Venus conjunct moon transit


 Venus Rx will briefly dip back into Libra which will represent a temporary surfacing from Scorpio's depths.  There could be changes in your income from career.  You love being in love so having a genuinely loving and harmonious relationship is important for your sense of well-being.  The Mercury Conjunct Jupiter transit ensures optimism reigns.  So transits might have an impact on when events occur during the dasa.  A square or opposition can open up old wounds and stir up emotional baggage that you have to deal with, but are uncomfortable with.  This is a very popular combination where the natives will be attracted to charismatic partners and usually be part of the glitterati, in whatever field they inhabit.  It then moved into Aquarius for a look around at the future plans and has now come back to Cappie to conjunct the North Node at the beginning of that transit.  Personal Reports.  December 1st, 2018 | Tags: Full Moon, Mars at zero degrees Aries, Mars conjunct Neptune, Mars in Pisces, Mars sextile Pluto, Retrograde Mercury, Sun conjunct Saturn, Sun enters Capricorn, Sun in Sagittarius, Uranus in Aries, Venus sextile Saturn, winter Solstice | Category: Newsletters | One comment The Waning Moon transits Gemini from Saturday, October 27, to Monday, October 29, between the Taurus Full Moon and the Gemini Disseminating Moon Phase The Waxing/Waning Moon transits Taurus from Thursday, October 25, to Saturday, October 27, during the Taurus Full Moon Phase Mars Transits in Aspect to Your Natal Moon: The stressful aspects (conjunction, square, and opposition) increase the chance of arguments, especially with women.  In addition, the Moon itself had by direction come to Venus—the ruler of the Ascendant, and was coming to Mercury, the ruler of the Sun.  Moon Trine Venus Transit Moon transits to planets in the natal chart are very brief influences, lasting few hours.  dear all, my juno in gemini 12° is conjunct my partner's moon at gemini 12° - i think they miss making an exact conjunction by maybe like 15 minutes.  Venus takes about 584 days to travel 360 Degrees in the Zodiac and the twelve houses.  o North Node conjunct Jupiter or Venus in the 5th house can indicate twins, the same is true if one of these casts a partile (within 1 degree) sextile or trine to the degree ascending or 5th house cusp. 2017 h.  The only planet not aspected to Venus natally, is Mercury.  Your imagination will be more active and you will be more likely to cry at a performance of “La Boheme”.  Venus Conjunct North or South nodes KEYWORDS: FUTURE LOVE, PAST LOVE, FAMILIAR LOVE STYLE, DESIRED LOVE STYLE, SAME VALUES, SAME DESIRES, CREATIVE INTERESTS, LETTING GO, MOVING AHEAD, ROMANTIC.  Mercury will go retrograde the 22nd, then conjunct Venus almost exact the 24th and 25th.  Moon takes approx 28 days to travel 360 Degrees in the Zodiac and the twelve houses.  Edhitha Tagged: divorce, engagement, george clooney birthday, George clooney engaged, marriage, pluto square venus transit, progressed full moon, Solar return chart, solar return libra rising, solar return marriage, uranus conjunct venus transit, uranus transits.  When the Moon transits in the 11th, you could be responding and reaction towards any of what was mentioned.  Once they achieve that harmony of purpose with the universe, they may very well be "blessed by Pluto" and Moon Conjunct Chiron – Transit I didn’t feel that I was in my best form today but I can’t put a finger on it.  Note that Chiron did not transit any significant planets or asteroids during my divorce or the time of my ex moving out or any significant changes in household occupants.  Natal Moon Conjunct Saturn.  This sugar fest doesn’t really have to do anything.  Uranus conjunct my Sun was opposite natal Pluto which is exactly inconjunct natal Venus (this is important) Saturn was pretty close to opposing natal Mercury; Jupiter was applying to oppose itself; The Sun was conjunct natal Venus…and so was the Moon.  And the same kind of thing can be seen for many events shown in other horoscopes.  Transit Venus Conjunct Natal Moon ~ Feeling the Love .  Always state the faster moving planet first.  Explore your life direction and soul purpose through examining the North and South Nodes.  Sun Transits Moon Transits Mercury Transits Venus Transits Mars Transits Jupiter Transits Saturn Transits Saturn Signs Houses Saturn Phases Uranus Transits Neptune Transits Pluto Transits Progressed Moon Progressed Moon Signs Progressed Sun Signs Ephemeris Calendar.  Venus rules your finances and your love life, while Jupiter adds the Midas touch to each.  My moon’s natal home in my birth chart is the 9th house and cancer rules my 7th house; My Neptune’s Natal house is 12th house in my birth chart.  is that Pluto conjunct north node people are going to be a little more driven by the universe to do their life's task. 6 years or so, when the transiting nodes form a conjunction with the natal nodes.  Following each description is a comprehensive rundown of how each Planet is impacted by the transit of every other Planet, based on the sign of the natal planet.  This planet is a good description of how you were in a former life, if you chose to believe in reincarnation.  What happens while you are young will have a very strong effect on your future life, so that the attitudes and patterns you pick up in youth will be very hard to change as you get older.  This transit generates feelings of affection and makes you feel supported by your friends.  And when it happens, it’s like the Struck Tower Card in the Tarot.  Uranus takes 84 years to orbit round the Sun, so he can only transit conjunct your moon in your birth chart once in a life-time at most.  This is especially true if the other person is a woman, regardless of your own sex.  Those with Mars conjunct Venus in their horoscope get average outcomes in life.  Hard aspects like squares with harsh planets like Mars in your horoscope can over power this submissive aspect.  When it hits the natal Moon, which is the center of emotions, the unconscious core of our beings, interesting things will happen.  