you can read the label, it isn’t a Stradivarius, for two reasons. There were many professional violin makers in that area producing really good violins and even best of them were labeled from very beginning with fake Stainer and Amati labels for better sale figures. Fake old instruments don't usually have fake lining at which we can laugh. My violin/fiddle (They are the same insterment exept in classical music it is a violin and in music like the great Carly Daniels plays, it is a fiddle. JOSEPH KLOZ A VIOLIN, MITTENWALD, CIRCA 1760 Labeled Joseph Kloz in Mitten- wald an der Iser An 17--, length of back: 13 7/8 in. The violin above which I sold last year (with an indistinct manuscript label) was immediately reminiscent of the 1574 Andrea Amati violin in the National Music Museum in South Dakota. Consult an appraiser if you believe it to be genuine. String Identification Chart Are you struggling to figure out which brand of strings are on your instrument? Here is your solution! Using our string color chart below, match the color of the peg and tailpiece ends of your strings to help identify them! “They somehow deemed the violin as ‘counterfeit’ even though there is no such thing in the violin world. These are copies of famous makers labels. The violin has a label date Full size violin with label reading "Antonius Stradivarius Cremonensis/Faciebat Anno 1715" pasted on the inside underneath the F hole. If this is the case, it was probably made in Germany sometime before about 1925 with most of these having been produced at the turn of the 20th century. someone better at the inter web than me go link to that so people can look at it and give their opinions Last three labels have a circled monogram in the right-hand corner. American Violin, Henry Richard Knopf, New York, 1924, no. Estimated delivery dates - opens in a new window or tab include seller's handling time, origin Postal Code, destination Postal Code and time of acceptance and will depend on postage service selected and receipt of cleared payment - opens in a new window or tab. Violin experts do not judge the value of a violin by its label. Mine also has mild table cracks and the varnish is dark and blotched from age and wear. Fake labels are to attract customers into thinking…who I have a French made fiddle!!! Markneukirchen or German Cremona: introduction to the history of violin making in the Vogtland region, Saxony His great sense of regional pride and healthy spirit of self-confidence are what inspired Markneukirchen violin maker Ludwig Gläsel jr. Get the guaranteed lowest price on the Super Sensitive Red Label Viola String Set at Music & Arts. Facts to remember are : ) Statistically, most violins have a fake Stradivari label inside. " Instrument is most likely a 20th century German copy, possibly made in Dresden. Do I have a Stradivarius Violin – it says so on the label The chance of finding a "Strad" today in a basement or attic is near impossible. However, if you wish to learn more about the quality of the instrument you should take it to a violin maker, who will let you know if it is a good quality instrument. Lauren Valerie King (born February 18, 1995) is a keyboardist and singer for Tiger Bolt. Violin Labels and PayPal You may have read the story about an “antique violin” and PayPal recently. R. It can be cheap and/or worthless though. Decoration Fake Body Parts Box Ocarina Pro Audio Equipment Pro Audio Equipment Parts Violin Violin Parts For Brother P-Touch Label Maker 12mm TZ 231. Can be heard. Labels can and often are faked!! People often write me about instruments with Stradivarius labels, violins which have turned up in an attic, closet, cupboard, or garage sale. Violin teacher Suzuki is the biggest fraud in music history, says expert Japanese music teacher behind the Suzuki method has been unmasked as a liar and a fraud First of all, the likelihood is that the violin in today’s question is a fake or a student violin that would be referred to as a “Balestrieri Model” violin. I have looked on-line to see if I could find something that would tell me if any of these copies were ever made with an elaborate pearl inlay design on the back. Here's an intact specimen: This violin is a Guadagnini copy, but rather than a slavish copy, is inspired by Guadagnini. EBTH was unable to We are aware that some violins are being sold on ebay with fake MSV labels (imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and all that). A vintage piece with burnished wood case, and bridge, includes bow, housed in hard carry case. The buyer then disputed the violin's label and demanded a refund. To customize the set, choose any combination of parts in the Parts in Set column. A good number of these fakes have fake repair labels from Joseph A. Stradivari used labels that read "Antonius Stradiuarius Have another look at the label. If you wish to know if an instrument with a “Martin Swan” label is authentic you can check the photos in this archive or email us about it. A Vuillaume in prime condition could be quite valuable. Best Answer: Let me put it this way: There are tens of thousands of cheap violins with a "Stradivarius" label in them, and then a couple of genuine Strads that were Due to his vast experience, Scott Cao can individually tailor make instruments for any player's tonal requirements. while the label “STRADEVARIUS [sic] Filius Cremona” proved to be a fake. '' (Time elapsed: 4 seconds. Main