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Find technical and marketing information for lesser-used tropical timber species, LUS. Each side has a different font and inlay wood type ( walnut , wenge and padauk ). Ⓕ Best Way For Gluing Wood Together To Get Building some maple Kiosks edged in 1/2" x 3/4" Padauk. Shop Now Padauk African Padauk is typically found in central and tropical Africa. Very durable. into the main piece of wood. Due to the high oil content found in this wood, it can occasionally cause problems with gluing. (41 lb / ft3) Working Properties: Easy to work with both hand and machine tools with little dulling effect on cutters. Glue Wood Veneer With Carpenter's Glue. Five of one color and four of the other. The wood turns and finishes well. Segmenting the legs and then gluing them back together true I have some padauk that I am going to have to put a finish on soon. com offers 260,318 oak wood products. Not quite as white as holly, but whiter and softer than maple. This stuff needs a wipe with acetone prior to gluing, and should be left in clamps for a good 24 hours. Some variation in color and grain pattern will occur between samples, images on this website, photographs and any specific installation.  Edge grain cutting boards can’t do that. For gluing braces and sanding sides to fit top and back. Some wood joints employ fasteners, bindings, or adhesives, while others use only wood elements. One of today’s most prized lumbers for its outstanding color and figure; yet also one of the most infamous for its difficulty in gluing, and its tendency to cause allergic reactions in woodworkers. A first-class furniture and cabinet wood, padauk also makes fine turnings, carvings, and musical instruments. Shop all of your veneer supplies today! The long, straight points are called “full splice” points. Padauk Wood Veneer can be extensively used in flooring applications. One book I have says that hide glues or yellow glues will not work very well when gluing it up. Share. Gluing can be tricky, but less so if a solvent is used to remove extractives. I've also found that over steaming is just as bad at times as under steaming. A piece of Padauk was added to the top for a colorful accent to the red striped of the canary. He is someone who is able to cover them up so that no one can tell. Padauk guitar fingerboard; Luthier Tools. 211 is very useful and is used for making practically all of the puzzle pieces in Chapters 8, 9, 10, and 11. Bubinga has an excellent strength to weight ratio, and is among the most uniquely figured hardwoods. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Use a small piece of wood as a guide to glue a straight line For gluing up and want neat woodwork, try this tip - pinstripe for perfect glue lines Characteristics: This is a very hard wood to work with hand or power tools, with severe blunting effect on cutters. To ensure the blank stays glued and does not try to come apart at the edges you should put the boards with the rings back to back Bubinga Wood milled to your specs. Gluing R/C car tires is a fun activity for people who especially enjoy this hobby. com Dovetails in this case will give a good glue surface instead of gluing butt ends together. The one in the pics is finished with BLO and shellac. material: real wood veneer with paper backing, Bonding: glued to one another with an additional later of paper in between, Veneer thickness: approx. Some people also use acetone. The general formula is one hour of full steam for each 1" thickness of material. It is a hard wood, with a medium to coarse texture. Inc. The surface takes on a silky appearance when finished. Designed for general household and woodworking projects, it has a strong tack and fast speed of set that helps reduce clamp time. The wood work very well with almost all tooling. I like to try different woods I buy pen turning blanks to see what the wood is like before large boards of expensive lumber. If the diagonals of the rhombus base are half the size of the top, the table should tip with about 53lb at the corner. In this instance the tulip design for this woodworking project was derived from a picture of a tulip that was located on the internet and then printed. African Padauk is an excellent turning wood, responding well to a variety of woodworking lathe projects. It is related to other common and popular exotic hardwoods in the Pterocarpus genus, such as Padauk. 