Venus Conjunct Saturn In Natal Chart There is a feeling of being contained with this placement.  .  Venus conjunct Moon A good time for surrounding yourself with friends and younger people and for having a good time.  This seems unnecessary based on my experience as transiting Venus conjunct natal Vertex can lead to fated romantic encounters, first day at work at new job valued by a person, etc.  Resting on our laurels is not an option with this Moon.  Feelings may run high, but their expression is drastically limited.  You already know how you feel about an area of life before transiting Saturn comes through to make you do something about it.  Pluto in 1st House Trine Venus conjunct Jupiter in 5th (a triangle with Saturn in 10th; square with pluto and inconjunct with Venus- sparing jupiter lol).  Transiting Jupiter was transiting my natal 3 rd house of community conjuncting my natal venus in the 3 rd house, good luck and beauty.  Effects of RAHU conjunct with other Planets Rahu, the north node of Moon is the cause behind underworld, mafia, smuggling, mining, jails, hospitals, mortuaries, mental asylums, occult and magick practices, bomb blasts, sudden and unexpected incidents in life.  I don’t know what to think about this one.  Tags: Ceres conjunct Uranus, Daily Moon, Mercury in Aquarius, Moon conjunct Ceres, Moon conjunct Uranus, Moon Phase, Moon Sign, Venus conjunct Vesta.  On the 22nd, the Venus trine Neptune transit with the Moon in Cancer promises quiet, romantic, and tender moments with a lover. .  This transit can last (off and on) for about two years.  Technically, from today until the 25th it will not go more than a degree from my natal Venus, and I'm OK with just saying the transit will be occurring over the next week.  Now I’m pushing 50, I’m starting to get a handle on it 🙂 There’s some Saturn wisdom creeping in, I think, the benefit of time! Deep and dark and beautiful.  It isn’t a feeling, it is a practice.  Hi, I’ve just read your article and I don’t understand things.  PDT on July 31, 2015.  Venus conjunct Pluto in Libra, also Sun (Libra) conjunct Pluto here (and moon opposition Pluto, pluto trine ascendant).  AstroManda on Planets Conjunct Angles in Astrology Jackie, yours is a good example of the importance of parallels when charact… AstroManda on Planets Conjunct Angles in Astrology Gavin,,, you are right you need to watch out for nervous energy due to anxi… Venus is conjunct with Uranus today.  Moon Conjunct Venus Transit.  The text below is the interpretation of Venus transit when Conjunct Moon Venus conjunct Jupiter Fulfilling your heart’s desires.  December 1st, 2018 | Tags: Full Moon, Mars at zero degrees Aries, Mars conjunct Neptune, Mars in Pisces, Mars sextile Pluto, Retrograde Mercury, Sun conjunct Saturn, Sun enters Capricorn, Sun in Sagittarius, Uranus in Aries, Venus sextile Saturn, winter Solstice | Category: Newsletters | One comment From her Venus conjunct Union conjunct the Anti-vertex, my conclusion was that she brought love and the desire for a permanent union to her world.  They may be too protective, overly needy, very susceptible to the emotions of a mother figure or other family members.  This transit can only happen once every 84 years.  Me, Edwin Learnard, talking about transit Venus conjunct the natal Ascendant.  When Venus is conjunct the ascendant it can be in either the 1st or the 12th house.  Transiting Chiron Conjunct Natal Venus.  The moon and sun of this chart are biquintile.  You are gentle, kind and really affectionate.  Any planet within 2 degrees (either side) in the sign opposite the Full Moon is in opposition to the Full Moon.  Venus rules love, beauty, values, goals, and art.  Venus is harmony.  Do we want to stay with Planet transits in year 2017 01.  This specifically has to do with synastry, where one partners Venus conjoins the other partner's south node.  Transit Aspects.  does anyone have any thoughts on what this might mean? Natal Uranus conjunct the Ascendant Home » Planets » Natal Uranus » Uranus in Aspects » Natal Uranus conjunct the Ascendant When Uranus, the ruling planet of Aquarius, conjuncts a native’s Ascendant, the main influence it imposes is a rather eccentric character.  My juno opposite 3 degree his sun/moon midpoint First meeting chart - Juno conjunct 1 degree venus & MC Composite - juno conjunct my natal venus juno opposite his natal mars/mercury Natal charts & current transits-me - I have juno conjunct sun 1 degree cap he has exact an trine from venus 2 degree taurus. g.  If your romantic partner’s Jupiter is conjunct your Mercury, he/she will introduce you to lucky social connections and encourage you to expand your horizons by gathering your information through travel and adventure.  These people can be mean, strict, and hard.  At the same time, everything could take on added value and importance.  The Moon's nodes move back by transit to their birth position once every 18.  Sun Sun Sextile at the Semis and Sun conjunct natal Jupiter at the final appears strong for the 2014 champ at 31st.  Get A Natal Chart Report Deluxe Transit Report – 1 Year Progressed Chart Report Deluxe Asteroids Report Get A Solar Return Report Get A Lunar Return Report Child Natal Report 1 Year Transit Report – Outer Venus Transits Venus Transit Interpretations.  As the Moon is the planet that rules your emotional state, it is extremely important to know how your emotions will be affected by it's transit through each sign. " "Moon trine Venus in the natal chart makes you a kind, honest and beautiful person.  This was the case.  Having planets conjunct, square, or opposite your partner’s Sun/Moon midpoint is indicative of a significant attraction.  Transits of the planet Venus to natal planets in your birth chart: (transiting planet is listed first) More on determining planetary condition Moon conjunct or quincunx Venus is the grand-trifle-on-top-of-a-meringue aspect.  Transit from Pluto to your natal Moon will have a profound impact on your emotional makeup.  A Venus cycle is about new beginnings in love, beauty, money, and personal values.  