idea : add 'fake' objects, which can be not shown in the plot, then The truth is that almost all violins bearing these labels are factory-made fakes. The label is typewritten, and the typeface is wrong for 1733 Italian typewriters. The artist violin maker and repairer in his workshop, with a mind devoted to his employment is perhaps the most enviable of human beings. Christopher Reuning, a rare-instrument dealer in The violin's journey to Siberia is a remarkable story dating from the Soviet invasion of Hitler's territory at the climax of World War Two. (How many? Two or three each day!) Excited voices on the other end of the line will haltingly read the label out loud and tell us they just found it an attic, basement, closet, old barn, or under the bed. The worlds most respected name in music education presents an exciting and prestigious collection of violins - all Made in Japan. 5 by 11 size, comb bound, ISBN 0-931877-39-3. If I had a penny for every violin out there that had a label saying "Stradivius" I would be very rich indeed. But some of these fake labels are well enough done that they have to be examined forensically in order to tell if they are real. Violin labels are easy to fake and many, many, imitations have been produced over the years. It is strongly recommended that you enlist the help of your violin teacher or an advanced violinist to help you choose a violin that is well-made, has a good tone and is worth buying. A violin, bought as a fake, with this obviously fraudulent label. I have a few friends in school for violin at various levels; I'd like to see the labels in their instruments. Whether you’re looking for Jeans, Jumpers, Shirts, Footwear, Socks, Boxers, and accessories or just the basic essentials like trainers, t-shirts and jackets, Get The Label is the perfect place to come and get the real deal for those wardrobe must-haves at a discounted price. According to _The Violin-Makers of the Guarneri Family_ by William, This violin bears its original label, "Nicolas Lupot à Paris, 1798," and Lupot was probably the most famous of all French violin makers. Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Check the label. World's leading marketplace. Fake Fireplace Christmas Decoration Interesting,very old professional violin, most probably made in Mittenwald area circa 1850, with very old Stainer label of 1660. Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. 00-22. When it comes to older violins, it is not unusual for a violin to simply carry a "fake label" that some violin shop put inside of it, long ago, to pass it off as something it was not. I have heard a lot of nice violins, but I have *never* heard a violin that wasn’t Cremonese that did this last thing, and this is also the most difficult aspect to hear. Italian violin maker Antonio Stradivari (c. from 2003, please contact me in private if you have violin made by me and if you are Korean player. Note: We do not do fake labels. christmas candy gift ideas violin christmas ornament christmas cards to post on facebook. Layout is consistent from one page to the next. E. "Violin for sale. Ask Question. varnish, market prices of 51 different violin maker's violins compared from 1891 to 1911, discussion of fake violin labels, 8. Finding a Stradivarius label in a violin is virtually meaningless, as a cottage industry in the manufacture and installation of bogus labels inside musical instruments has thrived for centuries. C. If “fake” is referring to the many factory instruments with Strad labels, that question has been answered many times on Quora and elsewhere. The French maker Vuillaume made replicas of Guarnerius violins and put in a fake Guarnerius label in those instruments. Jacob was the third son of Bernhard Fendt I, and was considered the best maker of the sons of Bernhard. The composer Tomaso Antonio Vitali was complaining about it back in 1685 after he bought a phony violin: Dating of violins – The interpretation of dendrochronological reports. Clarity of this volume is exceptional. At the best, they might be worth $150 for those of fine musical quality. " He valued it at $420,000. Label reads Antonius Stradivarius Cremonensis 1736. I have received hundreds if not thousands of inquiries over the years from customers who have an old instrument with a label stating that it is a "Strad," a "Guarnerius," or an "Amati," or another famous If the label appears to be very old and in similar condition to the rest of the violin, it may be authentic, but no reputable appraiser would ever consider the label as more than one of many factors in authenticating an instrument. 