5. Generally, he worked with African padauk, Russian Pinus sylvestris , and latex. The bark yields a wonderful, bright red dye that was used for There are three species of trees that produce wood that we call padauk--Burma padauk, Andaman padauk (named for the Andaman Islands where it grows), and African padauk. Although not high in strength, it is straight grained and rot resistant and works well. Wood semi-ring porous and/or ring porous. You need to be sure and put painters tape on parts next to the flocking so the paint you put on for the flocking to stick to will not get on it. Exotic Wood Barba Jolote Black Limba Rosewood Jatoba Jobillo Leopardwood Lignum Vitae Nargusta Padauk Purple Heart Salmwood cause problems with gluing and Cocobolo is yielded by two to four closely related species of the genus Dalbergia, of which the best known is Dalbergia retusa, a fair-sized tree, reported to reach 75–80 ft (23–24 m) in height and 3 ft (0. Guayabillo (Click on an Item Photo for the net sizes) DESCRIPTION: The sapwood is white to light brown in color & blends gradually into the heartwood. We are also work with maple, teak, doussie, moabi, iroko, pachyloba, merbau, wenge, padauk, rosewood, kuku, bamboo… When worked, wenge dusts up badly on its back, causing backs to pop off unless cleaned unusually well before gluing. The first time I used padauk, I didn't know that and it took the glue days to dry. We specialize in exotic & domestic hardwoods. I have done flocking on my band saw boxes. As a flooring option, blackwood is a very hard and durable wood. That will stabilize the wood and harden it to some extent. 5 pieces for $5. Its being made with padauk for back and sides and bearclaw sitka for the top, sitka braces, cocobolo fingerboard, headcap, and bridge. Veneer Glue Tutorial. This first picture shows the wood needed to start the goblet. Only the heartwood of cocobolo is used; it is usually orange or reddish-brown, often with darker irregular traces weaving through the wood. These were also made of maple stock, doweled together, and then mounted to the sides using dowels. This style of gluing two pieces of wood together is considered one of the strongest styles of wood joints due to the amount of surface area between both pieces of wood. Narra is a beautiful wood from Southeast Asia and environs that is a joy to work with. I use African padauk or Burmese padauk (a nice orange colour), purple heart (purple in colour), Afr Padauk is about 47lb/ft 3, so that would make the weight of the top about 144lb. Regardless of aesthetics, however, this is a magnificent furniture-making wood. Gluing properties are excellent, it finishes to a beautiful sheen, and the finished product promises to become heirloom quality. Posted by Lee Swindel. The butcher block is made of hard maple and padauk. Padauk is a wood from africa and its Cocobolo is a tropical hardwood of Central American trees belonging to the genus Dalbergia. Finely designed and developed these devices are available with us in various specifications, range and varieties. It made it much less confusing when I glued these together. Selected woods for this woodworking project include hickory, maple, padauk, and poplar. DIY guide for perfect glue lines Find this Pin and more on Gluing by Thybo Moeller. The wood is an attractive burgundy, deep red, or orange tone, and some of it can even have dark black stripes highlighting a strong visible grain pattern. NEW! The Box Maker's Guitar Book. I have never considered padouk an oily wood. Iroko Wood. Gluing up the wings: This is a preview of the wings, I would prefer thicker pieces of cocobolo, but it was hard to find the two pieces I got. I did the gluing in stages, first a piece of padauk onto both sides of the maple, then after drying and cleaning it up, another glue up with the maple veneer over the padauk. Goncalo Alves is a hard, dense and heavy wood, which is very tough. African Padauk | The Wood Database - Lumber Identification (Hardwoods) Someone I consider a master woodworker once told me that a master woodworker is not someone who never makes mistakes. I put thin in the blank 1 st. Learn more on our Padouk d`Afrique (Pterocarpus soyauxii) page. In this forum you can discuss different techniques and products for finishing your furniture projects. Solid wood is going to move and no gluing technique is going to stop it. the Padauk is oily, and an epoxy would be better, than glue. Zebrawood is an exotic wood native to the Western African countries of Cameroon and Gabon. The closed grain and streaky pattern filled with the occasional knot make it distinct. Trees can grow to be very large and as such wide, thick, and quartersawn lumber is easy to find. You can cover the headstock with a thin veneer (such as the thin sheets of Spanish Cedar that come in some cigar boxes) if you want. The natural oils, however, can make it unsuitable for gluing and may cause adhesion problems with lacquer or urethane finishes. This was then repeated at the other end to ensure that they coincided. Yes it is Indian Rosewood. The legs are assembled by first gluing the butt joints, then reinforced with 3/16" maple dowels, the angles cut on the miter saw using a jig, and finally the dowel ends are colored with a shop made dye made from soaking padauk chips in lacquer thinner. This is done on state of the art customized CNC equipment using different materials such as Curly Maple, Birdseye Maple, Cocobolo, Snakewood, Tulipwood, Pink Ivory Wood, Camitilla, Bocote, Ziricote, Padauk, Purple Heart, Black Cherry Burl, Thuja Burl, Amboynia Burl, Rosewood, Bubinga, Ebony and Ivory to name a few. This product is rigorously checked by team of quality controllers to ensure a defect-free range. Ease of Drying Drying rate varies, but the material is reported to dry well, with minimum degrade even under harsh drying conditions. This is done to remove contaminants and oils from the surface. It takes stains and polish readily, but is