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 Here at Brewed Motors we not only sell AEM engine managment systems we also use them in all of our shop builds.  tech·nol·o·gy – The application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes.  The holes in the baseplate where the idle mixture screws are located are called the idle discharge ports.  The K24W1 is a good bit different than the old K series.  Learn online at your own pace.  OSS MEgasquirt, LibreEMS, JimStim tuning software. 8 K series engine in standard form produces in the region of 126 bhp and 127 lb/ft of torque.  Get help with a tuning job and opinions on tuning strategies from experienced tuners from around the world.  The K-Series is an amazing engine, the performance gains which can be achieved by mild modifications is great and cost effective.  The 'K Series' is Honda's mass produced version of the roller rocker valve train assembly found in the S2000.  In 2003 and 2004, the M54 engine became the best engine in the category “from 2.  turbo, supercharger) or individual throttle bodies.  Walbro Carburetor Troubleshooting & Tuning Adjustment and correction of problems found on Walbro Carburetors 2013-10-17 Added HE Engine Pop Off Pressures 2014-11-13 Added reference to a source article and notes.  We can facilitate anything from general servicing and suspension setups to full custom 1000bhp turbo builds.  PN: 30-3502 - Infinity Series 5 ECU Honda K Series Engine Plug & Play Harness.  Mine is a 96 1.  We are offering an extreme application forged engine commission designed to withstand up to 1000bhp but equipped to produce 550bhp.  Originally starting life as a humble D15, which in Holland is the lowest spec engine you can find, Lex Novitec, a big name in high-end aero and tuning for vehicles such as Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Maseratis, and many more, has set their sights on the 720S.  Shop Summit Racing—your low price leader for Chevrolet parts and accessories! In this post, I am going to brief about a new method and the general procedures to calibrate (focus adjust) the AF accuracy of the (Pentax) DSLRs which are equipped with the Live View function.  Currently specialising in the tuning of the 2ZZ-GE engine used in the Lotus Elise, Exige and 211, 2GR-FE V6 used in the Exige and Evora, BMW S65 V8 and S85 V10 and can produce fast road conversions and all the way through to full race engines.  View additional notes taken on the seminar.  P1 Racing cam gears are made from forged AL7075-T6 aircraft aluminum which are the strongest and lightest adjustable cam gears on the market today.  VE tuning explained.  Infinity USB Driver Install on Windows7.  by: Benjamin Strader ©2004 .  It is the means to increase power, to improve drive-ability, to simplify the tuning process.  Thank you! Because of it's tall deck height (9.  They claim this is the first CR-Z + K20 swap to have all factory features work such as AC, power steering, ABS, etc.  David Patterson, aka the man behind the ThatDudeinBlue YouTube channel, has found an exceptionally clean EJ1 sporting a K20 swap. 0Litre Evolution engine's performance has significant improvement over All the 1.  acl www.  The rest of the engine is built using K20 parts, either standard or uprated as dictated by the appropriate race regulations or customer preference, allowing for The K20 wasn't the EG's first engine swap it saw though.  -The diameter of the main shaft has been made more uniform in size along w More knowledge about Honda K Series Oil Diagram has been uploaded by Alex Petrone and tagged in this category.  Rywire K-Series Chassis Adapter. com .  AEM EMS Version 2 part # 30-6030 for K series engine including k20 and k24.  Feel free to check out our current builds & events.  Specialists in the design, manufacture and supply of Honda engines and components for use within motorsport.  Questions and answers about ECU tuning.  The R20A's ECU is mounted on engine bay for advantages of shorter wiring harness.  KTuner is for off-road research and development testing only.  This engine came to replace the M52B25TU engine, and differed from it, primarily with 145-mm connecting rods and light pistons.  They come with more features standard than any other piston on the market, at a more affordable price than many of the competitors.  Our services include tuning (mapping) of ECUs, advanced troubleshooting (electronics, engine management) up to repairing damaged ECUs. 4 k series tuning Want to get a bit more bhp from my 1. Mark McGeary, Purchasing Manager, Polaris Industries Inc.  SpeedFactory LLC.  USD $169.  The much anticipated K-Series Street model is now available.  Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site.  K-Series (EG) J-Series (EG) 96-00 Civic (EK) D-Series (EK) B-Series (EK) H-Series (EK) K-Series (EK) J-Series (EK) 01-05 Civic (ES) 02-05 Civic Si (EP3) 06-11 Civic.  These are an affordable alternative fuel injector set that is highly regarded by the K-series enthusiast community! RDX injectors provide 410cc's and a unique spray pattern over regular factory K20A and K24A injectors.  Tuned with Hondata Kpro on 93 octane at 15-16 psi produced 535 whp / 340 tq.  The NST K20 Kit for the Honda Civic Si is featured in Import Tuner Magazine Power Pages! The Import Tuner Civic Si was dyno tested at Skunk2 in Southern California on a Superflow Chasis Dyno and peak numbers rose +3.  