1644-1737) created instruments that are still considered the finest ever made. Find great deals on eBay for fake violin. The thing to keep in mind about violin labels is that they are frequently dishonest. The album was entirely recorded and mixed in his Portland home studio. ^ The Hammer Stradivarius violin, (above) measures 36cm and bears the label inside:. nathan milstein - beethoven violin concerto in d, op. Category Music; A violin's authenticity (i. Know that fakes are rampant in the shadow world of musical instrument collecting. This one appears to be in generally worse condition than the 'strad' but doesnt have any major cracks as far as i can see. One, there are only a couple of original labels left, and two, his handwriting was atrocious, there is no way you’d decipher it if you didn’t know what it should look like. There's a saying in the violin business "out of the seven hundred violins Stradivari made, 1000 are accounted for" There have been thousands of imitations, many forgeries and many by other violin makers who only wished to study how a Strad was made. The fee I charge for appraisals is just an hourly rate. In the past some restorers have stuck labels (genuine or forged) inside instruments of various origins and there has been a proper business in labels, apart from the selling of violins. I dont think anyone has found a way to fake the "old smell" yet. He's kiboshed two fake Strads, but he also matched the wood of two violins to trees used by Antonio Stradivari, multiplying their value. A friend has a violin with a Carlo Burgonzi label with info that the violin was made in 1733. . 99% certain it's a fake without even looking at it. This entry was posted in Blog and tagged antique violin, classical instruments, David Bonsey, History of Art & Antiques, laid paper, Musical Instruments, violin appraisal, violin appraiser, violin label, violin labels, wove paper by David Bonsey. $29. His new album, Fictions, is due out on Fake Four Inc. Economically priced, the strings are made with high quality winding and core materials providing the durability and dependability required by the school orchestra programs. By contrast the 1663 violin has the kind of ‘pinched’ arching with markedly hollowed margins and a very pronounced rise of the belly. Amati has a few examples of labels in their Makers’ Archive to compare your own against, but be aware that it does not take long to copy a label and put it in a violin – it is something that has been going on for centuries. Schmidt, Saxony Amati Copy nathan milstein - beethoven violin concerto in d, op. Click the images for a closer look. double perfling. It is much like putting a Mercedes logo on a worn out Ford Pinto. In this post we show how to add title and axis label to your python chart using matplotlib. Why? Antonius Stradivarius, Joseph Guarnerius, Nicolaus Amati, Jacobus Stainer. If your instrument has most or all of the characteristics of an old violin, chances are that it is truly old. Most Violins Have Fake Identification Labels. Any label can be stuck into any violin at any time. If your violin has a label with a country of origin then is was more than likely made after 1891 and most assuredly is a Stradivarius “Style” Violin or fake. Often with a green-brown varnish and fake cracks as well as a fake neck graft. In recent years, controversy has surrounded the celebrated violin known as the “Messiah”, attributed to the renowned Cremonese maker Antonio Stradivari (1644–1737) [6,18,19,22,24]. We refer to him as the Stradivari of France. ” Many "fake" Strads say "Made in Germany" - and none of these are an authentic Stradivarius. EMI was a major label and had a lot of sub and sister labels which also carry the EMI logo and manage its huge amount of releases all over the world. However, as our clients say, if someone in the world makes fake Villa violins, it means they are actually greatly appreciated and highly valued in the world. Label: “Made and sold by Henry Thorowgood at the Violin and Guitar under the North Piazza of the Royal Exchange, 17-, London. Any violin sample is basically the same. GIOVANNI BATTISTA ROGERI, Brescia, 1688, A particulary beautiful & fine sounding violin. spot a fake is a useful talent, but you will need the appraisal of an expert to truly tell if you've found a real Stradivarius. True story. matplotlib - making labels for violin plots. Fake Designers Silent Revolution, released 13 July 2016 1. “In the violin market, labels often mean little and there is often disagreement Legislative Assembly of Ontario: Official Report of Debates (Hansard) Workplace Safety and Insurance Board and Workers' Compensation Appeals Tribunal Annual Reports Ontario Department of Lands and Forests: Resource Management Report Proclamations and Orders in Council passed under the authority of the War Measures Act Annual Departmental Reports of the Dominion of Canada my_virtual_library (Universal Dictionary of Violin and Bow Makers) The XIR model is personally made by E. This looks nothing like a Gagliano. Hear the sound of the violin. The Stardivari Hammer violin was so called as it was once owned by a Swedish collector Christian Hammer who is the first recorded owner. Looking at the label proves nothing, so what you need to do is to take the instrument to a violin shop or a musical instrument auction house and have it examined in person. Believe me, everyone would love to have a Strad, but the only way to be completely sure is to get the violin authenticated. Inside of it, it has a blue oval shaped sticker that reads, "Giovanni 3/4" Is it even a real Giovanni!? Looking at the labels, and seeing how it plays compared to a genuine Stradivarius, are good first steps to seeing if it is real or fake. . Labelcode: LC 0542. I have a fake Stardivarius violin with the label Antonius Stradivarius Cremenonsis Faciebat Anno 1726 (with the 26 hand written). The violin looks like it’s from the same town that the label indicates, but it certainly isn’t as old as the label says: Notice how the label isn’t glued in all that well, though. In addition to a violin's sound, if you want an old looking violin, viola, or cello, check out our antiqued finish stringed instruments. A Gliga antique violin is only