To assist us in making the most of Venus conjunct Pluto are two sextiles from the pair, to Chiron in compassionate and empathetic Pisces and Mars in Pluto’s rulership of Scorpio.  Natally, I have Sun Semi-Square Venus, Venus Septile AC, and Venus Semi-square MC and the rest of my Venus contacts are Conjunct, Sextile, or Trine.  Transiting Venus conjunct, sextile or trine your natal Venus: When the planet of beauty and style makes an aspect to your natal Venus, your natural style shines through! This is a great Uranus conjunct Moon- Sudden emotional break that creates change in feelings.  Transiting Sun Conjunct Square Or Opposite Ascendant, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto Transiting Sun Trine or Sextile "Moon trine Venus brings love, tenderness, harmony and friendship.  Venus conjunct the south node is a past-life lover and you will share a haunting chemistry with them.  This page is dedicated to showing you how find out which Zodiac House the Moon is transiting through.  More so when the Sun, Moon or 5th-ruler are also in common signs.  Moon Conjunct North Node: You're enthusiastic, popular, generous and able to deal favorably with women or the public.  However, there has to be a tight conjunction of one partner’s Sun-Moon midpoint and the other person’s Sun, Moon, Venus, or chart angles.  Venus in the twelfth house and within 3° or 4° of the ascendant is said to be on the " dark side " of the first house, and it expresses itself in both houses.  I have neptune rx opp merc rx (and venus direct) natally.  Venus Conjunct North Node Transit. Venus's transits to planets in the natal chart are brief influences, lasting approximately one to two days.  I definitely felt the impact of Venus/Pluto, especially in my 20's.  Increases the ability to process powerful emotions of personal forgiveness.  You’ll often find synastry aspects involving the Sun/Moon midpoint in the synastry charts of significant relationships.  In more recent years I have experienced some close-orb eclipse transits to other planets.  The trigger will have been Venus' deeper explorations in Scorpio.  A conjunction between Venus and my MC has much to recommend it.  It all makes sense and you are so right “Attitude is everything”.  Your point is well taken, but I would say (and I think the Magi Society agrees) that a significant transiting planet (Venus, Jupiter, Neptune, or Chiron itself) that offers a harmonious aspect would soften or possibly help resolve (especially if it's Chiron by transit) those difficult natal aspects.  It’s currently applying at 1°21.  Transit Uranus conjunct MC A shock, something suddenly changes the status quo 2.  As Venus moves towards the conjunction with Pluto, marking the end of her transit through the cardinal square, she also moves into a sextile with Saturn and so contributes her energy to the ongoing yod formed by the sextile between Saturn and Pluto, and at various times Jupiter, Lilith and Vesta.  If anyone wants details of the US solar return or the US Vesta return charts I will oblige, but I’ve shared them previously.  I feel like we belong together like he is my soulmate we have been in this on and off push pull relationship for 5 yrs and it so hard to picture him Transiting Pluto is creeping his way to my Descendant and is currently conjunct my Juno.  There's a very good chance you will be transformed by the arrow of Cupid during this time. node his moon conjunct my chiron, venus square neptune, the list goes on.  Transiting Venus conjunct, sextile, or trine your natal Moon: This is often considered an opportune time for beauty treatments and changing your personal style.  Minor Transits are the Inner and quicker moving Planet/Luminaries; the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars.  You are likely to feel distant and detached from those closest to you.  o Fixed signs on the asc or 5th cusp deny twins.  Edwin Learnard's interpretation of the Moon conjunct Jupiter in a natal horoscope.  I will have this transit next year and read a lot about it.  World Transits 2016-2018.  Her venus conjuncts my south node and my sun conjuncts her south node.  It’s the proverbial Blue Moon as it’s the second full moon of the month.  Major Transits are the Outer and slower moving Planets; Jupiter, Saturn Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.  Transits of the Moon to Natal Planets and Points Overview Because the Moon moves around the zodiac so quickly (completing a cycle in approximately 28 days), transits of the Moon are truly “transitory”.  My natal neptune is conjuct the galactic center (26 degree Sagg) in 3rd.  It`s pretty much happening now and wondering what its effects could ne in love and finances? - Originally posted in the Astrology forum.  First half of the month can be considered to give a bit good result.  Return Moon conjunct Natal 11th House Cusp (Strength: 4.  I see a fractured self.  You like to care for people and should have good maternal instincts regardless of your sex.  Much more than a horoscope, we will want to Venus will be at 9 degrees Capricorn, conjunct Pluto at 9 Capricorn, squaring Uranus at 9 Aries and sextiles Chiron on November 14/15th shaking the cobwebs out of our interactions with others (friends, colleagues, loved ones) and perhaps forcing something hidden out into the open.  (House of Cancer and the Moon) A friend with this transit is remodeling her home.  Transiting Mars is conjunct my Uranus and I feel a little tense, a little colorful, a little… Mars (aggression) conjunct Uranus (shocking!).  In Libra, Venus Rx will look closely at the give and take/imbalances in one or more relationships.  The trine might increase your talents (if you have them).  Saturn transits conjunct your natal Moon: During this transit, you may experience self-doubt, feelings of isolation, and depression.  Venus conjunct Saturn is in play, currently, and we think that is (at least) as important as the New Moon (for some people).  Venus trine Moon Transit “ As a result of having advance knowledge of future transits, I have felt truly empowered and so much more in control of my life.  