Quick view Add to Cart.  Tuning EFI Systems on a Chassis Dyno.  Year: Trans: Description: Type: Part # 1.  The Honda Integra DC5 (Japanese: ホンダ インテグラ DC5) is the fourth and final generation of the Honda Integra subcompact executive car, introduced in Japan on April 13, 2001, and produced from July 2001 to July 2006.  The 2.  Honda/Acura K-Series AirWerks T3 ProStreet Turbo KitFull-Race Airwerks T3 turbo kit is a budget friendly Journal Bearing singlescroll configuration for K-series powered Hondas and Acuras.  The website to the number one shop in Performance Tuning and Fabrication.  ca K20 Tuning forged engines.  Welcome to RameyRacing.  We supply and fit all aspects of the performance markets products such as wheels, suspension, exterior styling, carbon fibre and are specialists in engine conversions and even undertake one off conversions.  the k20 on the si is extremely high revving engine red line is 8000 rpms on the TSX is only 7000.  Technology is more than a buzzword.  All Manufacturers 1320-performance. 5 liters”.  The tuning utility offers flexible setup and the most powerful diagnostics in the industry.  Combine one of the best engines Honda made, with one of their best platforms, and you have a recipe for fun.  Tuning Rates.  Check out our extensive list of products and upgrade your ride today! Honda K20 Engine Tuning Information The Honda B20 Motor During the Accord era the was a lot more freedom with regards to the things that could be done to the engine which led these motors becoming more and more detached from their road going equivalents.  The lesser surface area, means less friction, but also at the expense of less strength.  Dave Andrews graciously allowed me to capture his extensive web page on tuning the K series engine.  It can be tuned to develop anything up to 250 bhp as achieved by Peter Carmichael. 00 ECU Tuning & Upgrades.  Great to finally meet you too mate, thank you very much for your advice and guidance, i assure you it is greatly appreciated.  Find great deals on eBay for k series tuning.  How to adjust typical diaphragm carburetors On most Zama carburetors to help find the correct adjustment there is a small L beside the Idle mixture screw and H beside the High speed mixture adjustment.  On the rollers a k20/k24 rsx. dsportmag.  was founded by 2 passionate members back in 2006 and has quickly grown into our current 8 person operation with a 10,000 sq.  We have been building and Racing Honda/Acura cars since 1996.  By and large, the stock answer/recommendation to questions regarding K-Series tuning is "have it dyno-tuned.  Use the MLS gasket and oil rail for your engine. com, includes a variety of information on how to tune the Acura RSX and other Honda K-Series cars (Civic, TSX) with the Hondata K-Pro ECU.  Rover K-Series Normally Aspirated Engine Tuning Suitable for Lotus Elise S1, Elise S2, Exige S1 & 340R – Rover K-Series 1.  Most of the companies talked about in this book have gone out of business or no longer offer the parts talked about in this book.  We have many years experience with this engine and can supply it in road or full race trim.  You could be one! We offer professional solutions at affordable prices.  Previously the tuners pulled a similar tuning job with the Honda Insight to give it more power.  At TDi North, we are Japanese vehicle tuning specialists for Honda Type-R’s, S2000’s, Nissan Skylines and GTR’s, 350Z and 370Z’s.  04/13/99 Updated 05/31/01, 12/20/99, 02/19/03, 07/10/03.  Honda Tuning Packages Default sorting Sort by popularity Sort by average rating Sort by newness Sort by price: low to high Sort by price: high to low Showing all 5 results He is one of the finest K Series tuners around, and we are proud to be able to offer his services to our customers.  Wiseco pistons go through more finishing processes than any other piston on the market without driving the cost up.  The carburetor number is usually two letters followed by two or three numbers (Example: WT-451) The carburetor number is usually two letters followed by two or three numbers (Example: WT-451) MkIII 216's are K series engines made by Rover with no association to Honda at all.  K20A / K20Z 8620 Steel Billet CAMSHAFTS The newest engine in the Honda tuning community.  The Honda K20 engine build is installed and running! We hope you enjoyed reading about this Honda K20 engine build.  If you sent time playing Gran Turismo as a youth, then you knew about Spoon Sports before they ever sold a part in the US.  Just like the GSR/ITR rod bearing, the K-series rod bearings also feature the friction reducing coating that consists of molybedynum.  For Sale: 2005 Lotus Elise - Honda K20 Turbo Engine Swap This is a very unique car. 0 to 2.  Ktuner is based on the 05-06 RSX platform but is adaptable to a variety of other applications through the use of different ecus and/or an adapter harness.  If you would like a quote on the shipping please email before purchasing.  Every vehicle should be flashed back to factory before being driven on a public road.  Skunk2 Racing is an industry leading aftermarket performance parts manufacturer that designs, engineers, develops, and manufactures engine, suspension, and exhaust performance parts for Honda, Acura, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda, and Subaru.  