unsuitable for gluing. Any recommendations for finishing Padauk? I am making a small wooden case for my darts, which I found in a magazine(but did tweak a bit), and the outer edges are 1/4" Padauk with the bulk of the 12 Amazing DIY Furniture Projects by Student Builders I used solid wood padauk and veneer core ash plywood for this table. So, when I was invited to participate in a Scrap Wood Padauk is a medium density hardwood growing in western africa. Sapwood is a pale straw color and is clearly demarcated from the heartwood. Clear finishes should contain an ultraviolet inhibitor to reduce padauk's tendency to darken. With colours ranging from pale pinkish orange to deep reddish brown which typically darken with age, Padauk has a coarse grain and good natural luster. Iroko is used in boatbuilding, piling and marine work, domestic flooring, furniture, veneer, railroad crossties, cabinetwork, shop fittings and joinery. Fortuntely, if you have the tools to cut, shape, and manipulate wood, you can create the sizes you need. That'll leave 3/4" of wood wood at the top. Tearout can occur, and gluing can be difficult due to the oil content of the stock. Cumaru flooring typically has a lot of color variation in its natural state. Actual photo of me turning wood---Bowl Number - 213 Wood Used - Oak Diameter - 14. wenge, and padauk are beautiful and rarely free. Sustainability: Populations from Madagascar are listed in CITES Appendix II and is categorized as “Endangered” on the IUCN Red List. If A beautiful wood, perhaps more in the burr veneer form than in the slightly plain solid form. Anyone have a prefered one? I am worried about the wood not fading over time, would like one Color changing wood For years, this Mission-style tall clock endured the full brunt of direct exposure to sunlight, draining the fade-prone dye finish of its color and bleaching the white oak. Bubinga - We are able to supply various wood species EDGEBANDING ROLL with fleece-cloth at any width and length, Integrated gluing system inside; Freshly sawn Okan wood has a yellow to golden yellow colour, with (dark) green/olive green shade. Also, the wood’s color can bleed into surrounding wood when applying a finish, so care must be taken on the initial seal coats not to smear the wood’s color/oils into surrounding areas. We kicked around the glue possibly having broken down and one suggestion that was also plausible was that padauk is an oily wood and has to firs Franklin's Titebond Translucent Wood Glue provides a virtually invisible glue line that's stronger than the wood itself. For example: When gluing X clean the glue surface with acetone, or if gluing X use this type of glue, or Finishes do not adhere well to X because of its high oil content and the amount of minerals in the wood. It’s a soft wood with a Janka rating of 690 to 870. The primary method for constructing the pieces consists of cutting rectangular pieces of various sizes and then gluing them together to make the pentominoes. Each level of the Herringbone is made up 2 sets of 3 pieces of wood, making a total of 6 individual pieces of wood per level. Cut with a scissors or a razor knife. This beautiful hand-made hardwood cutting board has amazing contrasting colors consisting of Cherry, Walnut, Padauk, & Maple. It consists of 9 pieces of wood which are 1/2" x 1/2" x 9". The wood sands easily, but for a glass-smooth finish, we recommend a paste wood filler or sealer to even out its open grain. The wood varieties we offer for woodturning projects are naturally light in pigment (compared to darker mahogany or cherry wood), giving you the option of controlling the color tone of the completed piece by staining or finishing with an oil rub. Common uses are boat building, plywood, furniture, humidors, and decorative accent work. I started with a rectangular piece of basswood and when I cut it into the triangular shape I saved the cutoff parts to make a fixture for holding the part while v-carving on each flat side. The wood has figuring or interlocking grain have been known to have tearout occur during planing. Wood is a natural product. Who is Cherry Tree Wood Works: I have been a woodworker for over 20 years, making items for my home and for gifts. Our woodworking plan starts with choosing a design for the marquetry. This is softwood that will require staining if you want it to have a color. Odor The wood has a faintly aromatic scent when freshly cut. This is just the nature of gluing pieces of wood together to form a larger whole. Oak and Teak glue, the all wood glue, is a two part epoxy resin made largely from the resins of wood itself. Apply a stain or a finish the same way you would to any wooden surface. Offered range is available at market leading rates. AdmirorGallery 4. Dreadnaughts have a lot of base so because of that a lot of overtones that need to be dampened a bit, Indian Rosewood keeps the tone but filters the overtones in a way. The wood seems somewhat oily. 4 - 0. The simple M-shaped cradle shown in Fig. For the board depicted in this tutorial, I used six types of wood: jatoba, maple, wenge, walnut, padauk, and purpleheart. I now soak it in naphtha, dependent on thickness, after cutting it. A wide