Naruto and koyuki have a child fanfiction


 I have a guardian wolf named dire, that will protect me.  The massacer of the most powerful clan , the birth of a cursed and unwanted child.  If you use anything, give credit to me and whomever place the idea in the collection.  Neglectful parents and a painful past , koyuki tsukikaze is forced to endure hardships that no child should be forced to put up with .  While this was going on, Athena and Hikari were laughing at Naruto's predicament. Naruto explained, scared that the two would beat him to an inch of his life.  In all truth, the two were fine with Naruto already having children, having met them once already before coming to the village.  Trivia "Shion" (紫苑) means Aster tataricus, a type of flower.  .  But, what powers does he discover and what "freinds" does he find along the way "naruto X harem" pairings undecided for the most part.  Annual award winners for a variety of categories will be posted here. " Awwwwws omg this is cute so guys the reason I'm not pinning that much is my dad's uncle died the day befor yesterday and we went to my dad's aunt house and my dad left again today for work and tommorow we go to eat with the family and the family is Mexican so yeah the on the 17 my mom dad is having a family dinner and the 21 I have my end of Okikagu Anime Sisters Manga Games Awesome Anime Kawaii Anime Anime Couples Naruto Utensils Relationship Forward Awww :3 (Read the following if you want to, is just my opinion) - I know there are people who ship them as a couple but to me that's so not the case. She is the only child of Sōsetsu Kazahana, the former daimyō of the Land of Snow.  Naruto, not realising that Shion was asking him to have a child with her, agreed.  So, I have made this collection of Naruto,Bleach,HP stories that any one is free to use and to add too.  If you have a story or author in mind to nominate, please visit the nominate page to submit your request.  Naruto is neglected by his parents and his sister.  I hate wearing shoes and pants but i love wearing shorts.  Shion is later seen with Naruto, and put down from his back.  Koyuki Kazahana (風花小雪, Kazahana Koyuki) is a famous movie actress, primarily known for portraying Princess Gale (風雲姫, Fūun-hime).  To vote for an author and story please visit the Awards page to cast your vote.  Karma x okuda 3/7 page 3 Karma: next, Okuda-san’s left hand on blue.  Challenge as first chapter but still a story.  So, he decides to run away.  "A child protected by a wolf.  A wolf companion? How an animal magic might manifest itself?" "Wolf girl 4 yeard old"" Im 13 and a wizard at hogwarts in slytherin.  Just message me.  She then tells Naruto that her power needs to be passed on and requests his help, shocking everyone present.  Instead of Naruto starting the series at 12-13, he is 16 years old, about to turn 17.  A Naruto rewrite for better LGBTQIA Representation Note: I aged up the entire cast just a little bit.  Okuda: Eh? but that’s impossible… Karma: Turn your body face up and reach it like this, can you do it? Naruto Comic Naruto Art Anime Naruto Naruto Shippuden Naruto Shikamaru Temari Naruto Meme Naruto Funny Kakashi Manga Anime Forward Shikamaru and Temari YAAASSS TELL EM SHIKATEMA F*CK THEM HATERS Y'ALL GOTTA ACCEPT KISHIMOTO'S ENDING AND THAT SHIKATEMA IS CANNON, TRUE NARUTO FANS WOULD DO THAT