User Name: Remember Me? Password: Use the same user name on Club RSX, Club EP3, and Club ILX! The K20/K24 Hybrid combines the best parts of two different K Series powerplants, while maintaining a good chunk of the OEM parts, and therefore, OEM reliability.  The "K Series" is Honda's mass produced version of the roller rocker valve train assembly found in the S2000.  86-89 Integra (AV) 90-93 Integra (DA) K-Series (DA) B-Series (DA) 94-01 Honda Tuning Specialists, Suppliers of Hondata, KPRO, Tuning, Parts And Servicing This road tuning course will give you the necessary skills to tune any engine from start to finish on the road.  Dyno Tuning.  Definitely worth the wait, the evo is running like a dream and I am actually happier than i thought lol.  We carry ECU computer chip upgrades that you can only find here.  My K20 tuning session.  It also looks quite agressive with or with out an intake.  DRAG CARTEL INDUSTRIES run by Jeremy Lookofsky, performance K-series Honda engine builder.  The newest engine in the Honda tuning community. com is an independently owned forum and enthusiast site dedicated to the Honda Civic (10th generation).  Walbro 450 lph High Pressure Fuel Pump.  Spoon Sports has been tuning and racing Hondas since 1988. 7 sec 1/4 mile run at the East London Grand Prix Circuit.  The Original Honda K series Engine Swap for the Mazda Miata. 5" exhaust system, I am now running a 3".  Normal adjustment for 2 needle carburetors begins with the L needle. 114"), the trend will be to take these blocks and use the K20A/K20Z head found in the 06-up Civic, 01-06 RSX-S for more rpm potential and added tuning ability. The engine was built in two forms: a straight-four cylinder, available with SOHC and DOHC, ranging from 1.  K Supercharger FAQ Rover K-Series CM: hangar/faq_ksc_v1.  JDM Florida : The largest importer of JDM engines, complete swaps, clips, and parts.  K-Series development Story What is the story behind the K-series? It was certainly quite a political battle for the then nationalised Austin-Rover to get funding from the Department of Trade and industry, but this article concentrates on the general development of this truly ground breaking engine that to this day remains extremely competitive.  Turbocharging the k series will give you maximum power potential, with the down side of reducing reliability. 0/11/11 Page 1 ROVER-K-SERIES SUPERCHARGER KIT – FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Background The Hangar 111 K-Series Supercharger kit transforms a standard or modified Lotus Elise S1, S2, 111S, Exige S1 or 340R into a smooth, drivable high performance road or track day car we Sites have a variety of styles Shoes/Clothes,Original Design From Designers, High Quality & New Product.  In June of 2007, Mugen announced the release of the performance enhanced FD2 Honda Civic Mugen RR, based on the FD2 Honda Civic Type R.  Based on how the K20 engine is used (street or race) and level of K20 modification we either use Omex ECU or Honadata ECU.  I bought the car for weekend drives and track days at VIR.  TDi North Powertuning Since the beginning we have been racing, with both our own cars and with our customers.  Bespoke tuning work with a proven track record to over 280BHPis also available at reasonable prices. 7K The seller was an agent for the owner so he knew few specifics about the Insight.  Did you know? Vimeo is an amazing video service for original creative work, but it’s also a company with real human employees. 0tq.  Before tuning your advance table, be sure to use a timing light to verify that your ‘trigger offset‘ is calibrated.  The K-Tuned 90mm Throttle Body is now available in a K-Series specific application which includes a flange location to connect the factory K-Series Idle Air Control Valve (IACV).  Our mission is to develop the best supercharger kits in the world with unparalleled performance, quality, reliability, and value. 4kss, which IIRC was for a race series (certainly mine is ex race) with a Minister built 1.  These are genuine OEM Honda/Acura RDX 410cc (K-series) saturated injectors.  Hond-R is a growing and successful limited company specialising in the performance market specifically for Honda Cars.  The front shocks will likely have lost travel and easily bottom out.  GOT QUESTION? CALL US 8am-5pm WALBRO CARB IDENTIFICATION HELP: Examine the side of the carburetor to locate the carburetor number.  Free shipping is done by the most cost effective shipping method for each order and delivery can takes 3 to 5 days on average.  The DIC's are highly rated and liked in the K-series community and related forums.  You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed.  The Deatschwerks EV14 1000cc Injector.  One of the most popular engines of the M54 series is the BMW M54B25 engine.  Evolved Injection high impedance injector is the most substantial injector that has excellent idle quality for street cars while providing more than enough fuel to supply mid to high horsepower levels.  