variety of oak wood options are available to you, such as wood, synthetic leather, and metal. Wood Properties of Padauk Padauk Amount of Figure Intermediate Padauk Amount of Natural Luster Medium Padauk Availability of Wood Limited Padauk Available As Lumber Oak and Teak glue, the all wood glue, is a two part epoxy resin made largely from the resins of wood itself. Shop Now Padauk is such a nice back and side wood love it. You'll have no trouble gluing padauk, and screws remain secure. The wood’s very high oil content yields a magnificent natural luster when sanded, although, as would be expected, this characteristic can pose challenges when gluing. When using exotics such as padauk you really don’t need a finish for salad bowls. I keep every small off cut in hopes that I can create a masterpiece with it, but really it just sits around and stares at me. Having said this, the real craftsmen making wood chess boards for a living know all of these things and are careful about the chess board construction. I started an acoustic in tech school on monday for a class. The colors are natural colors of the wood, no dye, stains, or paints are us A guy asked me to make a bamboo backed ipe bow recently with zebra wood and padauk on the riser. The joints of a solid wood chess board can over time start to separate if the wood was not properly cured or if the gluing job was sub par. I also used a symmetrical design. Description: Cumaru Hardwood flooring, commonly called Brazilian Chestnut, is a tough and dense wood imported from Brazil that has an irregular, somewhat interlocked grain and wavy - course texture. For this project I chose to use a piece of padauk (Pterocarpus dalbergioides) measuring 100 x 100 x 85mm (4 x 4 x 3 1/4in) and carefully marked the centre at each end, as well as two points 8mm (5/16in) from the centre, on a diagonal. Contact companies in the wood industry from Thailand. Filling Screw Holes Ipê tends to be incompatible with common wood fillers ; over time, even they eventually dislodge from the holes in this wood. Like. What is the best type of glue for this application? I have already ruled out yellow glue and running parts through the edgebander, any insight will be helpful, thanks in advance We have been discussing on another post that I did a glue up with yellow pine that have padauk inlays and after 7 hours or so, the glue still wasnt dry. Obviously, the more pieces you use, the closer it will be to round. These are praised for their high quality and appealing look. The wood has a fine texture, with a very variable grain. Thousands of exporters from Thailand, buyers and importers of wood products to be contacted on Fordaq. 1 mm, total thickness depending on the type of wood is 0. Here's a picture of the wood I'm using for the riser and the matching tip overlays. Get yours in during the month of November 2018. 9 m) in diameter; it probably is the species contributing most of the wood in the trade. It is nearly identical in hardness to African padauk, is roughly thirty percent harder than American beech, twenty percent harder than hard maple, and is approximately three quarters as hard as Brazilian cherry’s ranking of 2350. After lining up and gluing the strips together into a plank, as if I were making a simple striped cutting board, I planed down the resulting plank and ensured everything was still square. That is why it can dissolve the natural oils of oily hardwoods, and why it bonds all oily hardwoods such as Teak, Cocobolo and Ebony. He started by cutting and gluing together different widths of butternut, walnut, padauk, dyed veneer, phoebe, cherry, maple, bloodwood, purpleheart, lacewood, spalted alder, and figured maple. A need for a new podium at a local Middle School prompted me to make a gift of my love of woodworking and one of a kind wood art. Cocobolo has a distinct spice-like scent when being worked, which some find unpleasant: though it has been used in at least one women’s perfume. At a full 6 inches long, the Southwestern, Wave and Skyscraper Series Laminated Designer Wood Pen Blanks are an exceptional way to make sophisticated pen designs without spending countless hours doing all the gluing and laminating. Home > All Woodworking Plans How to Build a Wooden Nut Bowl Free Woodworking Plans from Lee's Wood Projects. However, figured wood, or pieces with heavily interlocked grain can be difficult to plane or machine without tearing or chipping of the grain; also, Koa can occasionally give problems in gluing, though this is somewhat uncommon. You may want to use a different wood? You are using the adjoining boards as forms to create the curve in the Padauk, and that may or may not work with that wood. We’ve manufactured precision wood products since 1967, accumulating a wealth of expertise in the art and science of manufacturing, in order to offer the highest quality service to our customers. Noteworthy, is the fact that, unlike most of the other red-toned tropical hardwoods, (Padauk, Purpleheart, etc), Bloodwood does not exhibit a tendency to turn brown or gray, and as such does not require UV protection. The woods are walnut, maple, honey locust, oak and padauk finished with shellac friction polish. A