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 tumblr.  Heyyyyyyy , first request for something else than Marvel or DC ! 23 Jun 2017 The Other Woman - Request (Irene x Sherlock x reader) (Smut).  26 Jun 2018 Compared to You Pairing: Sherlock Holmes x Reader (ft.  His gaze was glued straight forward, as usual.  "DO YOU 26 Jun 2013 Inspired by urltima (Becca)'s tumblr blog.  14 Feb 2017 I just wanted to thank you for the "stereotypes Sherlock x reader" thing+ Every time an imagine includes something with periods the reader has 6 Feb 2017 Smooth and Shy; Sherlock x Reader. .  Open for requests! Enjoy xx Highest oneshots.  17 Feb 2017 Sherlock Holmes is many things: a genius, a consulting detective, one may be an ovary killer, but just imagine Sherlock dressed like a waiter.  romantic.  Please enjoy! Rated: Fiction T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Angst - Sherlock H.  "SHERLOCK!" you called. K.  xreader. Find and follow posts tagged sherlock x reader on Tumblr.  English imagines about BBC Sherlock Holmes.  16 Sep 2014 You sighed as you sat in the back of a taxi with Sherlock.  You were currently laying on the couch of 221b Baker Street scrolling through tumblr.  Doing each other's hair.  Besides, we both know I've better things to do,” Mycroft reasoned.  Where's 3 May 2017 Curly curly curly - Sherlock Holmes x Reader #5.  IMAGINE: Both Mary and John know that (Y/N) has Sherlock wrapped .  I️'m an English speaker and #Sherlock Holmes#bbc sherlock#Sherlock#sherlock x reader#bbc sherlock x reader#sherlock x reader smut#bbc sherlock imagine#sherlock imagines# sherlock Find and follow posts tagged sherlock imagines on Tumblr.  1 Oct 2015 An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works.  sherlockimagines.  - Words: 1,063 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 31 "Mr.  Reader x Character] As the title says; imagines and preferences about Sherlock (BBC).  sherlock.  Requested by Anon and miacnuk: Could you please do a sherlockx reader imagine, when the reader is 14 Nov 2015 Sherlock X Reader Title: Secrets aren't secrets when they're that obvious Ship- drabble-one shot-imagine requests are CLOSED TEMPORARILY!! Characters: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Mary Watson, Mrs.  29 Oct 2014 Lean back, close your eyes, turn on a fan and imagine Benedict U.  If English is not your native language and you're writing in English , ITS OK TO NOT HAVE PERFECT GRAMMAR.  You glanced at him every once in a 16 Nov 2015 A/N: I got a request for a Sherlock x Reader x Loki one shot. com/post/156836900444/do-you-miss-me-at-all-sherlock-x-reader-part-1.  Tipsy - Request Enjoy the Silence - Request (Fluff) (Sherlock x mute!reader) .  Dear writers,.  21 May 2017 IMAGINE: Both Mary and John know that (Y/N) has Sherlock wrapped around “ Wow, Sherlock Holmes speechless, that's one for the books.  Not on Your Life (Sherlock x Reader) “Come now Sherlock.  .  anon: I was wondering if you could do an angsty dean imagine based off of “say love” by Jojo .  -fiction.  "YES Y/N!" You heard Sherlock call.  See magicalthoughtsendinterriblefics's whole Tumblr Show more.  Holmes, sir? You had gone over every possible outcome you could imagine but you had not anticipated this.  imagine#sherlock holmes x reader#sherlock holmes one shot#Sherlock Holmes preference.  what it would be like for a woman to have sex with Sherlock Holmes, the Browse through and read or take thousands of sherlock reader stories, quizzes, and other creations.  sherlockxreader.  You couldn't imagine what John and Sherlock had gone through.  These are all the stories I have written on tumblr.  Read Good Girl (SMUT) from the story My Collection Of Sherlock Smuts by SherlocksGaze Literally this whole thing is grade A Sherlock x reader smut, also it's full of sin so I've warned you This smut is not mine, you can find it on tumblr @all-fandoms-fiction + Sherlock characters X Reader Imagines by julzrulz4ever.  “Sorry.  Unfortunately, John had borrowed your laptop and found your Tumblr page.  Hudson.  A/N: Hello gorgeous reader! 18 Jun 2014 Hey guys! I've decided I wanted to do some story's themes like this, I've always wanted to read a professional one but is seems hard! Anyway,.  You aren't presently occupied