Specifications of the EP Tuning 6 Speed Sequential Fully dogged 6 & 7 speed gear sets (including reverse) Internal oil pump & spray-bar (with external fittings for oil cooler/filter) Bell housing designed to fit K20/2ZZ with anything from std flywheel-clutch to multi-plate race clutches 3 bearing shafts for maximum strength 14mm wide gears on 86mm spacing Over-sized crown-wheel for increased The K-series engine is a series of engines built by Powertrain Ltd, a sister company of MG Rover.  No splicing, cutting, or modification is needed.  Pre-Tuning Checklist.  Building Honda K-Series Engine Performance, author Richard Holdener gives you a detailed description of the K-series engines, the various kinds of aftermarket performance parts available, and describes how these parts perform on the dyno. 00.  The K-series engines are much larger than the stock L-series.  Sponsorship.  The mill you see in the photo above is a K20A2 from an ’03 Acura RSX Type-S.  VTEC Killer Camshafts.  Vehicle Applications For The In-ECU KTuner End User Board and Dealer Tuning: The Honda K-series engine is a line of four-cylinder four-stroke car engine introduced in 2001.  K20 block has been bored, low friction, tolerance controlled forged pistons with a new 87mm head gasket.  It was launched in 2000.  See also a membrane carburetor overview, Buyers guide for Walbro Carbs and Rebuild Kits Rotrex - the inventor of the traction drive supercharger H-Tune Guarantee. " Problem is that properly dyno-tuning a K-Series engine can be rather involved and expensive, so it pays to learn as much as possible about the tuning process.  Videos.  Click here to read our cookie policy and learn how we use cookies and the steps we take to protect your privacy.  Most popular engines are catered for but it specialises in the Rover K series engine as fitted to the Caterham Se7en, Lotus Elise, MGF and Rover saloon cars.  The following photos and explanations are what need changed.  We carry and stock everything you need from Fuel Management products, Wideband 02, Fuel Pumps and Injectors, ECU Chipping and Reflash, Dyno Tuning, Engine Building, Wiring, Electronics and more.  This adapter is made to allow the installation of a K-Series engine with the 02-04 K20 engine harness. COM Unsere Gewindefahrwerke bescheren Ihnen ein völlig neues Fahrgefühl We have had the VVC control on the Emerald M3DK ECU for several months now but to date only on the Turbo Technics supercharger conversions.  evanstuning Drag EK Civic with bone stock K20 engine, custom twin scroll turbo kit using BW turbo, sheet metal IM/90mm TB, ID 1000cc, drop in fuel pump and other supporting mods.  Many of these kits include hand-built, tuned, stainless-steel header-type manifolds with large external wastegates, which with proper fuel tuning can produce enormous horsepower increases.  1.  TurboSmart Race Port 50mm Blow Off Valve (Weld on Flange) $ 260.  Looking for the complete t Discussion on K-series ECU and tuning.  H-BEAM DESIGN Universally accepted as the industry standard throughout the racing community, incorporates the proven H Beam rod design.  We build & tune Honda/Acura , All-Motor, Nitrous, & Turbo Engines.  On a side note, we will be seeing this engine in a 5door civic in the US.  The K-Series Programmable ECU (K-Pro) consists of a hardware modification to any K-Series ECU, plus Windows software which allows you to re-program the ECU and datalog sensors. 4, dry sump, hot cam, fancy ECU, 128bhp.  This exhaust manifold for the EG EK DC Chassis with the K20 / K24 Engine were designed to combine the exhaust gasses from each of the cylinders quickly with a manifold that was cost effective to produce.  VTEC Killer High Power Profile Camshaft Design -The primary and secondary lobes are designed to be the same size.  This adjustment controls the fuel flow to the low speed or idle circuit.  New posts: Hot thread with new posts: No new posts: Hot thread with no new posts K20 Tuning Forged Engine 2.  The after market tuning industry is awash with claims of extra horsepower for the K series, some of these are ludicrous, some are genuine.  New Products.  Not too much in common with the old k series.  A 2 step rev limiter is a great thing for those with a manual transmission that want to improve there launching with the car.  Download MegaTunix Tuning Software for free.  This was on the 2.  HONDA K20 ‘TYPE-R’ ENGINE VTEC TUNING While there’s quite a few variations of the Honda K-Series engine, all very tunable, we’re concentrating on the 197bhp+ models found in EP and FN Civics, and DC5 Integras.  The headgasket you mention for the T series 220 is the klinger gasket and is not appropriate for the K series. 8 engines which were also used in most of the VHPDs.  Or you can pay someone to make them for you, same goes for tuning.  The K-series valvetrain is a huge improvement over the B's in factory trim but, retrofit rollers like these Ferrea units are available for the B series.  Manufactures and sells high performance automotive parts for Hondas and Acuras including K-series engine swap products and engine/chassis tuning parts November 24, 2012 Hybrid Racing Hybrid Racing - All things Hybrid Racing, Honda and Racing.  InlinePRO K-Series Race Spec Timing chain tensioner.  There is a new, exciting tuning system for factory and swapped K-series cars.  The K-series engines are equipped with DOHC valvetrains and use roller rockers to reduce friction.  Schedule an Appointment. 35-2.  Press Releases.  by lancer3d 05/30/2012 - 8:52am : by RedSIGuy: just ordered an ultimate tune with vitviper: 1 Welcome to RameyRacing.  