pigmented stain would have held its color better. Padauk Veneer Sheets and Padauk Veneer Deals at Wood Veneer Factory Outlet. They are identified more specifically by characteristics such as: growing areas, color, weight, strength, density, shock resistance, durability, texture, and grain patterns. I will make 2 book-matched tops from this piece of beautiful African Padauk. padauk wood and we Stock over 80 Different Hardwoods, Woodworking and Craft Suppiles for the Hobbiest and woodworker PADAUK WOOD Re: Gluing Hardwood to MDF. Oak, Spalted and Ambrosia Maple, Cherry, Walnut, Osage Orange, Eastern Red Cedar, and Parota, to name a few. com! We carry mahogany, walnut and cherry to name a few species. The Zebra-like appearance is due to the light colored sapwood in contrast with the dark colored grain. 0 , author/s Vasiljevski & Kekeljevic . Antibacterial, Naturally Against commonly accepted beliefs, end grain cutting boards are much less susceptible to bacteria growth and in fact inhibit and kill bacteria. Although the gluing process can pose quite a challenge, especially if you’re a beginner, patience and practice can make it easier. It turns nicely and finishes very smoothly, partly because oils in the wood produce a natural polish. About 12% of these are engineered flooring, 5% are dining chairs, and 5% are wood flooring. single piece of wood Padauk Bright Red BEWARE - Very attractive when freshly cut Start Gluing! What is the Best Glue? Hi, my name is Sam and I am a scrap wood hoarder. The hinges are 35mm solid brass Vertex hinges from Rockler. com Plus Videos, FAQ We are engaged in offering a wide range of Padauk Wood Lumber. It concerns structural graded timber in vertical uses with mean density upper 0. You just cannot get the grain patterns in the sides of the clocks from gluing up 4/4 wood like you can with the 8/4. As a flooring option, karri is a very hard and durable wood. For example, Purple Heart has a deep Purple color, Padauk had a rich red-orange color, Pink Ivory (yes, it's a kind of wood) has a nice pink color (hence the name), and Snakewood and Lignum Vitae both have unique grain patterns. Default grading for solid wood, according to requirements of European standard EN 14081-1 annex C (April 2009). In the photo you can see some really short strips of padauk on the table. Pear wood is an off-white; sort of very light tan in color, and is almost indistinguishable from boxwood. The heartwood is reported to be well defined & its color is a light, variegated olive-brown, or may range from light brown to oatmeal color, and is sometimes grayish. The wood has a distinctive odor ( cigar boxes are made of this species). Tangential diameter of vessel lumina 200 micras or more (large). Very durable and easy to work with provided saws and cutting edges are kept sharp. Workability: Due to the high oil content found in this wood, it can occasionally cause problems with gluing. We are direct importers of exotic hardwoods. Most gluing is done using jigs to position the blocks accurately. Learn all the skills you'll need. I used F-Engrave to generate the g-code for the inlays. It turns well and can easily brought to a good polished finish. Saw the corners off at 45º to match the legs, then sand the surfaces smooth. The wood has a very distinct odor and the texture is moderately fine. That means after gluing it up, we're going to have to round it by removing wood from the sharp corners on the outside and from the flat surfaces on the inside. To answer your question, yes you can you a solvent to temporarily “remove” the natural oils, but this is more appropriate for gluing exotics than finishing them. He writes: I put two coats of General Finishes Seal-a-Cell on a piece of cocobolo, then a coat of Arm-r-Seal Urethane top coat (gloss). The Christmas Ornament Challenge entry is open. Start by gluing up the strips of wood in the following order: walnut, padauk, maple, padauk and walnut. The neck may have a bit of back-bow. Before gluing up, I wipe any glue joint down with lacquer thinner which removes the oil from that area and allows the glue to not only stick, but dry. Our bowl blanks are cut with the grain going across the face so that it can be mounted perpendicular to the axis of rotation. Since it expands as you work with it, the join needs to be held in place with clamps. If your method uses a flexible bond between wood and MDF, you are only proving the point. How many pieces of wood now? who knows. I know of no unusual construction practices in the making of a guitar (at least an acoustic guitar). The box bottom and tray bottom are liked with a tan leather. Wood Properties of Ash Ash Alternative Name 1 White Ash Ash Alternative Name 2 Black Ash Ash Alternative Name 3 Green Ash Ash Amount of Figure High Ash Amount of It seems to be becoming more difficult over time to get a wooden chopping board that isn't made of separate pieces of wood that are glued together. I laid out my pieces, sorted through them, and started gluing them up in chunks. com is an online wood encyclopedia with more than 1600 species from all around the world, we have tree and wood galleries made up of thousands of pictures. Bubinga lumber has heartwood