different aesthetically from a standard model, the sound is not affected in any way. An advert selling a violin appeared on the Preloved site last month. My only reference source is the internet. Apparently, it was quite common at one time, around a century ago, to put such labels in mass-produced violins. It depends on who put it in there. So I'm trying to make and finish my own violin. ) Of those that don’t, most have a different name, but will still be fake. A label inside says so, but I can’t believe that the label is genuine. Erica Nockalls (born 20 August 1983) is an English violinist, vocalist, songwriter, and visual artist. A side component of this is a particularly enveloping beauty of tone that’s very subtle and difficult to characterize. The old fake label switcheroo has been the fraudster's go-to for centuries. The tone is crisp, clear, and sweet. Violins for sale from Select Violins. there is wnat appears to be an octaphone on ebay with what looks like a fake gibson label. It has this here label inside what says 5000 BC. The labels were meant to indicate that the violin was in the fashion of Stradivari’s work and that the size and dimensions are copied from a particular instrument, made during a particular year. "So you think you have a Strad?" I receive serveral inquiries every month from people who have a violin in hand they believe may be an original Stradivarius. I have a Nicolas Lupot violin with the following on the label: Nicolas Lupot Luthier rue de arammonl a - Answered by a verified Musical Instrument Appraiser Hi I have two violins No 1 is a 4/4 violin with the label inside that reads Wolff Bros Violin Manufacturers class 2 N2944 1899 it is in very good condition I think this one is genuine the other on is a 7/8 and has the label Lutherie Artistique It started with the sale of a violin by Erica, with money exchanged via PayPal. Historical evidence shows that he was the first French makers to acquire Italian instruments from famed dealer Luigi Tarisio in 1827. Get the guaranteed lowest prices, largest selection and free shipping on most Violin Strings at Musician's Friend. The materials used for this violin are outstanding. Vincenzo’s instruments seem to be guided by a genuine and deep knowledge of the centuries of violin making before him, and he seems always to reach out to create characterful improvisations around an Italian ideal. He didn’t use printed labels. Low quality violins are extremely easy to tell apart from others. A violin comprises four strings and is played by drawing a bow across one or more strings with one hand whilst holding down a combination of the strings with the other. Believe me, it was anything but a Stradivarius. They sound scratchy When an appraiser looks at a violin, generally the last thing they look at is the label. Juzek labeled basses have a distinctive common look, but some may not, including the one I own. Just kidding… every violin dealer tells stories of people finding Strads in the attic and hoping to strike it rich. on October 20th, 2017. In fact, we have another Deconet in the office at the moment with a fake Amati label and I have high hopes of it**. A label might read: Violin label Here is an interesting and inexpensive violin by Cahusac of London, dating from 1786. Suzuki Violin Outfits. The number of copies, fakes and forgeries far outnumber originals and rare is the violin maker who has not put a Stradivari or Guarneri label in their instrument, and even rarer is the dealer who has not added or altered labels to increase their sales margin. My violin has no stickers of any kind and I've taken it to several places and they cannot agree on its origin or value. Evidently, Tarisio often placed a label by a premiere maker into a second-rate fiddle—it was a common practice. As I said earlier, Lisa bought her instrument because it supposedly was a fake. A good number of stickers inside violins are fake anyway well, not fake as in they are real stickers but they misrepresent the origin of the instrument. It is also possible that this label could be from a completely different violin, and that the two labels were switched. Strong curl two piece back and sides old re-finish top. com has a black-and-white photo of all the known Stradivarius labels (from the book “Italian Violin Makers” by Jalovec): So strange that Stradivari didn’t get new labels printed every year. They will be able to look at other aspects, such as construction of the violin. TIELKE, Joachim. The story goes awry when the buyer of the instrument complained to both Erica and PayPal that the violin was a fake The other one has a Stainer label, but again, the internet would suggest its probably a fake (its label is printed, not handwritten). Please call for an appointment. There have also been cases of old-time violin makers who would put the names of other contemporary makers on their own violins. The conductor Benjamin Juarez Echenique and his flutist wife, Marisa Canales, have shown great ambition in growing the Urtext catalog, and much of the material is worthy of our attention. , whether it is the product of the maker whose label or signature it bears) can only be determined through comparative study of design, model wood characteristics, and varnish texture. The composer Tomaso Antonio Vitali was complaining about it back in 1685 after he bought a phony violin: This violin bears its original label, "Nicolas Lupot à