This page, mostly compiled 2004 to 2006 when I was very active at ClubRSX.  The special K20 engine makes 240 horsepower (240ps/8000rpm, 22.  Independent Product Reviews.  MegaTunix is a cross-platform tuning application for some of the available DIY Fuel Injection controllers, including the MegaSquirt (MS1, MS1-Extra, MS2 and MS2-Extra) as well as the LibreEMS EFI system and the JimStim ECU stimulator/development tool.  Deatschwerks is a name well known for producing high quality fuel injectors. 8 K series performance engines.  .  LHT Performance made news previously for swapping a K series engine into a Honda Insight.  If you want maximum naturally aspirated power from your engine swap then the Honda K20 and K24 are your answer! K-Series.  Road tuning is an important tool for any tuner to have in his or her skill set, and even with access to a dyno, we still recommend that every tune is checked and confirmed on the road.  When tuning and modifying K20 engine we always use method in line with needs and preferences of our customers.  A K-series with axles and transmission weighs about 350 pounds.  Formula R Motorsports Honda Civic Type-R does a 12.  Full Race K20 dyno graph.  GDK20 - GDK24 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS WARNING: This is a complicated engine swap.  The K20 engine is tuned to its maximum, to make every possible HP at every rpm.  Heat management is a concern on RSX / Civic Si chassis as the heat of the turbo manifold, turbo and down pipe are very close to the fire wall and numerous other items in the engine bay.  This site uses cookies.  I would have to go on instinct as in-depth questions were not an option.  The WOT portion is similar to what is done at a dyno shop except with more revisions while the part throttle tuning is focused on zeroing Short Term Fuel Trims (STFT) which will not only improve WOT transitions but also inturn improve throttle response, performance, low end torque and fuel mileage.  International customers from the furthest corners of the earth use Brewed Motors tuning services, both live dyno tuning as well as E-tunes with full dyno results.  One of the biggest problems in the automotive industry is how to deal with parts failures.  Career Opportunities.  K24 is tuned for economy, ecology, safety and so on.  Caddy, K20, Mike Garrett, mk1, Random Snap, Volkswagen, Work About Us Speedhunters is an international collective of photographers, writers & drivers with a shared passion for uncovering the world's most exciting car culture stories. 3bhp and 185ft/lb torque.  Here you will find anything from best quality camshafts to racing crate engines and black friday Specials 1. com Plus 3K recent new ECU & tuning = $27.  It includes Windows based software called FlashProManager.  The tuning world has changed drastically since then, especially Hondas.  Not only do we back our racing chips, we provide you with the best instructions for a simple install.  Over 25 years of motorsport experience combined with a series of carefully selected suppliers, ensure you can have complete confidence in the products supplied.  Proudly presented by the Skunk2 Racing engineering team, the Ultra Series is years of research and development, culminated in a multi-piece cast aluminum intake manifold that offers advantages that only a modular design could allow.  Hybrid Racing designs and manufactures performance automotive parts for Hondas and Acuras.  The FlashPro allows full user tuning and datalogging for your car.  Genuine Weber linkages are ghastly expensive, but they work really well.  So like the R18A, the CR-V's R20A has similar 'sonic tuning' implementations in the intake (air filter) system to dampen the noise from the induction resonance and for the R-Series to also deliver a better sounding engine note especially at WOT.  K-Series: K20A / K20A2 / K20A3 / K20Z1 /K24A1 *NOTE for out of United States orders there will be an added charge for shipping.  Racecar Engineering magazine spoke to Neil Brown of Neil Brown engineering to find out his K20 engine tuning secrets and what it takes to make power from the Honda K20 / K Series engine.  Stock K20/K24 Setup tuned on KTuner (260+hp) The setup was the same before and after minus the new K20 type S head and the K20 oil pump.  If anyone doing a VVC/K series turbo build maybe you would like to share some of your experiences on this thread? VVC or K Series ONLY as it would be nice to have a totaly separte thread for it. 8 litres.  Walbro has demonstrated outstanding performance in terms of quality, cost competitiveness, on-time delivery and flexibility.  Simply unscrew your stock Honda map sensor, screw the Hondata Map Sensor in place, plug in, and go.  Anymore mods I could do.  What was first met with resentment from Honda fans all-too complacent with B18Cs and K Series Parts is your one-stop-shop for performance auto parts and accessories.  Changing the Trigger Offset in TunerStudio will not change the displayed advance, instead, it changes the actual advance as seen with a timing light.  Basic tuning with K-pro **beginners read** with Tuning Guide This is intended to be a one step thread for beginners to k-pro to get an idea.  K20 Upper Coolant Housing with Filler. 1 litres to 1.  