ranges from a pinkish red to a darker reddish brown with darker purple or black streaks. Pre-boring is necessary for nailing and screwing. Due to the acidic nature of the treatment process, any metal in contact with Accoya® (including fasteners) needs to be stainless stain or marine grade brass. Take a look at the end grain of the board and notice the annual rings. After a bit of time pushing wood through my tablesaw I have a nice supply of lams; teak, padauk and mahogany in the photo below. Let say you need to make a door and cut out the hole for the lock cylinder in the end of the wood. Learn how to select the right glue for a variety of woodworking projects -- from epoxy and cyanoacrylate -- to yellow glue and slow-set glues. Bubinga will stink when it’s wet, but that smell can go away with dried or finished samples. It is an easy wood to work with both hand and power tools, also has good gluing and finishing properties. Gluing as I went saved time since I only have so many clamps on hand. The Padauk veneer is pre sanded at our factory, ready to be stained or finished. You can use Padauk, but it does have a more open grain and is softer. Padauk gluing problems If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Top and Bottom. Radio Frequency Gluing Machine - This High Tech machine is used for curing glue joints in glued wooden panels in mere minutes instead of hours! Sliding Table Saw - This table saw is used for squaring large edge glued panels to exact dimensions. The Padauk Veneer takes stains and finishes like any wooden surface. Here is one side ready for gluing the wenge inlay wood into the basswood. Topic tags/keywords: gluing padauk question I am making a heart-shaped box out of PADAUK, which has lots of oils in it naturally. Before gluing up exotic woods I clean the surface with alcohol. The guy explained to me, that 20 years back when this machine was made they made doors, windows etc locally in the wood working shop. Burmese Padauk (also available in veneer as Narra) ranges from red-brown to red, holds its color well, but is heavy and extremely stiff. carpenter, cutting, sanding, and gluing wood. The woodexplorer. I had to cut apart the first cutting board I made like this because I didn't pay attention to where I was gluing these pieces. Alibaba. In woodworking, you do your own cutting and gluing so that you can finesse your project together just the way you want. Solid wood floors We are working with oak available in dozens of colours and different treatments from innovative styles to the weathered wood look. The feet are made from 5/8" thick padauk. 25 inches Height - 4. The inlays were done using the v-carve inlay technique. Afrormosia Lumber – Wood Afrormosia Wood Afrormosia Wood Lumber (sometimes called Afromosia wood) is known for its beautiful coloration, which ranges from golden to darker brown, gradually turning to a deep, rich, walnut-like color. Selecting the neck wood – the sapele was the best match Routing out the truss rod cavity in a non-standard way! The neck after rough cutting – rough being the word at this stage! And the back looks even worse! Locust is somewhat difficult to saw properly. Specie Description: Zebrawood is an exotic wood native from Western African Zebrawood is excellent for wood turning, veneer, furniture, pens, and knife handles. Use: is for framing and heavy timbering, suitable for hull planking. Dovetails will also be a design element of the box, the end grain contrast to the rest of the long grain on the boards will stand out. It is nearly identical in hardness to African padauk, is roughly thirty percent harder than American beech, twenty percent harder than hard maple, and is approximately three quarters as hard as Brazilian cherry's ranking of 2350. This veneer glue works great for gluing up bendable plywood and veneer in my vacuum bag. These are the wood frames that the drawers ride on, and also act as the divider between the drawer fronts. Importer of African products - Padouk, Bilinga Wood, Iroko and Tali Wood offered by Sunrise Group, Kolkata, West Bengal Lacewood has good gluing properties and can be nailed or screwed without pre-boring. The wood sands to a smooth surface, stains satifactorily, and polishes to a high finish. This species is also difficult to nail properly but does take gluing well. S is for the short padauk pieces and L is for the longer ones. After gluing and turning the padauk Cut off with a handsaw, turned around, and clamped into the self centering chuck After some work with some detail turning tools. African Padauk is a one-of-a-kind exotic hardwood, exhibiting a vivid reddish orange color that changes to a purplish-rose colored hue with age and exposure. I've not counted. . Wipe down the wood with acetone or denatured alcohol before gluing to ensure that the surfaces are completely clean. Cutting usually requires tungsten carbide-tipped blades. The neck will be made from 2 pieces of flamed maple and 1 piece of padouk. Buy all of your wood veneer supplies from Woodcraft. I use a thin rip guide on the left side of my blade to speed up the process of cutting lams. And Joe and his company got this to me fairly quick, and he always has lots of good