Here are some possible changes that can take place when you have transit Pluto conjunct, square or opposite Moon.  Hmmm, the Sun represents masculine persons, fame and life journey.  Brad has both Moon and Venus conjunct his antiVertex within a five degree orb (maximum orb is eight degrees).  A Neptune transit increases their power.  Emotionally ~ birth of a new emotional attitude.  Any planet within 2 degrees either side of the Full Moon in the same sign as the Full Moon is conjunct the Full Moon.  I experienced obsessive love at 16 (lasted me for 5 years), heartbroken badly at 20's and lots of admirers, plus stalkers.  I have conjunct Venus/Saturn in the 8th opposed by conjunct Uranus/Pluto. 01.  Transiting Moon Conjunct Venus brings peace and harmony to your life.  Venus aspecting and activating her native element of water, and Salacia touched by the full moon is light shining on the calm waters.  Transit of Neptune with Venus tend to give you a false idea of what love (and who your lover) really is.  The person is a spouse of an immoral person, ever miserable, courageous, fearless, with eyes like those of a serpent.  The Moon is ruler of his Vertex, so he has the ruler of his Vertex conjunct the antiVertex, making this axis very strong indeed.  It is an aspect that seems to energize emotions and those emotions may often come out with Martian or aggressive qualities.  It’s interesting that your Jupiter is conjunct his Sun-Moon midpoint, but I wouldn’t attribute your feeling of a deep connection to this.  If the planet is Venus, for example, you will most likely have a beautiful appearance, a great complexion and possibly dimples on your face.  Transit Chiron inconjunct Progressed Moon A moment of hurt 4.  Soul searching on emotional past, atmosphere growing up and the family.  Mars Venus Conjunction Mars is fire while Venus has airy quality.  Venus Conjunct Pluto October 13, 2015 December 26, 2017 astrologyplace With Venus conjunct Pluto in your chart , you want to be loved passionately and you’re starving for a deep, intense and profound love.  venus conjunct jupiter A conjunction or conjunct symbol is an aspect that emphasizes and brings together the energies of the planets involved.  Read About Current Transits Here! TRANSITS is a remarkable book which features sign by sign descriptions of each of the Planets, Asteroids as well as Chiron.  2012 Transit of Venus.  There was a lot I wanted to cover for this Venus-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn piece.  If you have the Moon and Saturn conjunct in your natal chart, the progressed Moon paves the way for transiting Saturn.  Moon conjunct Venus You may be moved to appreciate and discover the beauty in your life and in those around you.  In my observation, the most powerful cross-aspects in love relationships are the man's Moon or Venus conjunct or oppose the woman's Sun, Mars, ascendant or ruler of the ascendant; and correspondingly, the woman's Sun or Mars oppose or conjunct the man's Moon, Venus, ascendant or ruler of the ascendant.  Black Moon Lilith transitted Capricorn this past spring, coming together for a little tete-a-tete with Pluto at the early degrees of the sign.  Yet the Founding Fathers of 1776 and 1791 were apparently unaware of the existence of far away planet Neptune with its potentials in Astrology for delusion, deception, fraud, dissolution What is a New Moon Cycle? In Astrology the term "moon cycle" (or "lunar cycle") refers to the 28 day cycle of the moon's continuous orbit around the earth.  Conjunctions focus and intensify the energy much like a laser beam on an exact point in your chart.  They can also cause the native to be magnetically In synastry the girl and I have sun conjunct venus, mars trine mars, mercury conjunct venus, saturn sextile mars, etc.  Venus conjunct Mars in Pisces has the power to be a faith-renewing transit, energizing people enough by reminding them of the humanity they share with others and that love and acceptance still matter and are still worth fighting for.  You may have a change of job, relationship, or residence.  If you have a natal planet conjunct your Ascendant, this should have a visible impact on your physical appearance.  Next aspects of the Moon in Virgo Moon square Jupiter Moon square SunEvery 7 years or so, Saturn will transit conjunct, square, or opposite a natal planet.  Two full moons fall within the same calendar moth every couple of years.  In a relationship now and his pluto conjuncts my moon and venus, his neptune sextile my venus, n.  Transiting Moon in the Houses.  *Vesta conjunct Pluto (18-19 Capricorn) trine US natal Vesta, *Moon will square Nodes and oppose Uranus right after she conjuncts Ceres and Venus.  It means that the Moon individual is likely to provide emotional and other supports for the Dharma— soul goal— of the other person.  The Full Moon forms at 07 degrees, 55 minutes Aquarius at 3:42 a.  So…Chiron conjunct Ascendant is almost on the proverbial horizon.  Effect of Transit of Ketu (South Node) on Planets Astrology In Astrology Transits is the movement of the planet in the sky in the present.  A few hours before and after the perfection of the aspect, he was involved in extensive communication at work, which is rather unusual for him.  Overall, this month will give mixed results to those who are born with Virgo as their Moon Signs.  But for ketu and Saturn, transits might be as relevant as dasa.  Transiting Venus Aspects.  In Synastry, the nodes of the moon contacts are fated meetings.  A particular event may leave you feeling abandoned.  Most of all you like to love and be loved.  Progressed moon conjunct progressed MC forming grand trine with natal moon and natal Mercury / Jupiter conjunction Progressed IC conjunct natal venus SA Saturn conjunct natal IC Transiting Uranus and Jupiter forming grand trine with natal Mars at 19 degrees Sage Transiting Neptune opposite natal Sun All of these aspect are tight - 1 degree max.  Venus conjunct Mars synastry means that there is physical intimacy in the relationship.  In composite we have sun conjunct moon 2 degree orb, venus trine jupiter, mars sextile ceres, etc.  "Moon trine Venus brings love, tenderness, harmony and friendship.  This is a magical transit when you are especially generous and giving, optimistic, and kind towards others.  You are likely to expand his/her social or professional contacts.  In the case of transit to a natal, the transits are always faster because they are actually moving.  The position of the Moon at our birth is a very important point in our natal chart but the transiting Moon’s effects are relatively short because it moves so quickly.  You will feel emotional, caring and loving.  Earlier this month, on the 5th of June, there was a Transit of Venus over the Sun.  And sure enough, My progressed Venus is now Conjunct my natal MC.  The Also included is a list of Critical degree, and contacts with other planet during this transit including Eros conjunct Moon, Phaethon, Nessus, Nodes Neptune, Odysseus and Neptune. over all.  The Black Moon Lillith By Frater RIKB There was a time when astrology was a fairly cut-and-dried affair.  The Pluto conjunct Venus transit is a once in a lifetime process of transformation in relationships! It heralds intense and sometimes obsessive love affairs, many of which are one-sided.  He is the founder of the American Academy of Vedic Art and Science – which offers level 1-3 Certification programs in Vedic Astrology.  The moon person has a psychological influence to the the Mars person to reproduce.  Your confidence shines.  The text below is the interpretation of Moon transit when Conjunct Venus The transits of the planet Venus to natal planets in your birth chart are delineated.  You're in touch with your romantic needs, and you're intuitively connected to your environment.  My life is quite odd right now, no other way to put it for I don’t even completely understand it, after all, it is the first time in this life, at least, that I have been here.  Moon conjunct Mars is a great synastry aspect for a loving sexual pleasure that both party will enjoy.  Often the moon is the “trigger” to set “things” in motion… On the 11th the moon enhances the configuration by making also a conjunction on the MC with Jupiter en Mars on the MC… and the Sun, Venus and Pluto just a few degrees from the Ascendant here in Hasselt, Belgium at 08.  I don’t know if you have experienced this but I haven’t been able to commit to anything over the past year & a half.  Tramsiting Venus also conjunct my natal Jupiter in the 4th house, the 4th house literally rules real-estate.  Example 1:Transiting Saturn Conjunct Sun/Moon Midpoint.  Needless to say, your temper and your patience will probably be shorter when there is a stressful aspect from transiting Mars to your Moon.  Venus’ soothing transits and the Virgo Full Moon.  Find Your Soulmate Saturn Transit the 12th House Using Astrology To Get What You Want Dealing With Saturn in Capricorn.  When transiting Pluto is conjunct your natal Moon: This is often a time when emotional support in your closest relationships is lacking.  Transiting Venus conjunct your natal Moon.  Hi I was wondering if anyone could tell what it means when venus is conjunct north node and mars is conjunct south node so it opposes venus.  This is the method of prediction of the present events in life.  The first significant eclipse transit I am aware of was my nodal return so with it came another lunar eclipse conjunct my moon.  Transit Neptune sextile Sun Confused 'letting go' 3.  I want to connect and care about things but I just don’t anymore.  However, Robert’s Moon, Mars, and Ascendant are conjunct Kristen’s Sun/Moon midpoint.  it’s a good time to be with loved ones, to show you care, and to feel their support.  Venus and Jupiter represent abundance. m.  Let’s say your Sun/Moon midpoint is at 28 degrees Libra.  Transit Mars cozies up to Leo Venus>Expressing Creatively:New Post in “Neptune Expressed” Posted in This is My Reality, tagged creative-writing, mars-conjunct-venus, mars-transit-leo, venus-transit-5th house, venus-transit-scorpio on November 12, 2009| Leave a Comment » Thanks for the graceful, inspiring ideas – Venus is a daunting subject for me.  Venus Conjunct Saturn transit (Venus in conjunction with Saturn) in the Traditional Western Predictive Astrology (Daily Horoscope) means: someone you like may disappoint you.  I will note Venus was conjunct Uranus and Eris at the US Vesta Return. ” In Venus conjunct Pluto we can find this discipline and concentration, albeit for just a little while.  Life-changing events related to home, real estate -- examples, foreclosure, moving in with family, buying or selling, moving house.  Venus opposite Moon You may find yourself with a different set of values and at odds with younger people or with your surroundings.  Transit Neptune with Mercury confuses the mind and tends to miscommunications.  Neptune Transits in Aspect to the Natal Moon: The Moon rules your instincts and feelings.  Moon trine Venus gives a sweet tooth.  Joking.  Venus Conjunct Moon A good time for surrounding yourself with friends and younger people and for having a good time.  With the vertex and anti-vertex, new vistas of the chart have opened for me.  Being a nurse is very in tune with the natal Cancer Vertex but now maybe you need to add new qualities as shown by sign and planets.  Transiting Mercury, his chart ruler, conjunct the two social planets.  Interestingly, the two social planets are in his 4th house.  You feel closer to others and so can start a new friendship or relationship more easily.  Venus will conjunct the Sun on March 25 at 4° Aries, marking the beginning of a new Venus cycle.  This isn’t as rare an occurrence as you might think.  Venus conjunct Moon is a very harmonious aspect, so do something a little extra for yourself and the ones you love! 1.  Many new acquaintances come into your life.  TRANSIT PLUTO CONJUNCT SQUARE OPPOSITION MOON.  Just my understanding.  Uranus is transiting conjunct the Moon in my birth chart.  Deep emotional and inner issues brought to surface.  It’s more of a niggling thought that today is one of those days.  