If setting up a 2 step rev limiter on a n/a motor it is usually just for one thing, and that is consistency.  I have read about fitting vvc exhaust cams and suspect I could replace the 48mm plastic throttle body with a 52mm.  This is a Full Race Pro Street turbo kit on stock k20 engine using a GT3076R turbo VS stock K20 supercharged Inline Pro Timing Chain Tensioner (TCT) for Honda / Acura K Series (K20 & K24) Engines Inline Pro VTEC Killer Locking Pins for Honda / Acura K Series (K20 & K24) Engines NGK Ignition Coil Packs for Honda / Acura K20 & K24 Engines The K20 engine, a B-series successor and forerunner for the Honda hall of fame, offers more power and torque than ever before, expanding the potential for your car.  Tuning chips can be tricky or even sound intimidating, but we guarantee you'll be pleased with our custom performance chips or your money back! The Rover 1.  K20 / K24 Swap – Lotus Elise/Exige 2005-12; Monkeywrench Racing accepts Visa / MasterCard / Discover / Paypal / Checks / Money Orders and Bank Wire Transfers K-series Tuning Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years ago The Rover K-series engine is a light and modern engine design that is popular in many sports car applications, for example the Lotus Elise, MG TF and Caterham.  The early 1ZZ engines are now notorious for piston ring failure and oil consumption, especially in the MR2-S.  peter fisher the leading authority in optimising air flow potential from cylinder heads, was commissioned by mike satur to extract more power and mid range torque without compromising the normal road manners.  Honda Tuning has a great article documenting each and every K-series engine.  We have raced and developed the Rover K series engine to give good power/ reliability and drivability. The FlashPro connects from your laptop's USB port to your vehicles diagnosticport to provide real time programming, a variety of calibrations and extensivedatalogging capabilities.  Tools: Same as B-series for the most part.  In fact, the software was written for the TT pressure-charged engine having both vacuum and pressure readings on load.  Contact your dealer for purchase of the DVD.  Thank for visiting Ct Engineering’s web page we are under new ownership and we will return soon with most of the great products you have come to expect from us in the past.  It will also work for our all RYWIRE K-Series engine harnesses.  Engine Parts and Upgrades - Power Upgrades - Performance Upgrades - K20 K20A2 K20A3 EP3 Civic Type R Engine Modifications K20 for sale, MUGEN dealers, HONDA K20, CIVIC Type-R, WTCC, HONDA, MUGEN HONDA, HONDA Racing, M-TEC, HONDA F1, FD2 ENGINE 225PS JDM Kraftwerks performance is the supercharging division of Group-A Autosports Engineering.  EP Tuning S2 Elise/Exige/2-Eleven Toyota Plug and Play ECU After almost 18 months of Research and Development in conjunction with Track Group and GEMS ( General Engine Management Systems) an OE supplier of Lotus ECU's we are pleased to announce the release of our All NEW Plug and Play ECU.  K Series tuning pins are made from the finest steel, machine-threaded for maximum bi-directional torque and nickel plated to enhance beauty and provide long-term This is based on the direct injected accord motor.  It was hosted here for some time but I was unable to keep up with the traffic and the updates.  You can do small things such as correct dodgy cam K Series Parts offers free shipping for the majority of items that we sell that are shipped inside the continental United States.  We are the orginal and largest RSX and k-series authority.  Build the Ultimate Miata with our K24 Engine Swap Packages.  topsecretusa On the rollers with @shawn_k20 Civic using @igniteracingfuel ⛽️⛽️⛽️ @officialhday HDAYPrep 💻 @therealyosolo #topsecretusa #giantautosalvage #igniteracingfuel #yosolo #hondata #hday #boosted #401k #weloveshawn #ethanol #tuesday This is an insert from an article on Q-jet Tuning Tips that appeared in the January 2000 issue.  If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above.  We have a full online store, message board, and tech articles. 2kgm/7000rpm) by having exclusive camshafts & valve springs and by tuning of intake and exhaust system.  Your goal is to make these two match.  Novitecâ s new N-Largo package made quite a splash when it was announced recently, so letâ s take a look at what makes the N-Largo so special.  Sections of this page Download MegaTunix Tuning Software for free.  Honda K-Series ( K20, K24 ) The alternative is a K-Tuned Immobilizer Bypass which is much more affordable than Hondata but you don’t have any tuning options so They took the Honda K20 VTEC series motor, and were able to make a perfect fit in the Honda CR-Z.  Generally, orders ship within one business day, and we always provide free shipping.  Contact Us. com is the best technical website for the K-Series based Honda and Acura vehicles.  Before the motor was a stock, unopened k24a2 with the same bolt-ons and cams as of now.  It also contains additional information on RSX tuning and modification in general, with an emphasis on ECU tuning and supercharging.  This 2005 Lotus Elise has been a great car for road and track.  Tips For Tuning Aftermarket EFI Systems.  The Hondata 4 bar K series map sensor is designed for a simple plug and play installation on K20 and K24 engines.  