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13. Or other tube bass amps He wants an Ampeg SVT Classic, but for $1800 we can do better than a Vietnamese amp that weighs 80 ****ing pounds. Vous aussi, inscrivez-vous et rejoignez le 1er réseau francophone des musiciens ! Bienvenue à Théo qui vient de s'inscrire à l'instant. Z series vs Afterburner Fodera. Bienvenue à Isabel qui vient de s'inscrire à l'instant. The Best Bass Amps Combo Under 500 2018 Gearank -> Source Kustom amplification kxb500 bass amp and de115neo cab review the 4 best 10 bass cabs cabinet reviews 2018 ing guide how to choose the right bass amp hub best rated in bass guitar amplifier cabinets helpful customer Traynor YBA300 vs Ampeg SVT-CL Hello!Looking to get into the world of tube amps. Shootout between: Ampeg SVT CL 2000's USA 300W, Fender Superbassman 2016 MIM 300W, Traynor YBA200 MIC 200W and Mesa Boggie Prodigy 4:88 USA 250W! Bassists who swoon at the sight and sound of late-’60s to early-’70s vintage Ampeg SVT rigs should feel right at home with Traynor’s pummeling powerhouse. not so much for his bass playing. Ampeg micro cl with matching 210 cab. – Premier Guitar, Joshua Davis, Steve W. 7. The problem with the Trek 7600FX Custom Aluminum Bike Blue Local Pickup Only Local Pick-Up only: Seattle, WA. My favourite on the market was mentioned by /u/DigitalDiatribes mentioned - the Traynor YBA300 which is stellar - they are a Canadian company but have USA dealers, check that out here Mesa makes a few, probably good if you're into that sound but not my thing. When Ampeg switched to 6550s, they said it was to "take advantage of that tube's greater plate dissipation" thus illustrating what I'm talking about regarding operating efficiency. practice features and apps over 20 months Other models are available in-store. Long & McQuade is Canada's biggest guitar store offering a huge selection of bass amps from your favourite brands & much more. *** LOCAL SEATTLE PICK UP ONLY *** Condition: This bike is in good used condition, but does have some cosmetic damage to the frame in spots from previous use. I used an SVT-CL from the late 90's (still US made) for a long time and it was a great amp. Gator Master Cross Reference Also: Dein "Referenz-Amp" scheint ja ein Ampeg SVT CL zu sein. then everyones backs get saved and you still get the massive svt tone. is an option for all purchases. Wanna see if there really is a difference Amp and cabs Mesa m pulse Gallien Krueger 2001 or 1001 Darkglass amp Genzler m350 combo Ampeg 810 fridge I usually use either my ampeg svt-cl head hooked up to a svt-810e for LOUD rock and roll , or my traynor yba300 hooked up to a tc810 cab for more laid bac psychedelic 60's tube tones, or sometimes (most of the time) I use both! Call the location nearest you for details. No 3rd party shippers. Ampeg SVT-410HLF Antonio Angotti Tax The Heat I’m a big advocate of groove and feel and love to hold down the rhythmic aspect of bass playing with the drummer while marrying that with the harmony. Shop online today! Mesa M6 carbine 2013 vs. group: amp preamps gt2 tech 21 sansamp basic amp emulator group: bass tube head svt-cl ampeg classic 300w bass head all tube yba200 traynor 200w all tube bass head yba200-2 traynor tube bass head - 200w yba300 traynor tube bass head - 300w. The amp was designed with those massive, rumbling tones in mind and coupled with considerations for modern reliability. I still like to try and turn heads. Commentaires . 32 11 11 19. I use the ampeg a lot, but I'm ideally looking to move up to something louder and tube based from traynor, but space and ease of portability are concerns right now; otherwise I wouldn't own a micro stack. Gator Master Cross Reference. Any popularity poll Ampeg Traynor vs whatever non American Canadian is overwhelming skewed to Ampeg Traynor by the American Canadian influence on TB. rental cat 2017_Layout 1 7/4/17 4:27 PM Page 10 Long & McQuade is Rent vs. and value—you could buy a huge amp that looked great for half the price of an Ampeg. I was just wondering which of these amps, both of which are available at my local Long and McQuade, is a Canadian Dingwall. 125 43 43 74 1 month: $25 $13 $32 1 month: 1 month: nylon full size classical guitars goldtone cc-100r resonator banjo (69687) traynor ygl1 15w marshall jcm800 100w tube head with fx loop 1/2 & 3/4 sizes also available. pdf), Text File (. 25. Any. Das war auch der Anfang meiner Vollröhren-"Leidenschaft". Welcome to Connie’s Covers! You cared enough to buy the best and you know how hard they work for you—why not guard your investment against damage and the weather with padded custom covers? . Der Traynor und der Orange klingen einfach zu "modern", der Peavey zu "dünn" und den Laney empfand ich als Enttäuschung. no one on this board has a road crew. 63 22 22 37. 125 43 43 74 Ayant possédé un Hartke 3500, une Ampeg SVT 3 pro, ayant joué sur une Ampeg V4BH, SVT 4 pro, je trouve la Traynor bien mieux justement car on peux obtenir une saturation naturelle (que je n'ai pas obtenue avec la V4BH, qui en plus selon moi manque de puissance). Jon Harvey from Monster Truck shows off his Traynor Rig and explains why he plays Traynor Amps Top tip here: Have you heard about Traynor? I bought their 300 watt valve head (YBA300) about 3 months ago and I couldn't be happier with it. Buy what you like. The SVT is a fantastic amp, very different preamp than any of the others - they're fairly unique among tube amps as they employ a baxandall/james bass-treble stack combined with an active midrange circuit. Ampeg SVT classic 2014; Are you a heavy metal guitar player, collector or enthusiast? Our traynor YBA300 shit the bed partway through The North American made Traynor YBA200-2 200-watt all tube bass head is built to deliver a solid foundation for any player looking for a great rock, blues or country bass tone. two foot controllers. Martin, and Sean Sanford, from Facebook. Ampeg SVT CL / Fender SuperBassman /Traynor YBA200 / Mesa Boogie Prodigy 4:88 /Sadowsky p bass. this must be your first time. BassGuitar 129 April 2016 - Download as PDF File (. Compare my warwick ss2 ovangkol vs wenge. Video Review - Traynor Amps YBA300 Bass Amp and TC810 Bass Cab. 1 month: $25 $13 $32 1 month: 1 month: nylon full size classical guitars goldtone cc-100r resonator banjo (69687) traynor ygl1 15w marshall jcm800 100w tube head with fx loop 1/2 & 3/4 sizes also available. if you're playing gigs with a big amp in a road case, you simply double up, one person on one side and one on the other with a guitar in each other hand. txt) or read online. Transcription . download Plainte . Enter the AD200B - seems like a much better amp. Jedoch klingt zumindest keiner der mir bekannten obig aufgezählten Amps, wie ein SVT CL. Unfortunately, the plate voltage was considerably higher than 6550s could reliably withstand and I recall unhappily, many of them arcing out immediately. TheReceder , CPplaysBASS and High Camp like this