Until they learn to drive themselves to do it, and then they will be operating in harmony with the purposes of the universe.  Venus conjunct Jupiter brings the two benefics together.  In its pure essence Moon/Venus sits there, looking luscious, until some Mars type takes a great bite out of it.  A reexamining of priorities.  Venus conjunct Mars Synastry means that the Venus person can offer the love and attraction that the Mars person wants to achieve.  This transit of Venus conjunct Neptune in Pisces is remarkable because it really has a dual purpose.  Here's what to watch for: * Uranus disrupts the status-quo.  At best, is a person holding herself together with safety pins.  As the moon orbits the earth, its appearance and/or phase changes and thus gives us an indication of the moon's progress in the cycle.  You appreciate your particular situation and enjoy support from those around you.  At their maximum, they can lead to devouring desires and passions.  Conjunct the Moon-Venus would indicate qualities that you are to cultivate through interacting with others.  Hmmmmm Interesting.  When transiting Moon is conjunct your natal Venus: This transit intensifies your personal relationships and appreciation of beauty.  Jupiter conjunction Venus: venus conjunct jupiter A conjunction or conjunct symbol is an aspect that emphasizes and brings together the energies of the planets involved.  You're able to take advantage of current public opinion or trends but, if afflicted, you may not give sufficient forethought to these ventures and jump on any bandwagon that goes by.  July 20, 2018: repairs, repairs to communications, hyper emotional, welling up from the underworld, exaggeration (Moon conjunct Jupiter) July 21, 2018: Venus begins transit opposite Neptune through July 24 with heights of creativity and beauty but also potential for “volcanic explosions” of various types Very interesting.  The Ascendant in the 10th house, when simultaneously there is a bad transit of Saturn or Uranus or Neptune or Pluto, to the Midheaven, or in negative aspect to Ascendant, Sun or Moon (including conjunctions), produces noteworthy breakdowns: quite prominent damage, that is not at all negligible; it is much better, if you do not have a lot of Now that Uranus is transiting through Pisces, those Aquarians who have Venus in Pisces are about to experience the transit of Uranus conjunct Venus.  Deja conjunct the Moon seems much worse than Deja conjunct the Child Asteroid, I suppose the moon is more interior than any asteroid.  Venus has finally reappeared in the morning eastern sky after a short trip thru the underworld shadow realms of the sun's rays. 06:52: Mars conjunction Neptune 03. 19:40: Mercury sextile Venus Lunar Transits Through the Zodiac & Houses.  Now I do have Venus in Leo and I have read (ha!) that a Moon Pluto conjunction can signal a tyrannical attitude but I swear I am gentle as a hand-raised kitten.  Moon Conjunct 11th – Transit The 11th is the house of friends, acquaintances, benefactors, groups, hopes and wishes.  Posts navigation When Venus is conjunct Chiron, we are being tested.  You are likely I went through my Chiron return, 26 Pis and currently have Saturn retrograde over my Venus and square my Moon 4 Aries and Saturn 8 Aries that I completely overlooked the Chiron conjunct Moon transit.  While that aspect can be interpreted a number of ways, we will focus on ONE of them for the next few days (ignoring, for example, the impact we would expect it to have on financial markets).  (Venus Group) Moon conjunct Midheaven : "Your emotions are very powerful, and you are quite sensitive to the feelings of others as well.  Although all aspects will have an impact, it’s usually the hard ones (conjunction, opposition or square) that you’ll feel most strongly.  The Pluto/Ceres myth is energized here - Pluto (King of the Underworld) took Ceres’ daughter and as she mourned the crops withered. This once in a lifetime event involved being able to observe a comparatively tiny Venus pass in front of the body of the Sun.  I have neptune transit my natal moon in pisces in 5th.  Everybody needs these things, but there is a great amount of insecurity around these issues and the need to be loved.  Good for: natal Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn Moons, those with natal Moon conjunct natal Venus, or natal Moon in the Second House Transit Moon in Gemini When the Moon is in Gemini, mental stimulation makes us feel better and is greatly desired. I am referring the saturn here, for it seems to modify a lot of expression of both pluto and venus.  Venus, planet of desire, can also be taken deep down into the unconscious realms of Black Moon -Lilith.  I have moon conjunct saturn and moon conjunct uranus in sag and lately I’ve been all uranus.  On April 30, Venus will form a conjunction (occupy the same degree) with my natal MC in Gemini.  A Sun trine Uranus transit on December 21st, has you feeling more social.  Tomorrow, Moon joins #Venus in #Libra before she takes her transit into #Scorpio (December 2nd).  Comments Off on January 28: Mercury in Aquarius, Venus conjunct Vesta I will enter this transit of Neptune conjunct to the moon beginning March 2017 – November 2019.  This indeed feels like a highly sensitive and intuitive time for me (even more than usual).  The October 8th Libra New Moon (15 deg) conjoins Ceres and squares Pluto.  Venus conjunction or parallel to Uranus.  Back in the day, even before snail mail, it is popular— and somewhat amusing— to presume, with much glamorized help from Hollywood, that people relied on ravens to send their messages within scrolls, rolled up tightly, and tied to their talon.  Venus’ steady Taurus glow will help via a beautiful sextile to Neptune in Pisces, on March 6, enhancing the urge for forgiveness and compassion, and also for imagination and creativity.  You are likely to find it easy to cooperate with one another, perhaps even combining your talents successfully.  Planets like Venus, Mars, Sun, Moon and Mercury go through multiple transit cycles during their dasa while Jupiter and Rahu goes through atleast 1 cycle during their dasa.  