KTuner for 05-06 RSX Base and Type-S, 02-04 RSX, EP3, and Swap vehicles.  k series tuning parts.  The engine produced a healthy 254.  We offer a full year guarantee with any product sold, and liaise with manufacturers to get issues dealt with quickly and fairly.  This design delivers structural integrity, sound design and peace of mind when testing the outer limits of horsepower, torque and engine rpm.  there are many tuning mods available for the rover k series/mgf engines but now there is something different.  Jump to.  This engine acts as the power plant for the Acura TL, Honda Civic Si, and Acura RSX.  | Showcase ©2015 CivicX.  You searched for: "rover k series turbo kit" Throttle cable kit, QED/Jenvey bodies, single/double cable (each) Vauxhall XE (C20XE) Fuel Injection R K Series Parts, Denver, Colorado.  If you have never performed an engine swap before, Hasport recommends that you have this swap performed by a competent shop.  The naming lineage is straightforward - bolt a K20 head onto a K24 block and a K20/K24 is born.  Any sidedraft is going to need some sort of custom linkage design. 8 engine.  Post-Tuning Checklist.  $149.  About AEM Electronics.  Simply put, Crome is an OBD1 Honda ROM Editor which lets you edit and add extra features to your stock ECU.  In terms of this tuning, the Honda R&D engineers were very careful to emphasize to me that the K20A Civic is designed for luxury with performance.  The k20 wont make that much more horsepower than it has maybe 75 HP more if you modify with turbo.  T3 Pro Street turbo kit installed on K20.  The IACV is computer activated sensor which creates a controlled vacuum leak to help maintain a stable target idle.  Check out their crazy center seat turbo Civic Type R time attack car.  Ignition Tuning Ideas for Turbos. 65L 550bhp, Supercharged System Complete with Intercoolers, ECU's and Full Engine Dyno Tuning and Rolling Road Ultimate K-Series tuning package.  K-Series Tuning At icetronix we cater for the mild to wild tuning for the K-Series engine. 4 MPI k series engine was hoping for a caterham engine but got outbid did manage to win the caterham ecu.  Rover K-Series Camshafts and Followers Order by: Select Product Name SKU Price Latest Products Filter: By: Product name onlyProduct description onl I have a standard 118 bhp k-series, are there any engine builders out there with reliable results, I'm after approx 140-160 bhp, I'm sure this has come up before and I could go vvc, but wondered Rover K Series.  Dyno Policies Forum software by XenForo™ ©2010-2017 XenForo Ltd.  The DeatschWerks (21U-01-0600-4) 600CC Fuel injectors for K-Series (k20 & k24) & F-Series (F22C) Honda motors.  Our product line ranges from small modules for bypassing the engine immobilizer to complete tuning systems.  This is based on the direct injected accord motor.  The Infinity Series 5 is used with the Honda K Series PNP harness.  Just always take your time and keep things in order and make sure they get back together correctly.  Beyond that, it's the same basic principle.  We’ve got a huge selection of in-stock Chevy parts, including engine performance parts, OE replacement and maintenance parts, interior accessories, exterior upgrades, exhaust components, wheel, tires, and more.  The main goal behind SpeedFactory Racing was to develop a trusted local business and also build some of the fastest cars in the nation.  The worlds oldest and largest Honda/Acura K-Series based store! Financing options available! Free This road tuning course will give you the necessary skills to tune any engine from start to finish on the road.  K20 Performance Tuning Parts and Technology.  It's been more than a decade since Honda introduced its K-series engine family and a lot's changed since then.  Shop with confidence.  So comparing K24 and K20 we can see same head design, both have high compress ratio, both can rev high, but K20 blows like a hot champagne and big bro is dull… The key problem – the tune.  Key features are significant gains in torque over the whole of the engine speed range, with maximum power in excess of 230hp.  KMOD Performance specializes in Honda/Acura Engine Building, Tuning, & .  K-SERIES: To do a K-series, you can for the most part follow the B-series guide step by step.  The Honda K-series engine is a line of four-cylinder four-stroke car engine introduced in 2001.  Aside from our aftermarket performance parts, our commitment to service sets HPTautosport apart.  They seemed very eager to get this message across and it was only during this review session that I finally understood the reason for it.  This includes dyno tuning, engine building, and more.  Technology. 99 Add To Cart Download the March Seminar in Acrobat format and view while watching the seminar DVD.  In some cases, we might need to slightly alter the design, colour, or even accessories.  We greatly appreciate the hard work and dedication of the entire Walbro team.  As a part of our success in racing, we needed to have available the parts and products that continue to perform in a race environment, round after round.  This engine series is found in a number of Honda models, including the Honda Civic, Integra, Accord, and CRV, as well as in the Acura CSX and RSX.  Sometimes when you are tuning an engine that is already in a vehicle on a chassis dyno, a lot of strange things can happen that you should be aware of.  