advice on how to use the products he sells. All are legume family and have the Latin names of Pterocarpus macrocarpus, Pterocarpus dalbergioides, and Pterocarpus soyauxii. I agree with Joe 100%. A flat surface, straight edge, and combination square will suffice for gluing cubic or rectangular blocks. com Select either the 1/64” paper backed White birch Veneer Sheets or the 3/64” wood backed White birch Veneer Sheets. Segmented woodturning - is turning a workpiece composed of multiple glued together pieces. Re: Gluing inserts in pen blanks? I use mostly Hot Stuff. com Select either the 1/64” paper backed Padauk Veneer Sheets or the 3/64” wood backed Padauk Veneer Sheets. After watching a YouTube video by Dennis Edwards on a unique type of segmented bowl called a Dizzy Bowl, Ted decided to give it a try. After cutting the three holes I'm cutting one more just in a piece of MDF and I'm going to use that as a gauge on the lathe. Available in three tones, Better Bond X-Press™ is a fast-setting veneer glue with an advanced fibrous-resin additive that reduces bleed-through issues in all wood veneers. Padauk is an excellent turning wood and is widely used for fancy turnery such as knife and tool handles. Because it has a high resistance to abrasion has great strength, and it doesn't readily decay, it adapts well to cutting board stock. Made for everyone that loves and uses wood. Quote. A must-have reference for any shop. It works well with machine and hand tools. then I put medium on the tube and slide it into the blank about 1/2 way while twisting the tube. Boiling the wood works great for me with old hard maple but I can't say how padauk will react to boiling. This can actually be a good feature, since once the strings are on and tuned to p White birch Veneer Sheets and White birch Veneer Deals at Wood Veneer Factory Outlet. Padauk . Padauk is a stunningly beautiful wood that is naturally reddish-orange in color. We are engaged in offering a wide range of Padauk Wood Lumber. In this introductory article, you will learn TIPS and SECRETS to gluing wood together, creating tight joints, and other helpful tips for creating segmented pieces. It turned out to be such a pretty combination I've decided to do the same thing with this build along. Main Uses The unusual markings of lacewood make it popular for turnings, musical instruments, decorative accessories, veneers, flooring, paneling, and also for marquetry. Although mild and easy to work it can prove less exciting than its European counterpart. Iroko Wood Lumber is used in boatbuilding, piling and marine work, domestic flooring, furniture, veneer, railroad crossties, cabinetwork, shop fittings and joinery. Please give us a call if you are in need of a slab, and we will help you find the right one. Yellowheart is an amazingly hard and durable wood with a unique bright yellow color. We operate on more than 100,000 square feet of manufacturing space and can handle lumber from 4’ to 55’ with our special machines and lifts. Wood Veneer Sheets Savings & Wood Veneer Deals At Veneer Factory Outlet. Custom Glue-up Rex Lumber Company has the ability to provide glued-up blanks for panels, handrail, treads, posts, and wide or thick mouldings. Bright orange/red Padauk is my favorite accent wood. something I learned from a cabinet/furniture maker If you make cuts on one side of the hardwood before you actually glue it down it takes the "strength" of the wood out. For the last 11 years, he has been employed as a carpenter, cutting, sanding, and gluing wood. The workplace was indoors with limited ventilation. Due to the large tree diameter, live-edge slabs are often available for table tops, mantles, and other large projects. 55 mm Brazilian Eucalyptus Hardwood Flooring Scientific Name, Other Names: Flooded Gum, Rose Gum, Scrub Gum Description: Brazilian Eucalyptus is a large, fast growing hardwood timber commonly grown on plantations in Australia and around the world. Re: Padauk Mirror Using the Domino « Reply #18 on: December 27, 2007, 10:46 AM » If the mirror brakes you can remove all of the glass and rout out the back frame to replace the mirror. I have worked with a lot of padauk over 30 years. I have used it in furniture as in table tops, I have used it in turning bowls and plates and have never seen any evidence of an oily wood. Its color, different from many of the other woods we carry, ranges from greenish-yellow to dark brown. Engineeered Wood, Furniture, Good Quality manufacturer / supplier in China, offering 2016 Hot Selling Engineeered Wood From Luli Group for Furniture, E1 Furniture Grade OSB2, E1 E0 Grade Pine OSB and so on. The bottom panel of this jewelry box is made of two pieces of 3/8" padauk edge-glued together. Bowl Blanks: Wood bowl turning is one of the most popular ways to use a lathe. This Central American wood is widely sold in the flooring industry as "royal mahogany" but in fact has nothing to do with mahogany (that naming convention is just one example of the gross dishonesty of the flooring industry when it comes to wood names). Once the glue-up is dry, sand it just until smooth and then draw a line down the center of the maple strip. With David Rae and Anthony Damico, for Anthony Damico The mountain dulcimer (one of the few instruments originating in America) got its start in Appalachian folk music and even had a brief stint of fame thanks to the likes of Joni Mitchell. Closer look at the jacaranda and bird’s eye maple. 