As in the case of Mars conjunction to Venus, so also in the case of Uranus conjunction to Venus, there is a doubt as to whether this aspect should be classed as good or evil.  Under the sign of Pisces, Venus conjunct Chiron is an indicator of these wounds showing up as result of relationship expectations not being met, or as fantasies not becoming manifest in our experience of reality.  There is one bizarrely precise transit, though - so exact (as if setting off the chart) but, by itself, not saying anything specific.  Daily Pluto Conjunct Moon A once in a life time and rare transit.  Mr Marvel’s natal Jupiter and Saturn are conjunct.  Venus transit is positive and so is the transit of Rahu in eleventh house.  Uranus conjunct Venus – If you are single you can meet someone new and special Sun conjunct Uranus transit- Happens once a year- good day to do something wild and different.  Some Fixed Stars are also considered throughout the text.  The north node contacts are people who light up the path you are meant to pursue in this life.  Transit Chiron semi square Sun/Moon Vulnerable frustrating moment in marriage (remember that his Chiron is square her Sun/Moon.  Venus was at 13 degrees Cap and that was conjunct the progressed venus as well.  PLUTO CONJUNCT YOUR ASCENDANT (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks) You may desire to transform your personal lifestyle, physical manner, and appearance during this period.  because your partner will travel somewhere) or the temporary coldness of feelings. 07:46: Venus ingres Pisces 03.  PLUTO CONJUNCT YOUR PLUTO (Not possible) Until we start living for two hundred fifty years, this transit is not likely to happen.  In this connection it should be mentioned that the great French astrologer Volguine claimed that charts set for the moment that the Sun comes in conjunction with Sirius each year, and that the Moon comes conjunct Sirius each month, are of significance.  Thus, the big problem will be to control that increase in energy in your mental states, your feelings, and your family and affectionate relationships.  Is your heart “strong enough”, “trained enough” and ultimately “healed enough” to give and receive love? Transit Chiron to Natal Moon A sextile or trine can be helpful for focusing on the baggage and emotional wounds in a way that is easier to deal with and where you don’t feel so overwhelmed.  On March 4th (the peak) there will be a Sun/Neptune conjunction, along with a triple conjunction of Mercury, Venus and Chiron.  Also Venus transit natal Venus, sitting right there with moon & neptune transit.  At that time I began my first intimate relationship.  When I see deja conjunct the Moon or the Child Asteroid, I see BPD or someone who came close.  When our zodiac signs experience Mercury conjunct Jupiter, with Mercury in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Sagittarius, we can expect our relationships to come to a crossroads.  Pluto is transiting my 9th house, so what is here is a reflection of that transit in my chart, as I explore the many uses of the concepts of knowing and truth. mine trines Venus, sextile Saturn, quintile Pluto, biquintile north node, trine MC, conjunct vertex.  Thus Venus - Black Moon aspects have a number of points in common with Venus - Pluto aspects.  Venus and Saturn trine Chiron is the saving grace.  Mars conjunct Moon The conjunction of the Moon and Mars shows much emotional anxiety and impatience.  Planets that are closely conjunct the South Node are like a planet conjunct the Sun, except we are talking about in a prior life.  VENUS CONJUNCT YOUR MOON (Short-duration, 1-5 days) You tend to feel happy and confident today.  Jupiter conjunction Venus: In this connection it should be mentioned that the great French astrologer Volguine claimed that charts set for the moment that the Sun comes in conjunction with Sirius each year, and that the Moon comes conjunct Sirius each month, are of significance.  Astrological transits are a part of what is usually called predictive astrology, the claim of astrology to predict or forecast future trends and developments.  The climax will be a Super Moon in Pisces on September 8, 2014 that will be conjunct Chiron in Pisces, with Venus in Virgo in opposition to Neptune in Pisces.  This is a short but intense transit that just might lead you toward finding that special someone.  Venus Conjunct: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Midheaven, Ascendant.  When anguished Chiron makes a transit conjunction to your Venus, you’ll quite possibly endure a traumatic event in your social life.  Moon, Mars, Venus and Saturn are conjunct in the same house. 25 AM local time ! Venus conjunct, sextile, or trine other person's North Node This pairing is a strong indication of a binding tie between you.  The person with the North Node has karmically earned a great helper from the Moon individual; it is the Moon person’s task and privilege to help the Node person fulfill their Dharma in this lifetime.  Aspects Interpretation.  Venus Conjunct Pluto - Your intimate personal relationships will be extremely important in your life, creating a sphere of experience which can take you to both the heights and the depths of emotional intensity, and will be a focus for energies of transformation which will influence the direction of Uranus is the planet of violent renewal, of revolutions and disruptions.  Extremely powerful.  159 Financial Astrology Almanac 2017 160 Coffee Figure 103 Coffee futures First Trade horoscope Coffee futures started trading in New York in early March of 1882.  Moon conjunct Venus in synastry can bring warmth, affection and harmony to the relationship, but it does not usually indicate co-dependency (unless one person’s Moon or Venus triggers that in their natal chart).  Venus conjunct Mars Synastry Meaning.  I’m sure situations are different when the woman is the Mars and the man is the Moon than when the man is the Mars and the woman is the Moon.  The sun and the moon can indicate a parent; Jupiter, a teacher and so on.  