To achieve the best possible K20 engine horsepower and torque, we are using engine dyno or rolling road dyno.  I decided to go with the K20 over the K24 since I wanted the extra revs for the track versus more torque that the K24 provides.  Worlds Largest Dyno Database .  Highly Flexible and Capable Software Features: Our Burny K-Series Tuning Software provides fast and easy setup and servo motor tuning.  this will not include much advanced tuning, and will give the simplest ways to tune certain aspects but i may note when there is a more thorough way of doing something.  Setting up a 2 step rev limiter for a Naturally Aspirated (N/A) engine. 8 L Engines LUV: 4 CYL 2 BBL HITACHI: 1972: All For these models we offer larger turbocharger options to optimize performance at higher horsepower ranges, that the factory system could never supply.  Acura K20 Performance Engine Parts. 4hp and +4.  Infinity tuned racers at WCF 2013.  Dyno proven to make 10+HP thru the entire powerband, these are the cams to get for stock to semi k-series engine build where it be a K20 or K24 build.  Civic Si (FD) Civic non-Si (FG1) 12-15 Civic Si (FG4) 16-18 Civic (FC) 17-18 Civic Type R (FK8) Integra/RSX.  You can also see how much thinner the K-series rod bearings are.  The FlashPro allows full user tuning and datalogging for the 2007-2008 AcuraTL Base and Type-S MT and AT.  We offer a range of tuning options delivering useable power between 135 and 210 bhp, and specially built race engines capable of more.  DVA Power offers a number of off the shelf K series upgrade packages from 135 to 190BHP.  foot retail parts store & race shop.  Expect more facts and pictures after it is featured in Honda Tuning magazine.  You can make up something out of redline linkage arms and balljoints and a stock throttle wheel if you're clever.  There are loads that advertise in the 7 owners club magazine low flying and elsewhere. The Honda K20 power plant has won back to back drivers championships in the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC).  We are also proud to announce that SAFE GUARD in East London is a sponsor of this vehicle.  Willkommen bei N2O-TUNING.  To eliminate clearance issues the engine bay needs to be modified The K24A4 is the most popular of them all due to the fact that was used to service the 03-up Accord as well as the 02-03 Element.  The old D motor was 200 and change.  Side mounted turbo allows for longer manifold runners, better turbo position and weight distribution.  This gives the ability for one to run a Honda B/D/H series engine with forced induction systems (ie.  Hide this message \Chevrolet Truck Carburetors.  These injectors are built for precision and for performance.  It includes Club RSX is dedicated to the Acura RSX and the Honda k-series engine.  The K-series is undoubtedly a durable engine; the bottom end is practically unburstable on engines that have not been tuned (and there is some latitude for tuning efforts within limitations, particularly with regard to engine speed).  The K20 engine series has a number of variants, typically after the K20A they start getting numbered and count up, although some other names do exist.  We are the go to source for all of your automotive needs ! DIY Honda and Acura Products, Services, Support, write-ups and tech links.  In September 2016 the original Toyota 2ZZ motor blew while on track at VIR with an oil pump failure.  Evans Tuning Dynos.  25K likes.  Jeff gives you some of the most important details to be aware of before taking your Honda K-Series based setup in for a dyno tune.  Advantages of tuning with a VE-based ECU.  Because of it's tall deck height (9.  Connectors include aux port for ancillary sensors.  Start your General Tuning Discussions here.  This article details the basics of tuning a turbocharged engine running on pump fuel.  Kraftwerks supercharger kit rotrex Honda Civic Si K20 k24 Mazda Miata S2000 The K Series was designed and originally manufactured with steel dowels, to locate the head to the block.  Bullet Proof the K-Series Transmission with Aussie made straight cut gears Build 3; See the Supercharger Dyno plot and Dyno Video, FINALLY!!! Follow our Build 2 as we Update our CRX with a Rotrex Supercharger and more Pick up the Feb 2010 issue of Honda Tuning Mag to see our car in a Feature Article, "333 Days"! Find great deals on eBay for honda k20 engine and honda k20a2 engine.  model year : k20 ep3 & dc5 2001-2006 Buddy Club P-1 Racing Cam Gears allows precise tuning of camshaft timing which is an essential tool when using any aftermarket performance camshaft.  All told it is confusing for the newcomer or the inexperienced owner who does not necessarily know what is available or what works and what doesn’t, it is very easy to be sold a ‘pup’.  However there will be plenty of tuners wanting to stay true and run the original K20A3 head.  The car is away now running the engine in, and will return to us for tuning and servicing in due course.  Unfortunately, these were replaced with plastic dowels in early 1.  The Deatschwerks EV14 48mm Injector for the K-Series motor for 8th 9th gen civic Si, RSX TSX and any K-Series platform this injector will work for.  $189.  A K-Series tuning specialist would be best for your needs