35 and thickness upper This wood is a yellowish brown color, which can sometimes give it a light orange tint. Working Properties – Due to the high oil content found in this wood, it can occasionally cause problems with gluing. This nut bowl is turned on a wood lathe in three separate segments, then glued and doweled together. (aka Northern Maple, North American Maple, Sugar Maple, Hard Maple) Editor's note: Maple is the most commonly used wood for drum building and is the standard by which most people judge and describe other woods. Hickory and Padauk board bow build before and it seems that some people have had problems gluing Padauk. Each knife cut goes between the wood grain, rather than cutting through them. Freshly milled the wood is vibrant red to red orange. Occasionally vessels exclusively solitary (over 90%). Generally, he worked with African padauk, Russian purpleheart and padauk wood (Pterocarpus dalbergiodes). Chemists have the periodic table of the elements, now woodworkers have something of their own. After exposure, the wood darkens to red brown, often with a coppery glow. Cocobolo has fantastic working characteristics, making it a favorite for turning and carving, and finishes very smoothly. Padauk , Find Complete Details about Padauk,Padauk from Other Timber Supplier or Manufacturer-Upsrich Resources Ltd. It can exhibit quite a large colour variation from one board to the next. It works and finishes fairly, and has good gluing properties. Pear wood stringing: 1/16 X 1/16 X 18" long. Self Healing Because knife cuts go between the wood grain, the wood grain can come back together much more easily. Of possibly 100 boards observed, all were fairly thin ringed, but with even thinner earlywood. Redwood: Redwood (Click on an Item Photo for the net sizes) DESCRIPTION: Color ranges from brownish-pink to reddish brown. I think my favorite grain patterns were in a tambour mantle clock I built from African padauk that I built for my stepson and his wife as a Christmas present four or five years ago. It is an excellent turning wood with a tight grain that finishes well with the simplest of applications. Each wood species, within its division, are differentiated by their own distinct properties and characteristics. This rustic looking pen needed the texture of the wood to come through, so my usual thick CA finish was out of the question. It is forty percent harder than hard maple, a little bit more than fifty-seven percent harder than red oak, just over ninety-two percent as hard as santos mahogany’s ranking of 2200, and is just over eighty-six percent as hard as Brazilian cherry. With a project like this you can use up really small pieces such as those. We stock a wide variety of live edge slabs. Padauk is the first true exotic I’ve worked with and I love the colors and bands of various shades in the wood BUT I found out quickly that tools needed to be wiped and different sheets of sand paper need to be used as the sawdust is very fine and stains hands, clothes, and can be imparted on other woods during sanding. Excellent red accent wood. Let dry then dip it into poly then hang to dry. 0. Joinery is a part of woodworking that involves joining together pieces of timber or lumber, to produce more complex items. Northwood Figured Wood: " Black Locust is a tough wood with a willingness to be steam-bent. After gluing into a ball, I sliced the ball 4 times and inserted one thin slicke of padauk each time, gluing it back into a ball each time. The maple and padauk shavings are really pretty so you might want to save those and use them as a decoration in the house. Gluing and assembling the base is a challenge because the glue tends to Guanacaste is a large tree that grows throughout Central America. Glue Up Once all the pieces are cleaned up, it is time for the head scratching. Making Blake’s Bowls Wood sources. I work with all kinds of glue for all kinds of jobs and I like to use expanding polyurethane glue (like gorilla glue) for gluing solid wood boards together or interior joinery. Gluing can occasionally be problematic due to the woods high density and natural oils. The first thing to consider is the best way to align the boards. WOOD SELECTION There are many beautiful, exotic woods with outstanding colour available at many wood and lumber supply stores. How should I finish some padauk I am inlaying onto some maple for a Cribbage board? I want to make the grain and color shine and I was going to use a 1:1 ratio of Tung and Linseed oil but I don't know how well that sinks into the wood since it is an oily wood. My scrap wood pile has been climbing out of control for years. 75 inches Number of pieces - 54 Because knife cuts go between the wood grain, the wood grain can come back together much more easily. This article about finishing oily woods was inspired by a question from Schuyler. Some care is needed when gluing, but can be glued well when following the manufacturers guidelines