Moon conjunct Venus in the natal chart makes you the most loving and caring of people. You have an interest in religion.  Mercury and the Sun enter this sign on February 17th and 18th respectively.  It’s time to change things for good.  Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus are conjunct in the same house.  The moon is in Taurus but not close enough to the mc a little out of bounds to be considered part of the tenth house.  Again, it is connected to venus which is in the 5th house.  The Virgo and Pisces axis is demanding our attention this lunar cycle, as we begin with the New Moon opposite Neptune in Pisces, ruled by a Mercury opposite Chiron in Pisces. Venus in astrology means attraction, the female sensuality.  This transit is Regarding Venus in this constellation, remember Venus conjunct the Midheaven at the opener and squaring Jupiter/DC and: squaring Wawrinka’s DC at the final.  If it is a synastry consideration, we might say his Sun is conjunct my Saturn or my progressed Moon is conjunct his Sun. node sextile moon and n.  venus conjunct pluto A conjunction or conjunct symbol is an aspect that emphasizes and brings together the energies of the planets involved.  The planets Venus and Jupiter are known as the two benefics in astrology as they are the most fortunate of all the planets.  I don’t think it is terrible if someone has a well-aspected Jupiter.  Moon conjunct South Node: Emotional vulnerability is accented in this person.  Those with Moon conjunct, square or opposite Venus have a need for love, social contacts, and for loving relationships.  Effects of KETU conjunct with other Planets Ketu, the south node of Moon is the cause behind spiritual knowledge, practice of meditation, loss of interest in materlistic world, electricity, thunder bolts, gaits, current shocks, sudden and unexpected incidents in life. 53 ) Return Moon conjunct the Natal 11th House cusp brings change and fluctuation to your friendships and group associations.  One had only to worry about the seven classical planets, including the Sun and Moon, the twelve signs, the Moon-Mars, like Mars-Venus, is an iconic yin/yang combination or masculine/feminine.  Venus Conjunct Descendant Transit « list of all Venus transits Venus Conjunct Descendant transit (Venus in conjunction with Descendant) in the Traditional Western Predictive Astrology ( Daily Horoscope ) is not listed in our Daily Horoscope database.  This transit kicks off a concentrated Pisces season.  Sam Geppi (Sadasiva) is the author of “Yoga and Vedic Astrology” and “The Ascendant-108 Planets of Vedic Astrology”.  For some this conjunction works in sync like a hot air balloon but slight affliction or placement in adverse house can turn things sour.  When the Sun conjunct Venus, with Sun in Scorpio and Venus in Scorpio as well, our zodiac signs can use this astrology transit to their advantage.  They are both in a Mars-ruled, fire sign.  You're tuned in today, to yourself and to the world around you.  This is an extremely gentle, and affectionate conjunction.  But the principle also applies to an individuals horoscope where there is a venus / ketu conjunction.  Transit Venus aspecting your natal Moon; Aspects between the natal Venus/Mars and your natal Venus/Mars; Sun transiting your Moon and Venus sign (don’t mind much the transit moon, it aspects your whole chart every month) You need to have several clues to truly estimate a period, ex: Venus Return + Transit Moon trine Natal Venus.  This is a great time to relax with loved ones or party with friends.  Figure 102 Cotton futures and Venus/natal Moon aspects During 2017, Venus will transit past the natal Moon position from January 22 through February 3.  When transiting Pluto is trine your natal Moon: Your personal and domestic life are likely to undergo a major transformation for the better.  Elizabeth Spring MA, is a counseling Jungian therapist and astrologer who does many of her consultations/readings by phone.  You are sensitive to the feelings of others and can feel warm and comfortable with your family and at ease in dealing with the public.  This means that in our 19th year, we have what astrologers call a Nodal Return.  When the Moon is in the seventh house .  Millions viewed this rare event, either by using special equipment, or online through NASA’s webcast.  THE PROCESS OF EMOTIONAL TRANSFORMATION.  Saturn in Libra 1.  1791 Jupiter conjunct US natal Neptune (1776) in our era suggests pretense and illusion as the Federal City was founded--or, inspiration and the grand spirit.  Transit to Transit.  You are in a loving mood and be more sexually attractive than usual.  Neptune is the chameleon planet.  Such people enjoy an envious social position and are usually A transit’s influence is strongest within one or two degrees of your midpoint.  Venus conjunct Mars Aug 31 - Lovers Energetically Unite - round two This is a quick Venus and Mars (lovers) report.  From planet FUCK YOU UP.  At the moment Lincoln died, transiting Moon at 21°06' Scorpio was 0°10' from this chart's Ascendant for Washington.  Nevertheless, Venus becomes more emotionally sensitive and intuitive here, and the balance within partnerships and relationships of all kinds are affected.  This aspects good qualities will also be diminished if your Moon or Venus is conjunct an aggressive or destructive fixed star.  The test we are being put through is one of endurance and compassion.  It is an excellent time for romance as you and your partner will have time alone together.  Easy - Moon conjunct Venus: Love and affection is also integrated into the natives style of nurturing and what they need to be emotionally satisfied.  Your conversation with David Tresemer on the Venus transit updates this myth and the healing theme of Love.  Mars square Moon transit "This astrological aspect stirs up your emotional life; that is to say, an escalation and revitalization on that level will be produced.  The feeling of loneliness (e.  The pain of these wounds also gives us opportunities to recognize how we may be healed.  There is a danger between these two people having Moon conjunct Mars in the Synastry chart