Paris, 1798," and Lupot was probably the most famous of all French violin makers. Organization: The label is a typical fake Strad label dated 1736 The violin looks German to me and around 75 to 100 years old. Nicolò Amati was the fourth and greatest in a line of influential Cremonese violin makers. Please, if you come across a violin with our label inside, DO NOT hesitate to contact us to verify the authenticity! Every violin we sell has its own certificate of authenticity signed by us. The chances are that your violin is one made by a later maker who, for reasons of commerce, put in a Guarnerius label. Find best value and selection for your Violin Fake Violin Label search on eBay. old wooden case But some of these fake labels are well enough done that they have to be examined forensically in order to tell if they are real. The fourth wedding anniversary traditional gift is fruit or flowers to symbolize the prosperity and health of the Union and the contemporary is appliances. Your bass may have a fake label or the wrong label. Violins above $55,000: 1. Sometimes Nothing´s Broken 4. For more information on fake labels, click here. The antique violin look is the result of a cosmetic manipulation of the color and finishing But even if not, at the end of the day, we never recommend throwing out a violin before having it evaluated by a professional. The creepy craft of label forgery has become so rampant that it's difficult for most ordinary people, and even some experts, to tell au-thentic from fake. This might even be one a them violis for all I know. It was made by Michele Deconet and sold for upwards of £40,000. From its emergence in the 16th century, the violin has played a leading role in classical music. She was offered a placement at Chetham's School of Music at age 9, but only attended for one week, deciding that the school was not for her. Here is a photo of a label from a violin made by Carlo Antonio Testore in 1741: Bottesini's Bass. If you’re buying a violin, it is essential to find and use a reputable dealer, music store or violin maker. 99. The violin is paper tagged to inside “David Techler Lintano Fecit Romae anno 1703”; Latin to English translates “… made in Rome in 1703”. So, you've found or inherited an old violin. The trick IMO is getting the glide/slide from note to note to sound real. This is recommended strongly for the purchase of an expensive violin to avoid fake and “duplicate” labels to try to increase the value of the instrument – a practice that has gone on worldwide for centuries. Beware of Fake Stradivariuses. Fake Fireplace Christmas Decoration The old fake label switcheroo has been the fraudster's go-to for centuries. Many labels are fake, but even fake labels might give an idea of who made the violin. Have your violin examined by a Get your fake labels here. Labels may be printed or hand written. More than likely, if you didn’t know that your grandfather had a nice violin, and the purfling, scroll, corners, insides, graduation, and wood are poor, then the violin is quite cheap. His grandfather, Andrea Amati, is known as the inventor of the modern violin, and his father, Girolamo, refined the models Nicolò began to execute to great successRead More around 1620, under his father's Brothers Amati label. making fake labeling one of many infamous atrocities of the violin sales underworld. Had to fill in the last few digits. Labels can sometimes be fake. Moderate play wear and one cracked peg, very good condition, 14 inches at back. There are several ways to tell a real Strad from a copy. Very good condition - played by our daughter for about 6 months, including her first Winter Concert :-) Please, inspect all pictures carefully. A good quality substantially built instrument with a powerful tone, probably a workshop instrument but nevertheless a good violin from a respected maker. I had a violin with the same label when I was a kid (it had belonged to my mother’s uncle). This is the Pierre Beuscher label, and looks authentic. Channot and Wilhelm Fredel. Many instruments signed with his autograph. labels, the fact that a violin has a Guarnerius label doesn't necessarily mean that it was made by Guarnerius. Legislative Assembly of Ontario: Official Report of Debates (Hansard) Workplace Safety and Insurance Board and Workers' Compensation Appeals Tribunal Annual Reports Ontario Department of Lands and Forests: Resource Management Report Ontario Sessional Papers Report of the Wartime Prices and Trade Board Ontario Fish and Wildlife Review Annual Departmental Reports of the Dominion of Canada View credits, reviews, track listings and more about the 2009 Europe CD release of New Art by Fake. The varnish has been generously applied and, typical of his early instruments, has a beautiful craquelure. After completing the form click on the "Add to Cart" icon. Genre Classical * Why do you think this is a Fake or Counterfeit LSC-2734 Glazounov Violin Concerto & Mozart Symphonie To view/purchase the score or any multi-page part, click on its label below. As well as providing us with some of the most memorable melodies and musicians, the skill and technique of the very best violin makers have enabled some instruments to acquire See more of our violins for sale and get to know everything about and around old violins, labels and makers ! how to play violin old violin for sale buy old violin. Early dealers got into the fraudulent label game